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    Listen up Buckeye Reef! Thank you!

    I was thinking today and I realized how grateful I am for such a great group of people. To show my gratitude I want to offer all Buckeye Reef members 15%off any of my reef trader listings still available. Supporting members get 20%off anything left on reef trader. Just a heads up there's still an apex available. Now if there is anyone still reading I made 50 frags today. They are all pieces of my old frag rack that I replaced today and all have between 2 and 40 zoas and/or palys on them. For every supporting member that comes and says hi you get a free one and any more you want for a "buk" a piece. Any standard members that want in can get them for a "buk" just to cover cost of plugs, glue, and cups. I'll also have some pretty generous sized montis with me for sale. Nothing over $15. Come say hi and introduce yourself. THANKS BUCKEYE REEF.
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    Post expo buys

    I’m have troubles uploading pics. So i made a video.
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    My view at the French Quarters right now.
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    Thanks to Everyone!

    Thanks to everyone who made it out to the expo this year! We are pleased to announce that we were able to raise $4,200 to donate to Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium! All of your generosity is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to next years event!
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    Thanks to Everyone!

    We've now donated $12,169 to Mote. You guys should all pat yourselves on the back for this. Just think about the work being done to restore reefs, and help injured animals from the ocean because of this great group. I myself couldn't be prouder to be a part of it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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    Thanks for putting on the event, it gets better every year. Due to work this year I wasn't able to get there until 4 but I was still able to pick up some great sticks! I know it takes a lot of work to put on an event like this so thanks again guys! Looking forward to the BuckeyeReef August Expo and Frag Swap! (Hint Hint)
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    It was cool to experience it for the 1st time. Great to meet everyone in person. Now my planning and work have to go into overdrive.
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    Hi guys! It’s been a while but i’m at the expo today so I thought i’d post. Here’s my living room 20 gallon hex lionfish tank
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    All reeftrader preorders for sponsoring club members will be 20% off! I will just need a message from you on reeftrader indicating your buckeyereef screen name. Non-supporting members I will give 20% off orders of 5 or more pieces. Again, just send me a message on reeftrader with your buckeyereef screen name. My listings on reeftrader are under Andys1982.
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    I am really a dork, because I have not been able to sleep I am so excited for this.
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    2019 Buckeye Reef Raffle

    A sneak peek at what came in a box today.
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    Fraggenstien's Expo Special!

    Anyone want a xl 2-3" branch of this red dragon? $30
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    Hi from Toledo area

    Been reading and watching a lot of threads on here for quite some time. Figured I should join the fun. Been out of the hobby for around 8 years after a major crash dampened my aquarium ownership spirit for a good spell. Working on talking the wife to allow me to return to the hobby I have always enjoyed. Hardest sell is she knows the actual amount of $ i had invested the last time lol. I live down the road from Perrysburg so I plan on going to the expo if work schedule allows it.
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    Fraggenstien's Monster

    Thanks guys! Frags anyone?
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    Fraggenstien's Monster

    Haven't posted here in a while... Caught the old girl with her top off the other day
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    2019 Buckeye Reef Raffle

    I'm gonna need $1k in tickets to stand a chance against @buk :'( But seriously, good fun for a good cause. Get your tickets ready reefers!
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    Rare? What is truly rare?

    For example, I could take an awesome macro photo of a thriving red planet acro and call it Andy's Diablo Death Syper Stylin Mad Mille and slap a $1000/inch price tag on it. Most of us will hopefully know that a red mille is a re mille and laugh in my face, but those who do not know any better might buy it, and might think they have something special.
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    My 180 build

    New galaxea
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    It was nice to meet you.

    It was no problem, I enjoyed meeting everyone. Now I have to get in gear with my build so you can help me.
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    Keith's 180G.

    These are what I got from the expo. Couldn't really get good pictures.
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    Scott C

    It was nice to meet you.

    @Joe, I'm not sure if I met you tonight or not, but I share the same sentiment. This was a really fun time, and it was run smooth as silk! I definitely met @Jesse (twice) - thank you for the BR t-shirt, I'm excited to advertise for this group! Thank you to everyone I met today for making a reef nerd and his wife feel welcome!
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    Listen up Buckeye Reef! Thank you!

    This is was super awesome of you. You’re are a huge reason why this group is so good. Thank you @buk.
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    2019 Buckeye Reef Raffle

    Thanks for the awesome show and raffle buckeye reef. @crimsonvice @Jesse @joe and all the others that helped put today together, you guys rock!
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    2019 Buckeye Reef Raffle

    Was a great time today! Awesome job to everyone who worked to put it on! I picked up about 11 nice SPS frags.
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    Couldnt get it all in one shot and a day late but this is mine.
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    reservation list!

    I’ve got a blue and red Acro, miyagi tort, Cali blue tort, cornbreads the thing Acro, purple and green Monti spongodes, red dragon Acro, pc rainbow, fruit loops, Green Bay packers, jokers, scrambled eggs, rastas, cinnamon grande, green and orange clove polyps and an empty wallet!
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    Aqua Culture Toledo trip anyone?

    I will call her the "Buckeye Reef Cherry Bomb"
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    Premium Polyps - Free Giveaway

    Hello Everyone, Dave from Premium Polyps here.. For every swap we do we like to do a free giveaway and we are doing one for this show. To enter, you have go to our page, read the contest rules and enter. A link directly to the pinned post will be provided below. The giveaway is a $50 giftcard and a AquariClip lens filter. Total value, $80. Winner must be present and must the spend gift card the day of the show At this show we will have a large selection of corals and over 50% are zoas. We also have a selection of frag racks, mushroom boxes, fish acclimation boxes, cheato, coral dips, mobile phone lens filters, a small selection of long fin clown fish, and much more. Good luck enjoyone and I hope to see you guys at the show. Link for the contest:
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    3 very respected stores in Aquarium Artisans, Summit City Corals, and Matt's Corals are all using and pushing Fritz. This is enough to let me know it should be safe to switch to and Fritz is supporting the club.
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    euphylin me

    Fraggenstien's Monster

    sorry i'm wiping off my drool.....that is amazing! i say we plan a trip to @Dr.Fraggenstien place! @Muttley000 @Jesse @crimsonvice
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    Fraggenstien's Expo Special!

    Chunky red mille anyone? $50
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    Hi from Geauga County

    Hi , I'm new here and hail from northeast ohio. I have a Red Sea 525xl 2nd gen that has been running since May 2018. Just now starting to attempt some SPS with the goal for the tank being sps dominant. I started my first reef tank in the flatlands around Lima Ohio in high school with an oceanic 75. Mostly softies and fish since the investment in lights at the time was a little much. Kept a small fish only tank in college (ONU) housing a clown trigger . I graduated with a computer science degree but took supplemental courses in Biology including Zoology , Anatomy and Histology, Marine Biology, and Advanced Marine Biology. I spent the first few weeks of 2 summers at the Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory bagging and tagging fish. It was one of the best times of my life.Here are my system Specs:Red Sea Reefer 525xlx2 Radion xr30 pro gen 4 (planning to upgrade to a 3rd this week)x2 Vortech mp40wqd Neptune Apex 2016Neptune Cor-15Neptune DOSNeptune DDRNeptune AFSNeptune WXMNeptune ATK Aqua Euro Max CHill 1/4 HP (Not using anymore)Vertex Omega 150 Protein SkimmerVertex RX-U 1.5L Media Reactor (GFO) CO2 Scrubber (in the mail currently) I have a whole house natural gas automatic backup that keeps my tank (and house I suppose) going in case of power outages. Worked well during the last power outages from the windstorm we had last week. I am thinking about adding an algae scrubber and switching the reactor over to Carbon . At some point I will consider a Calcium Reactor, but for now it doesn't fit my needs. May once I get some of these SPS frags to grown. I currently do weekly water changes via home depot 5 gallon buckets. I lost the fight to drill holes in my floor to automate water changes with the two 75 gallon storage units that sit directly below my tank in the basement.
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    Moving up in the world

    I think we fit right in!
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    Rare? What is truly rare?

    Some are so nice that it doesn't matter how common they become, they will still hold a decent price tag (e.g., homewrecker, WD, Og Bounce) Some really aren't that unique and similar if not the same coral are constantly be imported. Some times vendors put names on common coral, and people may think that means they are something else. They are effectively manipulating supply and demand by making it seem like it's something different. The trick is to know coral past trade name. It comes with time, research, and experience. It can definitely be tricky, especially with some of the creative photography options we all have, but understanding basic coral characteristics and also having a feel for lighting and coral photography is pretty important these days.
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    Big Goniastrea Colony FS:

    Whoops. I thought I added that. It's 7" across. Oh and it's rare lol
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    Scott C

    Hello from Miami County!

    Yeah, I still have a 60 gallon freshwater going. Running a Marineland c360 canister filter and a 24w UV on it. 5 cherry barbs, 1 red eye tetra, 1 australian rainbow, 5 peppered corys, 1 emerald cory, 1 female albino bristlenose pleco, 1 green phantom pleco, 2 chinese algae eaters, and the star of the show is Charlie (Brown) - my chocolate pleco... he's an adopted rescue. Yeah, the cube was a tough way to start into salt, but it wasn't the cube's fault. I lurked in the R2R forums for years preparing for the jump, as much as one could. Folks in this hobby, at least the loudest ones, seemed to swear by "their way" - and were really closed minded to anything outside of what had historically worked for them. The manager at my LFS disagreed on nearly every point with my brother in law who used to cultivate and sell coral in his own right. A good friend of mine lost his salt tank to a bristleworm apocolypse...but swore that bristleworms were a good thing? To UV in the tank, or not to UV? My first live rocks in the cube became nitrate heaven - they were TOO good at holding nutrients... even with ridiculous water changes, I never saw nitrates under 10 in that tank - or my new one when I moved that rock. I was spending 30 minutes every night trying to clean off and out the live rock. What I'm getting to is this - it took me awhile to trust myself to try something new in this hobby. Swapping to 40lbs of CaribSea liferock... being okay with a skimmer that works but isn't exactly a RedSea... risking all of my livestock (I've lost a male dragonet blenny and a nassarius snail) for a larger grain dry substrate - knowing I was going to have another cycle to weather. The ups and downs in this hobby, at least for me, take a somewhat physical toll. So. Many. Variables. I don't know if any of that made any sense, but the pieces are there...
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    I should have some bubbles too
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    TRITON actually has some new products that can help nutrient-starved tanks. Triton Labs N-DOC Organics Seawater Analysis Test Kit https://www.marinedepot.com/Triton_Labs_N_DOC_Organics_Seawater_Analysis_Test_Kit_1_Pack_Water_Test_Kits_for_Saltwater_Aquariums-Triton-7T0635-FITK-vi.html Triton Reagents BIO-BASE Organic Support System https://www.marinedepot.com/Triton_Reagents_BIO_BASE_Organic_Support_System_100_ml_Saltwater_Aquarium_Additives_Supplements_Bacteria_Supplements-Triton-7T0468-FIADBS-vi.html Triton Reagents BIO-BASE ULNS Organic Support System https://www.marinedepot.com/Triton_Reagents_BIO_BASE_ULNS_Organic_Support_System_100_ml_Saltwater_Aquarium_Additives_Supplements_Bacteria_Supplements-Triton-7T0475-FIADBS-vi.html Triton Reagents Phosphorus P Alpha https://www.marinedepot.com/Triton_Reagents_Phosphorus_P_Alpha_100_ml-Triton-7T0505-FIAD-vi.html Triton Reagents Phosphorus P Beta https://www.marinedepot.com/Triton_Reagents_Phosphorus_P_Beta_100_ml_Reef_Supplements-Triton-7T0512-FIAD-vi.html
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    Jerry's EVO XII Build

    It’s an app on the app store called Aqaurimate. It was 9.99 but lets me punch in all my details and I setup a maintenance schedule that will send me notifications to do my water changes and test parameters n stuff. Obviously dont need the notifications now cause i’m still hot on it but figured it would be a good habit to stay sharp over the long haul.
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    Jason Fox Raja Rampage

    I ended up getting one at the swap! I will have to get pics in white light.
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    Saturday Night Expo Party and Hotel

    Heading to the airport soon and I just tossed a couple of these in my bag. Let's see who the lucky ones will be who sit in for my presentation and walk away with some LRS swag?! See you guys soon!
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    Plywood Tank Anyone?

    Eh, trying to logistically figure out how to build it. The size I want to build won't fit down my basement steps, so I'd have to build it in place. That would require me tearing down my existing tank and putting the livestock in a temporary holding tank until the new one is built. Then arises the issue of semi-cycling the new tank with the love rock from the old along with new. It just sounds like a headache lol. I think it may be easier to just add an addition to my house so that I can just have ANOTHER tank...lol. So, to your answer question, I'm not sure it'll ever happen anytime soon. But man, the idea of 400g tank sure is persuading... Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    I love it. It's like x-mas morning for me when I wake up on swap day!
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    reservation list!

    Hide your wallets!
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    Frag swap 2019

    Ummm yeah... I might be adding to my list...
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    3D printed parts in a frag tank

    well....I've finally got a handle in printing with PLA and have it nearly perfected. Zero stringing, nice and clean the way it should be. That is unfortunately not the material I need to print for my sump.......so moving on to that. I'm working on getting my settings for PETG dialed in, but I did design a quick mount for a float valve, which I use to keep all my tanks topped off. They are simple, don't fail, and easy to install and maintain. The plan is to Silicone this to the side of the sump, and voila flat valve installed. As you can see my settings still need some work, I'll get there though. Mount Mount with old valve installed
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    Camera on tank?

    Mine came
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    What's everyone do for a living?

    I am willing to cover any market. I live in Columbus but have no issue driving to Cincinnati to help out a fellow reefer! Plus I can check out your tank!! Win-win Corey
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    Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heater

    Joe, my wife and I have had tanks since 1988. A malfunctioning heater took out a tank in the mid 90's , It was beautiful fowlr tank (had a tusk and emperotor along with elegance corals and big birdsnests ) and we really cut back to a small (29 gallon) with open brain and some mushrooms and a damsal. We moved in 2007 and moved everything into a 30 gal long with a sump and all went well. Twice we caught a heater that got stuck in the on position and were very lucky it didn't kill everything, about every 2-3 years the heater would fail. I've used in-line heaters and titanium with independent control. and everything fails, it just is catastrophic when it fails in the "on" position. these heaters have microprocessors that theoretically will not fail in the on position, although there are stories I've heard that don't agree with this. I use 2 200 watt because of the size and cost. Its an investment in my mental health. But now with an apex that will cut the power, I'm not sure what ill do. But I've slept and traveled better knowing I won't cook my tank. hope this helps shit I just spent $40 to send a water sample to California so they could send it to germany to get it tested(triton) whats $100 for a heater??? lets face it this hobby is not cheep!! lol
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