Beach bum

    By XBoxxyX,
    Well I broke the ice, busted a move, broke the bank but fuck it why not   Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk    

    55 gallon frag tank checklist and concerns?

    By reefing_every_day,
    So, I have been keeping a few reef tanks from time to time and was looking into making enough money to just support the hobby. After a lot of researching and comparing prices I came down to these few things to begin with: RO/DI System rated for 50 gpd Red Sea's Coral Nutrition A and B (just for input on if it's worth the buy for both) Heater Trigger sump ATI 36 Inch 4x39W Dimmable SunPower T5 High-Output Fixture w/ Controller Sicce Syncra Silent 3.5 Multifunction Aquarium Pump (660 GPH) Some of the setup will be diy, such as the overflow and plumping for the most part. The tank would be a 50 gallon Rubbermaid stock tank. For stocking, I was I thinking of primarily LPS with some SPS and a few mushrooms/ricordea. With the rest of the diy, i'm thinking of just making my own reactor, but i'm not sure if I should just buy one. My main concerns would be the return pump and how effective it is and its reliability, whether or not I should have a protein skimmer for a mostly coral only tank (with an exception for a clownfish or two), and if I should include anything else for the setup itself. I'm also thinking of going bare bottom with crushed coral in the sump with a refug. I'm planning on building the stand for the tank with just some 2x4s. Any input on what I should change/add in? This would be my first actual frag tank so i'm open to anything.

    My new tank!

    By hllywd,
    So the 210 is long gone. I'm mostly recovered from my back injury at the end of April ( I hope!) and it's time to get this show in the road. I'm hopeful I can have the tank moved in sometime in the next couple of weeks, but we'll see how that goes. I need to decide what kind of countertop I'm going to use, leaning toward casting my own concrete in place. I got the tile on the floor patched in, and did the wall today and will grout it in the morning, next up: cabinets along the wall! I wanted the 3D wavy wall panels I've seen different places, found the tile in Florida reasonable and had it shipped, I think it's looking pretty good!

    Anyone ever buy any larger chunk carbon?

    By Muttley000,
    When I gave my skimmer a good cleaning the other day I took apart the skimmer collector and it had large carbon I assume to help keep the smell in the collector.  I am wanting to replace that and to use the same thing on a filter I am DIYing for my skimmer to get outside air too.  So can any of you clue me in on what to buy?

    Crimson's 120 wet dream

    By crimsonvice,
    It's been a long time coming, and can't beat the $100 price tag for this beauty.  Day one: Remove one overflow and old bulk heads from tank. The previous owner had glued all the pvc fittings in, so I used a sawzaw to cut through to drop out the bulk heads.    I have never removed an overflow from a tank before. From reading online it sounded like I was going to be spending the afternoon with a crowbar and a Dremel hacking this thing to pieces. I started with my multipurpose painting tool... ...and 15 minutes later...   I started at the top and worked my way down the sides. The old silicone was easy to remove. With some pressure on the knife, I was able to scrape off the old silicone practically in one continuous stroke. I repeated the process on the bottom section. When I had scrapped and sides, I applied a little pressure to one of the top corners of the overflow and it gave way. I spent the next few minutes scrapping the remaining silicone off the glass to get it as clean as possible. Next step, order bulk heads and 6x6" 1/4" glass to cover holes from the old overflow.

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