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  2. Muttley000 beat me to it. Some of the brute cans are made to be food grade and they will say so somewhere on it. I remember looking up the code years ago to look for on the can but can’t remember it now. I’ve been using one for years and have had no issue that I know of. I clean it out every few months with a little vinegar and rinse it well before starting a new mix.
  3. Just out of curiosity, how much would you sell a small frag for?
  4. Yesterday
  5. Well anyone that has one that needs cables done for the rj45 connected items let me know I have tools and cat5e and cat6 if you need custom length cables.
  6. Nice! That is awesome!
  7. I cant remember. I think a birds nest, rainbow Infusions, and two others. If you snap a few pictures I can tell you.
  8. Yes. To some that is worth the price. I have only seen them directly from the GHL store. Not everything, but yes they use them. Yes the P4 does.
  9. I just looked it up. Yes, that is what I found. I thought they were zoas
  10. Awesome! So what are each of them? I thought I would remember but I got completely overwhelmed.
  11. I believe the John Deere is a leptastrea. It will encrust on you rock. Pretty cool piece!
  12. Thanks! It was hard to pass up the deal Summit City Coral had going on. I just wish I would have come home with the controller too! Lol
  13. I wanted to build an economical tank. It will be housed in the closet with the sump. I sourced a container at US Plastic for $8 (it was a second). I also bought 3 bulkheads there as well. I cut the container down to 12” tall, installed the bulkheads and cut down some egg crate I had. I will plumb it off my return manifold of my display. I think it turned out good for about $25 total
  14. Also the frag I got called John Deere... what is that coral? It has a hardness to it that my other zoas do not have?
  15. @Muttley000 what was the name of the frag I got from you?
  16. Absolutely! Best folks around! It is Brandon right? I am trying to remember what I got from each person. Were the coral frags from you on purple frag mounts?
  17. I'll probably cut it up
  18. At last we wont have to hear: oh you have a saltwater tank? Do you ever watch that show....whats it called?..... Me: Tanked. Them: Yeah! Man those setups are really cool! Me: Those fish all die.
  19. yea im not sure which route i want to go but 5g buckets are getting old lol
  20. Congrats! We will wait for the unboxing video and full report!
  21. I used one for years before I build my current mixing station. I still use one as my ATO container. As a precaution I scrubbed it with a paste of baking soda just to make sure there was no residue. They mark some of their cans as food safe if you want the extra insurance.
  22. Muttley000

    Joculator Angelfish

    Cheaper than a ghl controller lol
  23. I've always read that sunlight is the killer. I have. Used 47 bowfront that has been dry in my garage for 4 years. The black silicone in that still feels good. I have a couple 40b's and a 37 cube out there to get added too. All silicone there seems fine. Water in the tank is a different story though. In my basement a leak isn't catastrophic as long as I catch it quickly. I'm adding a float to my sump to kill my return pump before I add any of those tanks now though, thanks for bringing the topic up!
  24. Muttley000

    What can GHL do?

    Can the GHL monitor power on the individual outlets? For example heater outlet is on but no power draw is handy to be able to see or set an alarm for.
  25. Great additions! Disappointed I didn't get to meet you Sunday.
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