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    FTS Friday 2018-02-09

    FTS Anemone split today
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    FTS Friday 2018-02-09

    ok here is my 30,
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    Masini's Dream Build

    These little guys do not like me with my phone. Normally they don't care but I had to take the photos from the opposite side of the tank.
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    Buckeye Reef Expo 2018 - Wish List

    Nice skimmer for sump
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    The last post wins

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    Rock swap idea??

    Interesting idea. I am sure you could get some cool stuff growing. You can have some of my tank AIDS if you want.
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    Shifty phone Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
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    Masini's Dream Build

    Gotcha. I am interested to see how this turns out. Hopefully it will nip it in the butt, and you can get back to normal happy fish.
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    Joe’s Rebound Nano

    Not sure if this was the same thing I saw before or not, and not sure you can isolate any colors for it to do you any good, but here it is just in case it helps https://www.apogeeinstruments.com/correcting-for-spectral-errors-of-common-electric-lights-aquarium-mq-200/
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    FTS Friday 2018-02-16

    Let’s see those tanks!
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    FTS Friday 2018-02-16

    Kalk in the top off and cal, alk and mag in the doser
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    Expo Flyer

    I will post something on Instagram too.
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    FTS Friday 2018-02-09

    Since they are talking this snow storm up as Armageddon this may be the last chance to preserve our tanks in a FTS Friday thread lol. Put ‘em up!
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    FTS Friday 2018-02-09

    Here’s mine with most of the crew out
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    FTS Friday 2018-02-09

    here's my biocube, its had a rough time of late with huge cyanobacteria outbreak which is much better now but will most likely be a quarantine tank in the future, maybe a cardinal tank who knows.
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    FTS Friday 2018-02-09

    here is a top down view of 100 gallon tote, look at all the sinularia:) hopefully this will be in a 100 gallon display by mid March.
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    This is @Joe
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    Orbit Marine Pro

    @zeeGGee your tank speaks for itself. There is more than one way to skin a cat!
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    Cheap salt!
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    Joe’s Rebound Nano

    Woo-hoo! It's about time!!!
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    Fluval SEA EVO XII

    What, are you sleeping the other 98 lol
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    Will Puxatawnee Phil see his shadow?
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    Thats probably just from the 3 of us. LOL
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    Marine Depot / BuckeyeReef Kickbacks

    FIVE FLIPPING THOUSAND?!?!? That’s terrific. Man do we have a spending problem! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Local fish stores

    Have went to several stores in the area over the last few years and decided to take a few notes to give others options and opinion on visit so they know what to expect prior to making long drive pet connection - 29551 five mile road Livonia Michigan 48154 - 10am-8pm - probably the best overal store in my opinion in relation to having anything you need from fish coral and equipment. coral from small frags to larger colonies. Have tons of new equipment from varying pumps to apex and several different sized/brands tanks. Would give 5 stars. Tropicorium inc - 20080 inkster road Romulus Michigan 48174 - great fish selection, have almost every strain and color of clownfish that is available on the market. Was very cool to see their different breeding pairs. Would give 5 stars. house of pets - 29500 ford road garden city Michigan 48174 - had one nice display tank but coral and livestock selection was pretty poor. Livestock that was available were in rough shape. If your into reptiles they have lots of different species but I am not so this store didn’t excite me. Would give 1 star. Fantastic fins - 38131 Ann Arbor road Livonia Michigan 48150 - no longer has saltwater but has great selection of freshwater livestock and equipment. Bought a few pleco caves and sponge filters during my visit. Had several different strains of discus and also had a few adult wilds. 1 star since this is a saltwater forum but 5 stars if in the freshwater market. fish doctors yipsilanti - 2703 washtenaw ave Ypsilanti Michigan 48198 - nice selection of freshwater and saltwater livestock. Have a large amount of dry goods. Some corals but not a huge variety. Would give 3.5 stars since the coral selection was slim. Have also been to the fish doctors in canton and would give it same rating since I’m more into the coral. Staff at both stores were knowledgeable. jp success inc - 222 south memorial drive Lancaster Ohio 43130 - newer shop that was still getting on their feet but had great selection of sps when I had visited. Worked on rearing some of their own clownfish. Will continue to expand and get more impressive as their building they are in was large. Owner of the store is a retired electrician and very knowledgeable. Would give them 4.5 stars but in the next few years I could see them growing into something similar to pet connection. sea tide aquarium and pet shop Lancaster Ohio - has since went out of business since last visit changing tide aquatics - have continued to grow and expand every time I visit. Great staff that gives helpful and honest input. Have nice selection of used equipment that many of the other stores do not have. Nice selection of coral and fish would like to see larger colonies. Would give 5 stars. Fishy bizness - 21023 Farmington road Farmington Michigan 48336 - freshwater store but had nice selection of livestock. Was also fairly new and just opening with a year or two when I first visited but owner was knowledgeable. Bought a few breeding cones during the visit. haven't made it to lazy’s frag house yet but pictures look awesome and it’s on my list to try and get down there over the summer.
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    My 180 build

    Nice! Where did you pick it up?
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    Orbit Marine Pro

    After some serious debate with myself, I decided to bite on the Orbits. I found some here in Columbus at Matt’s Reef. Attached are some pics. I wanted to add some videos but I’m not sure how to do it because I don’t think they are uploading in the right format (can somebody help with this?). I’ll keep this updated as I go along for anybody who may be interested. So far I have to say I am impressed. The blues are a little hard but I’m sure I’ll like them better as I play around with them and start adding corals to see the pop.
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    FTS Friday 2018-02-16

    Better late than never!
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    FTS Friday 2018-02-16

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    Alright! Im sure I can find something!
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    Never had an issue with my Apex.
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    Updated pics coming later or tomorrow, cleaned the tank and did a 10g water change today and started feeding phytoplankton. Also, is there any kind of all in one additive for coral growth and health? Like an all in one dose? I want to start getting a little more advanced and expand my horizon on what kind of corals I keep.
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    My new tank!

    The quality is definitely there! Heavy and well finished. I think it’s going to quiet a lot of my noise and allow me to increase my flow some. Now to order some blue PVC!
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    I use an actual fishing net the size of a racketball racket. Sooooo much esier to catch em.
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    FTS Friday 2018-02-09

    Is that sinularia on the bottom right? New? Possibly from Jeff?
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    Club wand purchased!
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    Crimson's 120 wet dream

    Lol I know right. Trying to cash in on the Eheim 3 year warranty. I need all the cash I can scrape up for the expo. Lol
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    Hardy LPS

    Acans acans acans!
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    Apex lite w extras

    Switch some pieces around on the tank and now have some more apex modules i dont need Vdm 4 channel 50 shipped Vdm 2 channel 20 shipped Vdm non working free 2 Eb8 black 125 shipped 1 on hold Pm1 with temp probe 50 shipped Craig has spoken for the apex lite base and a eb8 to go with it
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    MD Kickbacks purchase

    Well my tank does best with zoas and acros, I have mixed results with lps bc of my goby and lighting tends to be too much for placement to be anywhere but sand bed. So I'd feel more comfortable hosting those 2 categories. Personal opinion would be sps
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    FTS Friday 2018-01-26

    Put em up everyone!
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    2018 Buckeye Reef Expo Raffle

    keep up the great work!
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    Jason Fox has it https://shop.jasonfoxsignaturecorals.com/products/m-33
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    Reef link

    Just pick up a wxm module and your all set
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    Ducklady Amy

    My 180g work in progress

    Thank you @Changing Tide Aquatics