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  2. fragapalooza

    I have 5 Rainbow's available, all about the size of a ping pong ball. I am located in Republic, OH 44867
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  4. crimsonvice

    Did anyone else go? I only picked up a few things, but I ended up bringing home a few things from the raffle. Bene pets reef food, 4 bottles of Reef Nutrition, 24" two bulb t5, and a year supply of LRS! Will snag some fish and frag pics tomorrow when the lights are on.
  5. crimsonvice

    Wow! Wish we had some of that. Just rain here.
  6. Welcome back! Excited to see it come together again.
  7. Hey Jim! Shoot @Jesse a message and if there are still spots we can get you in.
  8. Yes, but not until the main tank is up with other fish first. If I add a pair of clowns first, then any other fish will be attacked when I add them. A pair a clowns would be very territorial.
  9. Will you get her a Partner?
  10. 10 gallon tank with one clown, leather coral and more live rock for last 2 years.
  11. Live rock in buckets for the last 2 years
  12. Yesterday
  13. Kcfitz78

    Nice build!
  14. Kcfitz78

    Wow, another great tank!
  15. Kcfitz78

    Tank looks GREAT!
  16. Jesse

    Still coming down.
  17. For the tank I am just going to set it up as i had it once before. Right now I just have fresh water in it, cycling everything to make sure there is no leaks and that equipment is working good. Once the shake down is over I will then drain it and fill with saltwater, sand and my live rock. I will let that all cycle until the chemistry setlles. Then I will move my one clown and one leather coral. Thanks for the heads up. I will keep the expo in mind.
  18. I’d like a hobbiest table. How can I secure?
  19. Jesse

    Its still coming down and blowing like crazy here. I'm thinking about going for a drive to check it out lol.
  20. Muttley000

    It was backbreaking work lol.
  21. Muttley000

    Looks like you got more than we did @Jesse it’s still coming down and that north wind is strong! Sounds like it is supposed to end soon and then the bottom falls out of the thermometer!
  22. Great to see you man! What’s the plan with the new tank? Are you going to be at the expo? Great chance to pick up livestock at a great price!
  23. Jesse

    Who else is getting buried today?
  24. crimsonvice

    I like the idea as well. A few minutes of silence is a good idea. It may be hard to keep everyone quite for and extended period of time, but it silence was shorter I think that could be a neat idea. Is Kmart even around anymore? Blue light special seems like a good idea, and could even be a cool thing if vendors are down. I would say timing is important. Maybe in the middle, after the crowd seems to be dying some. It may draw people back in, because it's unique.
  25. These are some of the best reactors made. It is like new and I’m only selling because I’m getting a bigger tank and need a medium one. The footprint is 4.75” and it’s 18” tall. It is currently still in my tank. $135
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