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    Frag Tank Set Up??

    coffee table in the center of your living room with a clear lid (on a lift track for easy open, yet stability when you kick your feet up).
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    I hope you grow a hundred heads... ...to my 101 lol. Good luck!
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    New to BR

    Hi! Glad I found Br! I have a 55gal reef tank, about 9 months old. Thanks for the add. I'm in Maumee
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    Let there be light!
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    Expo Tridacna maxima

    I just realized I hadn’t posted a pic of this! I picked it up from @Aqua Culture, LLC because my kid really liked it and it is doing great so far.
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    FTS Friday 2018-04-06

    Ok I've been absent from these for a while so I suppose I'm overdue...so heres a quickie 2fer! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    FTS Friday 2018-03-30

    Thank you. I do not have a build thread yet! But i can start one and use picture that I took to show how the tank progressed from when I started it 2 years ago.
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    I’ll be taking custom orders after I run to the gas station. Lol
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    The only way to get a beer out of Clint is to pry it from his cold dead hands lol
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    Masini's Dream Build

    November 2017 to March 2018
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    Premium Aquatics Tour

    Yesterday I was able to mix a little work and leisure and stop by Premium Aquatics in Edinburgh, Indiana. Normally, they are closed during the week to the public unless you schedule an appointment. Saturdays they are open from 12-3 pm for livestock sales. I was fortunate enough to be able to get a hold of them and schedule a Tuesday appointment. Generally, they prefer appointments later in the week, because Monday and Tuesdays they are busy preparing livestock orders to ship out. Given the fact that it was a Tuesday when I popped in, and their tank maintenance days are scheduled later in the week, all the tanks where surprisingly clean. Brandon, the livestock manager, was able to give me a quick tour of how they operate and maintain everything from live caught to cultured live rock. I was very impressed with how organized and methodical everything seemed in regards to the designated livestock sections. What really caught my eye was the live caught QT setup. When they receive their new livestock in, they will be placed in this system for 2 weeks. While here they are tenderly cared for and inspected on the regular. Eight 250 watt Aqua UV sterilizers are used to help eliminate any infections or pest that these new tank mates might be harboring. The Royal Exclusive Bubble King 200 is what powers the filtration in the Rubbermaid sump. This is a beast of a machine, and it seemed to be pulling some pretty nasty skimmate. In conjunction with their wild caught system, they also have a section for aquacultured fish. They had a variety of healthy looking clowns, bleenies, and seahorses in stock. If you are in the market for rock, dry or cured, Premium Aquatics is the place to shop! They literally have tons of Pukani, Real Reef, Walt Smith... and the list goes on. In the center of the warehouse, there are three massive containers that are curing Real Reef, Pukani, and other forms of rock. This is on top of the skids of dry rock that are sitting just a few steps behind me. Brandon explained to me that the export of Pukani rock from Fiji is being brought to a halt, and in the future it may be difficult to find it. So if you are planning a build, and are looking for Pukani, now is the time to stock up! Premium Aquatics has some reasonable pricing on rock and is willing to price match online competitors. On the opposing side of the warehouse you will find all of your coral desires. Anything that is your fancy you will be able to find here. It seemed to be slightly picked over, but again I did come in the middle of the week. Yet, I was still able to find a few gems. There were quite a few nice scollys and plate corals. Unfortunately, I am still working on my photography skills and most of the coral pictures I took did not come out well. Regardless, if you are looking for coral on the cheap or looking to spend some of your rent money, you can do both at Premium Aquatics. Overall, I had a nice time talking with everyone at the warehouse, and want to thank them for their time in showing me around. I was impressed by the quality of equipment and time that they take in taking care of what brings us joy as hobbyists. It is nice to have a vendor like Premium Aquatics close to the area for Buckeye Reef members. Maybe in the future we can plan a group buy or a Saturday field trip. Here are a few random pictures from the day:
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    I’ll be back in the contest tomorrow, watch out @Muttley000!
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    Masini's Dream Build

    My wife has the iPhone. It give me great satisfaction every time she tells me to take a picture of something with my phone instead of hers. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Masini's Dream Build

    Couple more Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    What's Up

    What did you listen to on the way into work?
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    New Project

    I was thinking about selling them but wanted to do enough testing to get the best possible product.
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    Best way to ship corals

    Shipnex.com seems to be the ticket. The disscount brings the rates way down.in case anyone is interested. Just shipped a 5 lb box of coral to SC costing 49.00 verses 96.00.
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    Agreed, with my 102
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    Shadow's 55gal

    Here's my tank. It's about 9 months old...
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    FTS Friday 2018-4-13

    FTS Friday the 13th eddition! my 65 today.
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    FTS Friday 2018-4-13

    A little late but having a good morning.
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    Let me have a conversation with our buyers and I'll follow up. Thank you for giving us the first opportunity to earn your business! We really appreciate that. Talk soon! Jeff @ Marine Depot
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    Best skimmer?

    I've heard of several people having lots of trouble with the Skimz (check out Ohio Reef boards for some specific examples). I've ran some reef octopus skimmers in the past and been totally satisfied. My Vertex is running a RO pump (bubble blaster) and the warranty is great, the quality of the product and performance are excellent. If I was buying a new skimmer today, I would be looking at ROs.
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    Best skimmer?

    I've never used one, but the red dragon is supposed to be the best needle wheel in the business and the acrylic work of the BK is supposedly second to none. Do I think they actually skim that much better than the next brand? No, probably not. Skimmers with similar design and similar sized pumps with similar water flow and air draw will work the same IMO. Past that, you're talking price point, reliability, efficiency in the pump, etc. Would I buy one? Maybe if I won the lottery. A working skimmer is good enough for me. I still run a gen 1 vertex from the early 2000's. Most would consider a Rolls-Royce better than a Ford, but as far as getting you from point a to point b, they'll both get the job done.
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    The last post wins

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    New guy

    Hey guys, I just started a build thread over in members tanks
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    FTS Friday 2018-04-06

    Let’s see them everyone! my 29 today
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    FTS Friday 2018-04-06

    All 3.
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    Ducklady Amy

    FTS Friday 2018-04-06

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    FTS Friday 2018-04-06

    My little 26 gallon office tank
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    So I could put a couple G4 pros and a pair of wavson order and have them in a week and finance it? My finger is getting itchy lol
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    New Fish Room Layout

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    EcoTech Marine is still sold out of the XR15. They hope to have more units in 1 week, which would put Marine Depot about 2 weeks (hopefully less) from being able to ship orders.
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    Joe’s Rebound Nano

    What ever high end zoas you get, I will be enforcing a Moderator Tax on. The tax will be one polyp per frag. Just saying...
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    Crimson's 120 wet dream

    Took these on the cell phone tonight. Messed around with the aquarium cam app to try and get rid of the blues. A little to green, but you get the idea. Some of my favorites from the expo
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    Flounder's Tank Build

    Let there be life! Added starter fish of several Chromis over the weekend. Meet Jean, Henry and Dunant. All is well and I have enjoyed eating breakfast with these guys. I turn the twilight light on and let them wake up for breakfast with me. So many caves and sections of rock that I see them coming out of new area's every morning.
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    Just fyi, I just ordered a wav myself. Marine depot has been out of stock and there were only 2 left when I ordered today. Get it while the gettins good lol Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    This is starting to look better to me.
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    Red Goniopora

    This was another that I posted I hoped to find at the expo and @Dr.Fraggenstien fixed me up! It is in the corner of my 30 gallon and happy so far
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    Well Amazon doesn't support our club or give a kick back a commission to the club, so you guys are miles ahead of them in my book!
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    Forest Fire Digi

    Got this piece from @crimsonvice at the swap. I swear it has grown in a week as it’s coming over the edge of the plug already. Super happy with it so far!
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    Flounder's Tank Build

    Yeah, well, that's just like your opinion man
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    Crimson's 120 wet dream

    The last one was super dumb, and I am sure this one will fall into the same category. We lost the last one during the tank upgrade. Even though it wasn't the brightest crayon in the reef, I missed having it around.
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    Best skimmer?

    Ive run a few different skimmers myself, and worked with a large assortment over at aquarium world. My fav so far would be the bubble magus. They are cheaper than reef octopus and work just as well. My 300 has an orphek dc skimmer, and i have to fart around with it non stop. The bubble magus seems to generally be a set it and forget it till it comes time to clean and empty the cup Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    My 180 build

    I been thinking about one for precautionary measures. All my research been pointing to the emperor being the best brand. Came across this one for a good price so I pulled the trigger on it.
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    New Fish Room Layout

    That would be the case with me if I didn't have a wife. Lol. She keeps me in check.
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