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    The last post wins

    Weekly Tank Feature. Please show us that even the best of us (you) are human and don't always have pristine tanks. Maybe put your finger in front of the part that needs cleaned.
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    I won’t lie, glad this part is over with!
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    New to the Hobby 28G Nano

    I say skip 55/75 and go straight for a 90/120 gallon. If you are wanting fish, you will want at least a 4' run for some tangs. Seems like a lot of space, but it really isn't much more. That's just my opinion. Especially since you are wanting to upgrade this fast. Looks great though!
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    Founders BattleBox

    Total surprise. Let him know what was in the tank and asked to not be overloaded with green's. I didn't think a mystery box was going to be this much fun and excitement.
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    First time 40B

    Got my first two fish into quarantine. The QT tank is a 10 gallon with a quietflow 20 HOB filter that I seeded with some bio spira and 2ppm ammonia-chloride let sit for 5 days until it was at 0ppm ammonia. It also has an ammonia alert badge, 100w finnex heater, an air stone, some PVC fittings and a 425 gph powerhead which I think was creating too much flow, so I turned that off and will just kick it on when I do weekly water changes.And this was as good of a close up that the little guys would let me get!
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    Crimson's 120 wet dream

    Burney is an asshole. But I miss blenny even though i never saw him. He was my in my first batch of salty side. I’m sure he’s much happier thought.
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    The last post wins

    @Muttley000 Where is that FTS thread. I am missing my friday morning finger.
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    First time 40B

    I thought the same. Peer pressure. One of us. One of us.
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    New to the Hobby 28G Nano

    Nice meeting you as well. Next time you have a beer on me. Everyone seems happy so far.
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    FTS Friday 2018-06-29

    Let’s see ‘em everyone!
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    FTS Friday 2018-06-29

    Thanks for all your work on this @Muttley000 and agree that this is a great thread.
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    Algae help please!!

    I was running my lights 16 hours so I could enjoy my 30 gallon and had a big bloom(2017). We sprayed the rock with hydrogen peroxide and I think let sit 30 seconds worked wonderfully but cutting down lights is key so it doesn't come back.
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    FTS Friday 2018-06-29

    Whoops, better late than never. Here’s my 90. My suggestion to get some more posts is to make it a multi-day thread. Maybe a weekly thread or a weekend thread? If I miss a FTS post and see it the day after I usually won’t post
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    Coral planning

    Thinking green hairy mushroom. Duncan. Utter chaos and devils armor zoa
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    Founders BattleBox

    Just ordered my first battlebox! Adam is great to work with. It's like Christmas eve, can't wait to get my presents. I wonder if I could just have my check direct deposited to him?
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    Again.... worst pics ever. Moved them up to about 16” under my Radions and they popped. Really nice pink and gold and I went from 3 distended ugly looking polyps to about 11 if I count right.
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    New to the Hobby 28G Nano

    Watchman Goby and his pistol friend super healthy and active. Goby now comes out to eat, their cave has 3 entrances..so far. BLenny Hanna is starting to come out more , watching him now actually but can’t get close enough to photograph. New snails have gathered at the top. No idea where the scarlet hermit went I added yesterday. They hide for a while? Fighting conch still doing work 24:7
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    Cleaning Tips

    I usually go a couple hours. Anything that didn't melt off comes off easily with a toothbrush at that point.
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    I add nothing right now
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    I dont dose anything...my thought is...keep up with water changes and use high qualty salt and you dont need to dose...ive had my water tested by a professional and all my parameters are good enough to grow anything...i try to focus more on light and feeding.
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    Great looking product!
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    The #1 Mistake Most Hobbyists Make

    The #1 Mistake Most Hobbyists Make Julian Sprung: The Interview!
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    The "have you seen me" thread

    You mean two days to work on house stuff to try and get it listed this year. Lol
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    First time 40B

    This is a great thread. Love the woodwork and use of basement space. With this setup you will soon learn of the Multiple Tank Syndrome.
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    Acid rain anemones

    Those are awesome! @Joe needs one!