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  2. My wife told me on the way home that I can get a frag tank, and maybe start doing shows in the next year or two! I think talking with you and your wife helped push her over the edge. I could hug and kiss you both. LOL.
  3. This thread is where you post your contest entries. Please try to only post contest pictures and keep discussion in the other thread. The point of the contest is for everyone to have fun. Please be respectful of other participants, any negative or disruptive posts are highly discouraged. Anyone found to have cheated in any way will be disqualified from the contest. Contest Information Start Date: 4/1/18 End Date: 8/1/18 On 4/1/18 each participant will post a photo with their frag and the amount of current zoa heads. Each month thereafter (+/- 3 days), participants will post a photo of their frag. We understand life gets in the way, so if you forget you will get a gentle reminder. Frags can be removed from original plug if desired. You can keep your tank parameters a secret, or post them with your monthly photo. Winner will be the individual with the most new zoa heads. ***The contest winner will receive two Triton Labs test kits *** If anyone sees anything that needs to be edited or added to the contest rules/guidelines, please feel free to say something. List of Contestants @Muttley000 @Harleybronco @Outlaw @chiefs11 @Joe @SilentNight1793 @WILDFISH (pending) @jeff70 @hllywd @Jeffress77 (pending) @Clint526 (pending)
  4. I feel your pain. Sometimes I feel like Im the only one in southern Ohio. I need to move up north just to be where everyone else is. Lol
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  6. Its grows quick, so you should see some more heads popping up soon!
  7. Sucks being so far away from everyone though, and I work 70+ a week so it’s a small window when I could even be home for sure to get it. Lol
  8. Nevermind,just looked at beginning of thread
  9. Could u post a pic of what theses look like again. So I know for sure which ones they are. Thanks
  10. Got this from @crimsonvice, I can’t believe how bright this guy is! My crappy picture does it no justice! Starting with 3 heads and anxious for more!
  11. Great job Jesse and team. It was a a great show!
  12. I will keep you in mind @buk along with the other 5 people lol
  13. Yeah I was dumb and didn't being the extras. Let me know for sure and I am sure we can get you one.
  14. She might lol
  15. Yesterday
  16. Skimmer is a 240Dc forgot to mention
  17. I’d give you a great deal if you wanna make the drive, as long as your wife don’t kill me for it! Hahaha
  18. This was all for a new 125 build I set up but never finished because last minute decision I decided to go bigger aquarium peninsula style set up for my new man cave. Prices do not have shipping included simplicity skimmer like new condition. Current pump is bad, includes brand new from simplicity pump,controller,power supply 200$ new in box Mag 12 140$ Brand new 40B Sump w/reeftechcustoms acrylic kit (extremely nice kit), 3 innovative marine socks included 200$
  19. im sure you will, but let me know when you are, I seriously may be interested
  20. Hahaha I bet you would! I’ll give someone a good deal when it’s emptied though. Lol
  21. Ps, I'll still give you 50 bucks for your old tank lol
  22. L shapes are awesome looking. Flow can be a little hard but you just need more powerheads for that. I like it!
  23. So I found a tank the ol lady agreed to. I’ve never seen one like it and I must say I’m a little excited about it. The 6’ fowlr in the bar is just taking up too much floor space and the ol lady was not pleased, and honestly I was bored with it with having my reef tank also. So, what’s going to happen is I’m going to get this new one up and running then proceed to empty the other to sell. Or maybe convince her I need a lion fish tank in the bedroom. Lol anyway, by my math it equals out to be about 55 gallons. I think it’s perfect sized and layout for a mixed reef. What do you all think?
  24. I know I couldn't do it. There was just way too much heat in so many tanks.
  25. Won’t even come out for a chunk of Skipper Steve’s food? On a side note I ended up with a couple packages in the raffle, thanks for sponsoring!
  26. I will def. need shipping! Too bad I couldnt get one at the expo... Let me know if you want my address.
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