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    request for pictures

    By APrince62,
    I am almost ready to order my lights....I am looking at variations of the "black boxes" . I was gonna get the pones that fit across the top pf the tank but then I remembered I have the protein skimmer on one side so I cant  do that. My hubby can mount  but will need to see pictures of what I want him to do. If any of you have pictures of how you mounted your lights will you please share with me in order to have something to show him Thanks


    By Travis8896,
    So I made the foolish mistake of thinking I could add a small blue hippo tang to my tank without a Quarantine tank. Now him and my green banded goby are showing signs of ick. I'm at a loss for what to do, I do not have room for a quarantine tank. Both fish are eating great, I'm supplementing the food with garlic, but I'm not sure what else can be done. I also have vitality coming for the fish.

    What sump should I get?

    By maile1007,
    Hi! I’m looking into getting a new sump for my 210 gallon tank. As of right now I have a 75 gallon tank made into a sump but it’s kinda falling apart now. It’s in the garage but I would like to move it into my house. If you have suggestions on a sump brand and new plumbing that would be super helpful! 

    octo classic 100 set up?

    By APrince62,
    Im sorry to be a pain today but I never realized you had to be a rocket scientist in order to set up an aquarium....what is it with no one including step by step directions anymore??? I think I have this set up properly ….does anyone see anything obviously wrong with it?  I am hanging it on side rather than back because it will be easier for me to get  to on the side. not sure how to run cord out of tank yet  

    2 quick questions

    By APrince62,
    Was told to rinse rocks before use.....salt water rinse or freshwater rinse? Also ….when making salt water  should water be at certain temp BEFORE adding salt.....my waters pretty cold coming out of RO/DI tank....58  degrees......I have heater in now  ...should I wait to add salt?

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