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  1. Yesterday
  2. Cool. So let me know what corals u want
  3. I misunderstood how you answered a couple posts above...
  4. Christmas came a little early haha
  5. This is what I do too
  6. This is amazing! Good luck with him he must like his home!
  7. Any GDP left?
  8. This is a FS thread please. My tank never crashed
  9. I took it your tank crashed, no? Yikes, I misunderstood I'd like to come pick some up!
  10. T5 with reefbrites
  11. I put when I changed stuff in my apex log
  12. I don’t think it’s over at all. They are the best way to get penetration on deeper tanks. And the best way to get that unnatural glow from corals.
  13. just book your room. You won't be in the room anyways lol.
  14. About lighting....Is it just me or doesnit seem like the led fad is about over?..i know i ditched mine leds and went back to the t5/halide combo.
  15. True.
  16. I would forget to write it down or input it into my device.
  17. So cool! Keep us updated.
  18. Eyeballing no fun. Need some in your tank!!
  19. I tried to get it earlier when the sun was going down but i dont get home from work in time for that.
  20. I'll get some this long weekend...i live right on the ohio erie canal and it will make a cool pic.
  21. For the record they have single king rooms that are near the adult pool, and rooms with 2 beds that are closer to the holidome. What has everyone reserved?
  22. Maybe the sparkles that surround you are throwing it off lol
  23. Glad the book helped, and amazing picture. So glad to see he is doing well!
  24. I think Russ will tell you this is fine to do, but the length of time your filters last will depend on the water. I would think this would totally be dependent on what you needed to remove.
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