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    Plumbing 45 vs 90

    I have heard much debate as to which elbow to use in plumbing your system. BRS put up a nice video discussing head pressure and volume loss on both 45 and 90 elbows with a few different pumps. I found the results to be very interesting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FTS Friday 2017-02-24

    Let's see all those tanks this week! I'm still focused on my 65 so I can track algae decline. ATS is making a dent in it!
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    Plumbing 45 vs 90

    Having plumbed 10's of thousands of feet of air lines in plants I use 45's with a strait section between them in place of a 90 on all main trunk lines
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    cheap reefer

    Black box led lights

    Ok so i pulled the trigger...i found a 360w dimable full spectrum with remote on ebay...i do a lot of buying/selling on ebay so i get random coupons...i have a 10$ off coupon..did some searching and got one for 100$!!!....they dont call me "cheap reefer" for nothing..lol...now comes the long wait..should have it in less than a week..
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    cheap reefer

    Black box led lights

    These metal halides are costing me a fortune in bulbs every 6 months..i think i will be saving money in the long run.
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    cheap reefer

    Black box led lights

    Yep..thats the ones im looking at right now..seems they have the best reviews and least complaints
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    @Muttley000 ordered a kessil
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    LEAR swap

    I'm going! First show! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Don't get too impatient. I move really slow!