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    Hello all! My name is Dustin Graham, Owner of Responsible Reef Aquaculture located in Hamilton, Ohio. I had someone say I should start a thread about what we do. First a little bit about me: I am a high school sophomore studying business who started this business as a result of seeing how bad the ocean's reefs are deteriorating. It's a project that I hope to continue on with though college. Our specialty is in a blend of phytoplankton that was improved upon based on many major chains. I've since gotten one customer in Mount Healthy, Aquatics and Exotics. I've had a fair share of challenge getting customers but I am hoping that attending some frag swaps and shows will help get my name out there. My business plan is based on this: Sell a superior product cheaper than what I can order online. So, enough with the negative and on to the real reason I started my business and posting here today. I would like your ideas on things that you feel don't stand up to what they should, things that you think could be improved in our hobby. We recently started working on copepods and daphnia, experimenting with food vs. culture density and I think i'm on to something. Anything else that can come to mind would be great, as I am interested in hearing your suggestions. Please wish me luck moving forward, as these trade shows and my one lfs seem to be my only markets. I am planning to be at the 2019 Buckeye Frag Swap if I can get a table. Thanks again, Dustin
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    2019 Expo Speaker Larry DuPont (LRS)

    I wanted to start by saying I am super humbled to be invited to speak at the club event! I did a presentation at an event in Utah a few months ago and it was very well received. I typically start off with a brief intro and backstory of how I went from a hobbyist to launching a business with products sold in about nine countries. (A lot of folks say this part of the presentation was really entertaining and inspiring.) Moving on, we'll touch base about some differences between various foods and how you can make informed purchasing choices. Topics such as safe handling and storage tips for frozen food, interpreting nutritional information, Innovations in foods such as probiotics and pigmentation enhancers will be mentioned as will supplements such as garlic and ginger. Some of the material does reference the various captive breeding projects we have been involved with and how proper nutrition is important for broodstock. I haven't had anyone throw tomatoes yet and nearly everyone gives feedback that they learned a few new things from the presentation. I'm looking forward to the trip and meeting some new friends! Thank you all again for the invite and interest.
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    New to the Hobby 28G Nano

    Nems going on walks. Massive emerald crabs added. Happy fish all around. Some zoas haven’t made it while others have thrived massively. Lost a few heads on the Duncan during the Niger hunt, he ended up in poor lighting but is coming back nicely
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    You should start a thread telling us about it. I’d like to hear!
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    Ok. Thanks for the update. I’m really hoping to be able to get a table. I just recently started my business so this would be a huge opportunity for us.
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    New to the Hobby 28G Nano

    And I have an asterina apparently. I think someone ate it. As I haven’t seen it since. Some other fun shots. Debating getting the clarkii a boyfriend.
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    The last post wins

    Don’t forget about Joe @crimsonvice
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    weekend tank plans?

    Planning on wiring my VDM into my LEDs on the 29 this weekend. If the weather is really crappy and I can’t work outside Sunday I may start clearing a place for the 37 cube.
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    I might just do that! I would love the input on my ideas and to share our progress.
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    Travis's 32 gallon biocube

    I really like the flame tipped algae!
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    Travis's 32 gallon biocube

    After just a few days in my tank it's got the orange tips.
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    Travis's 32 gallon biocube

    Some good shots of the Orange serpent starfish and a few new corals and macro algae
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    Rainbow BTA

    going to pause this and distribute to Forgiven & Shook. If they continue to do well I will distribute again.
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    Labeling them would be awesome because we know most people don’t research first!
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    We have a potters in one of the display tanks at the store, gorgeous fish! My understanding has a 3 prong approach. I know that these angels need sponges and sponges are mainly found in dimly lit areas. Potter's are sensitive to high lighting. Another thing is that when potters are young, they are found is shallower water where the water is around 78 degrees. As they mature, they are found at depths of 150' where the water is much cooler. I think that the long term exposure to higher lighting, higher water temps, and lack of nutrition ultimately kills them. I have heard the same for the bluespotted jawfish as well as many other Hawaiian fish where the water is cooler than the temp we keep our tanks
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    Ai Prime

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    Ai Prime

    Oh now your a thingie I can’t like. I see what’s going on here. Damn redcoats. But yea. Give that shiz a good schedule and hit go
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    Joe’s Rebound Nano

    Tank looks good also! Been neglecting the babies tank glass needs cleaned and a big water change needs done. Need the tanks to look nice before the expo!
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    Joe’s Rebound Nano

    Yup I loved it never gave me an issue. Going to put one back on the babies 10g soon
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    Do Any Toledo Stores Carry LRS?

    I don’t know if they still carry it but coral reef out in Pburg was the only one I knew of
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    Bummer on that note, I was hoping to buy a year's worth.
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    Joe’s Rebound Nano

    Looks good Joe. Hopefully the livestock responds soon!
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    Crimson's Frags - Cincy Sway '19

    Think I could reserve a walt Disney frag for the buckeye swap? lol
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    Crimson's Frags - Cincy Sway '19

    Great batch of stuff! Hope you have similar in March!
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    euphylin me

    Phytoplankton and rotifers

    and this folks......is how you make mt.dew