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  2. Ours was about 8 grand installed. It runs my house and half my shop which is 3 freezers and lights and furnace.
  3. Muttley000

    I dose ATI essentials, 30 ml of each product a day right now. I have done very little in the way of water changes since I am dosing nitrates to stay above zero. I have very few fish relative to my water volume. My last IPC test had me slightly low on moly, vanadium, and something else, and low on iodine. It had been almost 6 months without a water change at that point. I still have over 3 boxes of salt left from the expo!
  4. Muttley000

    Connection would be via common sump, or you could have one above the other which would be a difacto sump I guess. I definitely understand why that is a big step for new hobbiests! I like drilled tanks for sumps because I feel it is safer than HOB overflows. If done properly your hang on the back filter being used now is a bigger risk of causing water on the floor.
  5. Muttley000

    My opinion a 55 is right at that point where the cost of appropriate water changes likely exceed the cost of a skimmer. Especially since you are not using a sump the skimmer is likely to be a big plus for gas exchange. I agree with Brandon the lack of sump makes using algae based export a little harder, but there are some algae scrubber options from Santa Monica that make it possible. In the end I recommend a skimmer in your situation. I have never used that particular skimmer, but it gets great reviews and odds are it will be great! Good luck!
  6. thoeffe

    I would love to grow macro algae in my 20 gallon next to the 55. But thats my other question how do you connect them without having flooding issues?
  7. crimsonvice

    I have not personally used the skimmer, but Reef Octopus is known for good skimmers and it seems to get good reviews. The short answer to your question is, no you do not have to run a skimmer. However, you will need a way to remove organics. I am running a 16 gallon bio cube with no skimmer, but I do regular water changes and run chemi pure. If you do not have a sump where will you be growing macro algae? Once dialed in the skimmer will be very easy to maintain. Clean the collection cup when needed, and annual or semi annual cleaning. So there will be some fiddling, but it is not something you will constantly be messing with.
  8. crimsonvice

    Looks good
  9. crimsonvice

    How much and how often, if at all, are you water changes? Are you dosing?
  10. thoeffe

    Reef Octopus classic 90 HOB skimmer. Should I get it? I have a 55 gallon reef with no sump. I am a very indecisive person especially when it comes to an (?important piece of equipment?) and I don't want to waste my money and have to buy something else. I'm new to the hobby which makes choosing worse. Half of me wants to just go skimmerless because I really like the idea of exporting nutrients through macroalgae and water changes, but I also don't want to be battling hair algae and other nuisance algae in a few months down the road. I really just like the idea of biological filteration in general because I am not much of a gadget person, which is also why I don't have a sump because I don't want to deal with an oveflow drilling the tank or anything and come home to a flood of water all over. I like what I would call "simple and appropriate technology". I could never see myself buying an apex and all the fancy expensive gadgets that reefers tend to get, not that its bad or that they aren't nice but its not my thing. That being said is a skimmer what you guys would call appropriate technology or is it a gadget that is just going to be another piece of equipment that I have to fiddle with and maintain which I will get annoyed with in a few months and say screw it and wont use it. Thoughts? Do any of you have experience with this skimmer.
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  12. Muttley000

  13. Craig

    Better pic
  14. Yesterday
  15. Large green slimers $30 ea Forest fire Digi $20 Located near Lima
  16. Craig

    Updated tank shot
  17. Flounder

    Father in-law put in a $20k generator on his house. They only experience 1/2 second power outage.
  18. XBoxxyX

  19. Muttley000

    Looks dang good for a 4 day old set up!
  20. Muttley000

    What exactly is the theory behind this? I'm not familiar
  21. Muttley000

    I would not have drilled the returns to the tanks, because the transient flow at pump off is higher, so I would have paid more attention to that for sure and gone over the top. I have an extremely large sump, and that is a beautiful thing if you want a minimum scape, I can stick a few hundred pounds in the sump and clear the tanks out if I want. Having the basement I do and not having to worry about it impressing anyone it was cool to just throw a 100 gallon Rubbermaid in for a cryptic fuge, I will probably do one of the shallow tubs for a remote sand bed at some point. I guess what I'm trying to convey is the space you are considering will unlock a ton of options, but if you want it to be show off quality, don't skimp on planning because the space goes quick! It is amazing how slow things change, especially when trying to correct something, and I'm currently only at 500 gallons! One drawback is tied together systems need the water quality of the most demanding of the lot. If I add a 6' tank for a large eel/predator tank like I want, it has to be much better kept than a normal fish only because my SPS are effectively on the same tank. If I think of more I'll add them, and as your plans develop I'm happy to critique!
  22. Muttley000

    Even aside from what they do for the club the points you get personally add up, and the people are just awesome to deal with. I can't see myself using another vendor!
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  24. XBoxxyX

  25. Craig

    Picked up the Wyoming White clowns. Love them. One has a black bullet hole on him. Better pictures later.
  26. crimsonvice

    I will definitely be looking into this especially when we buy/build.
  27. Whole house generators are the way to go. Never need to worry about the power going out again. Plus what if you are away from home? I was in Wyoming hunting and our power went out for 4 hours. Never missed a beat, good to go. By the way, we have had ours 2 yrs. and the power still goes out occasionally.
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