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  2. Tapatalk finally seems to be working. I am sorry again for the delay as I was not receiving updates. Sent you a PM, let me know if there is anything you would like custom. I currently have 2x of the 40g sump kits available and can ship. @Muttley000 thanks for the mention!
  3. Well, I did some damage last night, and placed an order on LiveAquaria for some fish. It was a deal that was hard to refuse. LOL. I just hope my wife sees it that way.
  4. Looks fantastic @Muttley000 . You must be happy!
  5. yeah bobit worms are nasty. I hope that I never see one in my time.
  6. I like the looks of that Panda angle. Neat coloration.
  7. PM me your address so I can calculate shipping. I will add an item to my online store so that you can use paypal or a debit/credit card if you like.
  8. Sounds good to me. How would you like to transer funds?
  9. Yeah, I will ship in state, insured with tracking number. Split shipping costs sounds fair to me.
  10. Today
  11. Are you willing to ship? I'm not sure if I can get to Lima anytime soon. I'm in New Carlisle.
  12. A lady out my way had to tear down her tank that had been up and running for quite a while due to fish disappearing mysteriously, she ended up finding a bobit worm in there! That's like a reefers nightmare. I'm still wondering where my cleaner shrimp and fire shrimp went. lol
  13. Good morning @Muttley000 and all!!!!
  14. Let's see what all those tanks look like on the first day of fall!
  15. Morning all!
  16. This has been a crazy year in my house. My tank has been so neglected it's not funny, yet somehow it looks very well. Blue moon water changes and don't dose. Can't remember the last time I tested. I have coral growing I forgot I even had.
  17. Nice story here, maybe it will make up for what won't be coming from Hawaii
  18. Sustainable Collecting Is Bringing An Explosion Of New Filipino Fishermen 23SHARES 230 There’s a new hub for very interesting and novel reef fish in the aquarium hobby and it’s the Philippines. This might be somewhat counterintuitive since so many of the fish for saltwater aquarium fish have come from this nation of islands for decades, but new collection efforts have recently started bringing up more cool fish that you can shake a frag at. The holy grail of triggerfish is this gorgeous male linespot trigger This explosion of new fish is led in large part by RVS Fishworld which seems to be showcasing fish either completely new, or previously regarded as unobtainable, on a nearly weekly basis. If you’re into rare and unusual fish, the last few months and year have brought us an unprecedented amount of novel eye candy. The magma wrasse is a completely new species currently under taxonomic review If we could point to one thing that is enabling this renaissance of Filipino reef fish it’s RVS Fishworld’s commitment to a net training program. This effort, LED by RVS and supported by a small number of livestock dealers, has been responsible for training hundreds of ornamental fisherman. The described hybrid Theili clownfish It’s only these certified net trained fisherman who are allowed to work in regions of the Philippines that were previously off-limits. The hotbed for many of these new fish which include new species, rarely seen species, and otherwise very fancy fish is the northern region of the country. READ The Best Pictures Yet Of The Rare Greytail Angelfish Here’s is an unusual off-color longnose butterflyfish, sometimes seen in all black or all white. It’s no surprise that the area between the Philippines and Japan would be full of so many new fish, but it’s actually a great case study for how sustainable practices can actually expand and grow our industry, rather than limiting it. This dusky ‘panda’ pygmy angelfish is appearing way too often to be a simple hybrid. I’m trying desperately to keep up with all the new fish RVS is flaunting every few days. but in the meantime, it’s important to point out that it’s no coincidence that so many desirable species are now coming from the Philippines, and it’s even better to know that it’s sustainability which is leading this new charge. Just follow the RVS Fishworld tag link for a complete overview of all the cool fish this net training program has surfaced in the last couple of years. An interesting angelfish species which is different from what is currently described https://reefbuilders.com/2017/09/20/rvs-fishworld-is-flaunting-so-many-cool-fish/
  19. Still available Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  20. Very cool! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  21. Yesterday
  22. nice , grow little ones grow!!
  23. I am in Walbridge, but will be out if town this weekend. Leaving tomorrow around 5. If it makes it through the weekend I will probably just give it away.
  24. What part of town are you in? I'm going to be around Saturday if it's still there then
  25. I have at least 15 head orange acan going down hill, not sure y. I have lost 3 others and one was $60 a head (it had 6 heads, one when I bought.) Don't want to see this one go. Would like to see if someone could bring it back. Asking $10 so it's a gamble on your part but if it comes back u just made out.
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