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    Please congratulate @DrNightOwl on this awesome picture of his anemone!
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    I'm excited too. The back of that room was never really finished. I had a nice 120 sitting there with the intent of building cabinets across the back with an AV closet on the right hand side. Swapped the 120 for a 210 and never got things wrapped up, The room even got painted in the mean time, except behind the tank and a large cabinet that sat on the left hand side. I started this with a 57 gallon Deep Blue, and a little cube as holding tanks early this year. I hadn't decided on tank size, but knew I wanted a 3' or 4' tank to better fit our wall. Marineland had a special in March and I went to buy a 150DD and ended up with the 200... Sold the 210 and it went to a good home shortly after I hurt my back. I had hoped to be done before now, but the down time has allowed me to make some equipment upgrades, namely a couple Radions, Ecotech pumps, and new live rock. About the last thing I need for the tank is to upgrade my Eheim return pump, probably something external this time. I've got some vacation the next few weeks and we're not going anywhere so I think I can make some really good progress on this and some other projects I had planned for this summer!
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    I'm going to watch ;-) Maybe hold the door!
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    If anyone comes out to the Seneca county fair come say hi to me!!
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    Ebay+beer=angry ol lady!!! Lmao
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    I thought you were becoming a robot programmer lol
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    Got a sweet Rainbow Pectinia in this week. It's already sold but wanted to share the pic
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    lol yeah, did 9 years between guard, reserves and active. I'm good so don't try and get me to sign shit! hahaha
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    Yeah I saw that and corrected it later. Either way it was from the heart and I truly appreciate our military! Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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    Well, all the more reason to shop at Marine Depot! Those big forums generate boat loads of cash, poor decision on BRS part IMO.
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    Just wanted to pop in here and say thank you so much for the group buy! I usually don't have too much time to spend on the web but wanted to throw it out there. If you ever have q's, comments, and or concerns give us a ring. We always welcome advice on the food so if you ever have any q's etc give me a call on my cell 757-270-8954 Cheers Jimi
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    I have to recommend Chasing Coral on Netflix. Literally a must watch. Very sad.
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    I'm with you here. The asteroid that science accepts wiped out the dinosaurs, changed temperature exponentially more rapidly than we are changing now, and put all kinds of crap in the atmosphere didn't finish corals off. We have been through ice ages and times of much greater warmth than we have now. Something else is in play besides warming. You can't deny that the earth is warming in the time we have been recording it, temperature is a measurable thing, but the sample is so small in terms of time I don't believe we really know what it means. I also don't doubt that burning of fossil fuels is not helping matters, and we should be doing anything we can do to increase efficiency, why not use less? If the earth continues to warm coral will "move" to different latitudes where the temperature is correct, just like it has done for millions of years before man was on the scene. I know they can measure isotopes in skeletons, and know what the level of CO2 was when that fossilized coral grew, and we think there is more now than millions of years ago, and that may be true, but it is one tiny piece of a very complex puzzle. When our time is up the earth will shake us off just like millions of species before us too! I still feel the catastrophic global warming movement is a political exploitation of peoples fears in order to redistribute wealth. Look at the Paris climate treaty that everyone is all worked up about us pulling out of (and don't get me started about how we never legally entered it in the first place) the only detail that was completely worked out was how much the US would pay. No enforceable goals for other large economies to trigger fines and such. The flow of money is the only thing that ever gets worked out in the international community. So now that I have completely PO'd 45% of the people that read this I better stop ranting lol. This is a more likely scenario than temperature IMO!
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    Rivers to reefs, Matts coral's if you make an appointment and can catch him, and if you have time stop and Reef Systems coral farm are around Columbus. Not too far south of 70 in Dayton is Lazylivin's place too but you would have to call to see if you can get him too
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    Th@nks everyone. . They are one good looking anemone. . I got real lucky Sent from my SM-N915V using Tapatalk
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    Two of my favorite under the actincs...strawberry mushrooms and Hawaiian ding dang zoas..they look way better in person..i tried to get my alveapore but it blinded my camera.
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    A little scope below the hood. Rearranged the ATO tank to able easy access to the calcium reactor, which I won't be utilizing for several months.
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    Today is test day! I figured I would update you guys with my test results and pictures of my crew. Alk: 10 Salinity: 1.0235 Ph: 8.2 Ammonia and nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5 Phosphate: 0 Calcium: 450 Mocha clown hosting frogspawn and pink spotted watchman Camera shy yellow tang (eats a combination of mysis, flake food, nori, and macroalgae from my fug. Took a lot of work and coaxing) Bicolor blenny chilling on some vampire zoas Clown again making a funny face and Serpent star behind it and of course my favorite coral in the tank, Australian(?) lobophyllia Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I got some new stuff today. Love them! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thinning out the herd. $60 Lower left corner
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    If you have never been to Lazy's, it is worth the drive! Just saying. This should just be a nice time to get together and talk coral/tank stuff. Brian is an amazing guy and has loads of amazing coral. I might not be there the whole time, but I will definitely be hanging out for a while. You cant help but just sit and stare at all the coral. lol
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    Awesome! I will want a frag of that.
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    In my opinion how much was dosed is not the question, it is what the levels were maintained at. Very few specimens will last without regular feedings from my reading. All the sites I checked that sell them mention feeding. It is very possible for these to be in decline for weeks without showing any stress also, then they just go away fast. This is also a coral that seems to be getting harder to keep, there is a theory that there is some kind of virus or something effecting virtually all hobby sources. Don't beat yourself up too bad IMO
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    We are all winners due to the info and bonds that we have all shared haha
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    Ok. Lighting was something I needed to know. I was going with what the sun was doing. I will change it up. What is fuge lighting? I have a Aquamars recommended by Changing Tides and it is wonderful. The dosing was for PH increases but I don't use it much. I will stop it all together and just let the system run it courses. I guess Im trying to hard. Lol. I always appreciate advice. Thanks. Sent from my LG-LS993 using Tapatalk
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    Super excited right now! Most of my stuff just came in! My 2 jabeo dct 12000s will be in next week. I'll post pictures once I get everything set up!! Most likely I will stay up all night setting everything up haha
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    Just to clarify, it's 2 degrees Celcius, which is 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit. We watched it Saturday night and it's a pretty sad state of affairs for the Great Barrier Reef. Hard to say what the exact cause is, but raising awareness of the issue can't hurt.
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    This is by far the cleanest build I have ever seen on a non commercial level. I can't wait to see more!
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    lol I used Two Little Fishes 200 ml pack. The 200 ml pack is good for 50 gallons. I used about 3/4 of the pack and will add the rest in another few weeks. As far as flow in the reactor, I am not sure. I added enough to agitate the bio pellets thoroughly. I will post a video when I get home.
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    And it gets 2' long and needs an 8' tank minimum as an adult! All of a sudden a hundred bucks is a drop in the bucket lol. It is gorgeous though!
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    Shepard Smith on Fox News just haf a story of about 10 minutes of Mote Marine along with Wounded Warrior divers planting 500 "tank raised " corals into the ocean.
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    From the beginning I have used the recommended amount. So my corals know no better but I was reading an article that said GFO will slow down the rate of your sps growth and it sounded pretty convincing and I was wondering if it where true.
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    http://www.marinetechnical.com/page8.html driven by an Iwaki 55RLT. I'll add another when my system gets big enough.
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    Soon as we get this house. My setup is gonna be crazy nice.
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    Depends where it's at? At Lazy's I expect there will be a lot of nice coral's to buy. Haven't heard if he is doing a promotional thing or not yet
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    Oh boy! ***Girly giggling*** you will have to let me know what you think of the skimmer if you use it. What size is the sump? It's the SS... Very nice! Oooooo...Ahhhhhh.... It's a diamond in the rough. How did you score this?
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    And for a quick update, I added my baby emperor to the tank a couple of weeks ago. So far I have relocated my acans, war coral, favias and brains to the frag tank. On the bright side he/she has got a fat belly! The other fun fact, although it's slightly larger than a half dollar it stands up to the large yellow tang like a Boss!
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    Check out the rear quarter panel on Dustin Sautter Racing's car at Fremont tonight! This is one of Jesse's fellow fire fighters. Let's show him some Buckeye Reef Support and fill his page with likes! https://m.facebook.com/Dustin-Sautter-Racing-1634904106728691/