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    you are welcome Dustin! what a great experience this has been! they are all gone for now. Muttley, I will get another one off the rock in a couple weeks.
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    A quick google search about replacing Oceanic biocube fans suggests that there were some models that have two fans in a one-inlet-one-exhaust configuration. A Coralife biocube manual shows two exhaust fans but there are also inlet slits cut into the cover where air can draw in. I'd say if you have no inlet vents, a one-in-one-out fan setup makes sense. Also, the decibel is a logarithmic scale so sound power doubles ever 3 dB or so. So, a 4.5 dB reduction in your case is definitely an improvement.
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    Nice write up. I've thought about replacing the fans on my blackbox leds, but since I have three fixtures with two lights each I decided against the effort for now. The lights are two years old already so I'm not sure how long they'll last anyway. To your point about switching the direction on one fan, it's an interesting observation and hypothesis. Maybe one day I'll have a biocube and be able to try it for myself.
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    Ive never used anything but reef crystals. Its the only salt everyone carries around here and i have no complaints. If it aint broke dont fix it right? Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
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    Green Bubble Tip Question

    My new bubble tip from @music
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    Rodi water near toledo?

    Looks sweet
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    40 breeder multi tank system

    Nice, getting close!
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    I am still in! Didnt see the update till just now. Let me know when and what i gotta do
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    Petco saltwater...wow

    I cut them some slack - it's hard enough to keep one tank with limited stock ich and algae free. Imagine keeping several with new stock coming in every week. Not easy for even experienced reefers, let alone kids making $9/hr.
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    Stored RO/DI water

    Oh.. yea my salt water brute is heated and moving with a small powerhead. I usually make salt water a day or two before a wAter change.
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