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  2. Muttley000


    Ick is like that. It seems like it’s going away but the second stage is likely coming if you didn’t do anything to treat it. If I were in your spot I would be treating those fish with copper, even if it meant I had to have a Rubbermaid sitting in my bathtub to do it. This would be a great option but unfortunately not likely. I’m not saying we should have the name of the store that sold it put out in public for crucifixion, but the fact they bagged it and sold it to you tells they didn’t care about your success enough to ask where you were putting it nor did they care about the well being of the fish. In my opinion people like this have no place selling fish or any other kinds of pets. Again just my opinion.
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  4. euphylin me


    great that he is doing better! just know, i would plan a bigger tank in less than a year. He will probably need at least a 75reg in that time. its not necessarily about the water volume as it is the length of the tank. you could get a 300g tank, but if it is a cube, it likely wont be good enough.
  5. Travis8896


    I mean he is eating fine and appears to be doing better each day now that the stress is reduced, and 180 is for a grown tang he is only about an inch I will have a bigger tank before he is bigger.
  6. Muttley000

    I’m kind of frustrated with ATI over the essentials 3 part being obsoleted so quickly. I added a Dos to my apex for the third bottle dang it! I was able to find three 10 liter kits of the old essentials from a fellow reefer so I am good for a while as I'm only up to 55 ml per day, but want to prep for the next step
  7. Flounder


    Can you take the fish back? Any stores that will take a sick fish? The blue hippo has a recommended minimum tank size of 180 gallons.
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  9. MarineDepot

    We have 2 videos in the works that are specific to TRITON which we will release in the weeks ahead. We actually tried their services and wrote about them even before we started carrying their stuff. You can check out that article (and short related video) here: https://blog.marinedepot.com/2018/10/mail-in-and-icp-oes-aquarium-water-testing-which-service-is-right-for-you.html Their website is actually a pretty fantastic resource. Here are some areas I recommend reading: Is TRITON for you? Are you new to the hobby? The TRITON Method How to get your aquarium tested…
  10. Flounder

    Where exactly are you thinking "north columbus"? I know you have sent me flyers for the Columbus area to distribute, maybe I can play a bigger role.
  11. Sorry guys. We will get with you soon. Been a slow process.
  12. I can't wait for this. Its my bday weekend and its ALWAYS A BLAST.
  13. Craig

    Old picture. I used electrical conduit.
  14. Muttley000

    Here are a few of my less than pretty but functional hanging jobs. None of my tanks are in a living space so looks haven’t mattered to me. Hope they help you guys in some way.
  15. APrince62

    I am almost ready to order my lights....I am looking at variations of the "black boxes" . I was gonna get the pones that fit across the top pf the tank but then I remembered I have the protein skimmer on one side so I cant do that. My hubby can mount but will need to see pictures of what I want him to do. If any of you have pictures of how you mounted your lights will you please share with me in order to have something to show him Thanks
  16. At this point it is just me. My school doesn't really get involved with things like this but I do take college classes through Butler Tech for Domestic and International business.
  17. Thanks for letting me know, i feel a little better. I passed up on other shows figuring i would do this one. Usually I pay for a table 8-12 months before a show which is nice so i know what my schedule is. No problem bud. Do you have other classmates involved? Does the school know about it and get involved in anyway? if you have a facebook page ill share it to mine to hopefully get you some traffic.
  18. euphylin me

    Hey! I fully support what you are doing. I co-own a saltwater/reef store here in Toledo. I would be more than interested in helping promote your product as well as buy some from you. Pm me and hopefully we can work something out (I'm relatively young as well (24)! It may be a good idea since Toledo is very close to Perrysburg and we may be able to help get your name out before the swap even starts!
  19. Congratulations to "Mike Senuty" for winning the Your Choice Aquatics Eco Wave Aquarium Wave Pump
  20. Thank you so much for your consideration! I am very thankful for the thought. Luckily, we got our own table. Be sure to stop by and see us, I love meeting everyone that supports my mission.
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  22. It’s good to see younger generation getting into the hobby and making a difference! On a a side note, I got the email from Jesse but never got a reply back yet Either @Pola0502ds
  23. Travis8896


    Thanks I'll look into them!
  24. crimsonvice


    I would look into Seachems Metroplex and Focus. I have used it to medicate my reef and it seems to work well. The idea is that you mix it with the fish food and medicate them from the inside out, and not dose the whole tank. Would it be better to QT? For sure, but in events like this it definitely is an option that works.
  25. I picked up some phyto from @DustingrahamRRA yesterday! It was a pleasure meeting him and was very knowledgeable about his product. Added some to the tank as soon as I got home. Looking forward to the results! Im also glad we were able to get him a spot at the show.
  26. Travis8896


    One thing that is definitely going to help the hippo tang and the goby is that I caught my purple dottyback. It was picking on them, this is where most of the stress came from I believe because the yellow clown goby shows no signs of ick and he was the only one not being picked on.
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