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    Full Tank Shot Friday (FTS) 03/22/2019

    By Jesse,

    Need some second opinions

    By Pjkli,
    So I noticed my cycle Molly has a pretty ragged looking head and face. Honestly it looks like dead skin coming loose but I'm not sure. Fish is eating fine, moving about quite a bit. Not breathing heavily or clamping fins. I did notice it was doing some barrel rolls earlier, however it looked like it was going after the tentacle from my galaxea. Don't know if maybe it got a shock. Hasn't done it since. I was planning on getting my first pair of clowns this weekend, but I don't want to do that i

    Frag tank

    By Sevitz5,
    I wanted to build an economical tank. It will be housed in the closet with the sump. I sourced a container at US Plastic for $8 (it was a second). I also bought 3 bulkheads there as well. I cut the container down to 12” tall, installed the bulkheads and cut down some egg crate I had. I will plumb it off my return manifold of my display. I think it turned out good for about $25 total

    Dry aquarium time?

    By Fishoutofwater,
    What’s the longest anyone has had an aquarium without water in it that they had used previously?  I’ve checked out my 75 and it looks good gonna water test when get a chance. But I have 4 more tanks that are at my moms that have been dry for 10 years. What’s everyone’s take on the viability of them?  

    Jumping back in the water.

    By Fishoutofwater,
    Well I dug out the old beast from under a stack of things. Gonna have to do a fill test to make sure she’s still sea worthy. If not I’m gonna have to shop around for something. I have a lot of space to use I’ve included the only picture I have of the room empty, I was still rebuilding at the time. The max footprint I can encompass is 6’x16’ and the ceiling is just under 8’. The total room size is around 13’x21 in that area but I’m not going to move the tv I have mounted on the one wall and would

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