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    just a thought : what if club sold frags and used $$ to buy club tools ill have some by then
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    Coral growth - Halide VS Led

    Everyone asks, so let's see what the next three months will bring! Single Gatorade Birdsnest frag placed on two plugs in the same tank, one under halide and the other under led. Each frag is about the same height in these tank. Water parameters : Salinity - 1.026 pH- 7.9 temp- 78.5 Ammonia - 0 Nitates - 10 Alk - 8.1 Cal - 425 Mag - 1400 Phosphate -.04 Start date pics: Halide Hamilton 20k 250w with Luxcor ballast Ocean Revive LED - Blues 60 / Whites 20
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    The last post wins

    I️ was feeling generous, I️ woulda drank it if I️ didn’t donate it to you.
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    Fauna Aquaria

    FTS Friday 2017-11-10

    just playing with new rapid led corona lights Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My new tank!

    Blinders in order for sure!
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    Pro tips for bottle trapping: Use a mag float instead of a string. Put the wet-side in your bottle, the dry side on the outside of the glass. This has a couple advantages - you can place the bottle at the best height in the water column for your fish (and ideally up off the sand where the serpents can't get it as easy), and instead of using a string to pull the bottle, when your fish swims in, just rotate the dry side magnet, which in-turn rotates the wet-side magnet, and the whole bottle rotates as well. Then simply use the magnet to slide the bottle up to the surface of your aquarium and the fish is trapped. It was actually trapped as soon as the mouth of the bottle was turned up toward the water surface as most fish won't flee upward, but once they're at the surface the only way for them to get out is to go airborne and that just doesn't happen. Place the bottle in your tank for 3-4 days without adding food to it. The fish will likely need to acclimate to it being there before they will get anywhere near it. So baiting for the first few days is a waste of time, food, and potential unnecessary nutrient in your tank. After 3-4 days bait the trap and watch the fish swim in. I usually fast my fish for the waiting period as well, so they're nice and hungry when I finally do bait. I catch fish like this all the time. Some are more aggressive and easier to catch, and will need temporarily removed (placed in a bucket or whatever) so they stay out of the way and the more shy fish you're after has time to get in the bottle. The only fish I've ever not been able to get at using this method was one that wouldn't eat any of my prepared foods, and was surviving solely on my coral smorgasbord. One day I'll make a video. I feel like this is the hundredth time I've typed this out and I know it'd be way easier to see it in action. It's so easy, it pains me to hear of people struggling with it.
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    Going to pick this up today!!!!!! have 100 gallon ready for livestock!!!
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    Just because I almost never ever remember to post on Fridays, here’s a shot from yesterday. This was after about 3 hours of cleaning up and water change. Haven’t done jack with the tank in a few months, it was long overdue.
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    just booked our room
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    Oh they will! I am looking for Jason Fox ______________, however if I see the only good torch before @crimsonvice he's going to have to arm wrestle me for it!
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    I fixed that for you.
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    My new tank!

    6:03PM 11/04/2017
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    My new tank!

    I need to change my RO/DI filters, and wipe the dust out of the tank, then I’ll be ready for water! Getting close! You may or may not have noticed I put my probe holder back in. It was in the way where it was and I thought I’d get a Neptune holder. Looking at it though I was able to salvage the original for free and put it in a better spot.
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    We will be booking a room
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    Me either, but I still have a tank
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    Hows it going?

    Bought one for mine also
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    The last post wins

    If this is not allowed delete it. I’ve been busy building this.
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    The last post wins

    Didn't you read the rules? They are hidden in a random page stating you must have a tank to win. It's hidden in a random page in the thread. I swear it's there....
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    2018 Expo Speaker

    Than is an excellent idea and he's close. @ joe knows I'm a big Bob Fenner fan and he would draw people in Joe the king of DIY would give it some international flavor any of the people cutting edges in breeding would be cool too
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    Luke Schnabel

    2018 Expo Speaker

    Mr. Saltwater Than Thein
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    I tagged some vendors in the R2R post. Maybe we can get some other big namers in there. I have emailed some, but have yet to hear back from them
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    Me too. I had a blast last year, just hanging with the kids and playing in the pools! Grabbing a drink with some of you heathens might be fun too
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    Those blank spaces will fill up fast now that this is out! Let us know what we can do to help!
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    How many Buckeyereefers will be there?
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    Cool that's what I thought but wanted to make sure. Thanks for the reply guys.
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    Live rock

    Labo gets this stuff in occasionally. I like it fine. Nice shot of diversity
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    FTS Friday 2017-11-17

    Let’s see those pre thanksgiving day tank pics!
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    Veterans Day Thank You!

    I know it's become trendy, or according to some politically incorrect, to thank a vet these days. As a guy who's eyes swell with gratitude every time he hears the national anthem for both the fallen, and the sacrifices made buy those that return, along with the families of both, Thank You! Nothing we do, none of he freedoms we enjoy, would be possible without you.
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    Im gonna have to see about going to this next year. I need to put it on the calendar.
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    Got a flipper magnet and some calibration fluid. A few pennies for the club anyway
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    FTS Friday 2017-11-10

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    FTS Friday 2017-11-10

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    Is the first on the left an octocoral? Nice looking pieces!
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    I booked a room just after last years event. LOL
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    Hey are you guys still doing the 40$ boxes of salt this year! That was killer last year!
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    Thanks guys, I'll send everything over today!
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    Okay will do!
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    33L frag tank

    Looks sweet,. MTS is a terrible disease!
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    Are the first picture Wyoming whites? I have been looking for a pair, if you do have any.
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    Welcome I will definitely be spending some money with you!! Beautiful corals!
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    Proper return flow plumbing size

    You make drains same height as the overflow box height will determine water height, I have my box as high as I could put it "touching the middle brace", I didn't get/use a lid as there's no need Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk
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    Ok sounds great. Cincinnati would be better though
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    Tables and chairs in the hall for people selling off reef trader is perfect. Usually people tell everyone where they will be ahead of time anyways. I cant wait for this years, it was the best swap around last year! I'll be needing a hobbiest table this year though!
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    Just my opinion, I think that the raffle "stage" was way to big last time. I think you guys should have some open tables for people to sit at or bring coolers that are selling from reeftrader. Last years swap was great but again maybe a smaller center stage to open up some room for more tables.
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    Cant wait
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    I'll need a hobbiest tank spot this year! Let me know where to send my info and payment! Can't wait!
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    My 180 build

    Looking good!