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    Up Grade!

    By chiefs11,
    So I decided to upgrade my lights. I have 3 Chinese black boxes and  my Coral do pretty good for $100 lights. But I know there's more potential with better lights. I could not justify spending $2,000 on radions. Not with frag swap season in full effect. So decided to give reef breeders a try ,these lights are not cheap but  comes with everything. 2 year warranty, comes with wireless remote, and sun rise to Sunset option, Hanging bracket's, And the best part It's Made in America. Either way it's a step up from these black boxes and couldn't have come at a better time .With the grow out challenge and frag season in full effect.  I will have a full review after about a month or two. I am excited to see how these do. They came packaged very well and look like quality built.  These r Photon 32-V2.  I got 2 to cover my 6'tank and what was recommended. 

    FTS Friday 2018-02-23

    By Muttley000,
    Let’s see those tanks!   My 30 this week where I am planning on putting a lot of the zoas I’m  getting at the expo!

    IceCap Digital Pocket Tester measures salinity and temperature

    By Muttley000,
    IceCap Digital Pocket Tester measures salinity and temperature     The IceCap Digital Pocket Tester is one of the newer pocket testers that use electric conductivity to more accurately measure the specific gravity and salinity of aquarium water for under $100. As we mentioned earlier, the new wave of devices that measure salility with electrical currrent are more accurate than digital refractometers. Just dip the pen in the water and within seconds, the salinity and temperature are measured and displayed the pen’s backlit LCD screen. The pen also features automatic temperature compensation. While there isn’t much information on this pen, looking at the specifications, we see it notes the range of specific gravity (1.000 ~ 1.041), PPT range (0-50), and PSU (practical salinity unit) range (0-60) and temperature from 32-176°F. This pen should allow you to toggle between SG and PPT and potentially even PSU to give you an even more accurate  reading (and maybe for the average reefer, more convoluted reading). The IceCap pen retails for $79.99 and is available now.  https://reefbuilders.com/2018/02/22/icecap-digital-pocket-tester-measures-salinity-and-temperature/  

    Brightwell Aquatics Reef Blizzard Aquarium Foods

    By Muttley000,
    Brightwell Aquatics Reef Blizzard Aquarium Foods   1SHARES 1 Reef Blizzard Reef Blizzard is a dry blended food for feeding everything in your tank. There are four packages based on particle size for, small polyp corals, large polyp corals, planktivorous fish, invertebrates, clams, sponges, bivalves, and octocorals.  Corals are photosynthetic animals but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to eat! Feeding your corals once or twice a week is a great way to keep corals happy and healthy.        Depending on the maturity of your tank, you can also choose to dose small amounts of food each day. The key is to not overfeed and check your parameters following feedings. For newer tanks and nano tanks feed less. There are different methods people use to feed corals. Some people like to mix a few dry and wet ingredients together and pour straight into the tank. We found this quick video from NanoBox reef mixing up some Reef Blizzard food with Reef Snow, MicroBac, and Coral Aminos. In less than two minutes the coral concoction is mixed and dosed to the thriving reef tank.       NanoBox daily feeding regime BrightWell ReefSnow – Half Cap BrightWell Reef Blizzard – S – One spoon BrightWell Reef Blizzard – L – One spoon Brightwell MicroBac 7 – Half Cap Brightwell – Coral Amino – Full Dropper   Tela Aquarium We also sent a box of Reef Blizzard to our friends at the Tela Marine Research Center. Tela uses target feeding as a way to avoid fish picking at the coral tissue. The corals which get feed the most are the LPS corals especially the big juicy Mussa angulosa coral, something we rarely see kept in aquariums. They have built a DIY funnel that covers the entire coral colony and feed once or twice a week. They mix four spoons of Reef Blizzard L into some saltwater and pour the mix down the top of the funnel. The food falls like snow on to the coral which begins secreting a mucus to trap the food particles and shuttle it towards the mouth. If you’re new to coral feeding just remember not to overdo it! After that you can decide to target feed or broadcast the food around the tank. Look for Reef Blizzard foods wherever Brightwell products are sold.     Reef Blizzard – S For feeding Small and Medium-Polyp Stony Corals Reef Blizzard – L For feeding Large-Polyp Stony Corals, Planktivorous Fishes, and Motile Marine Invertebrates Reef Blizzard – O For feeding Soft Corals, Bivalves, Sponges, Tunicates, Crinoids, and Polychaete Worms Reef Blizzard – A Planktonic blend for feeding Anemones and Planktivorous Fishes. https://reefbuilders.com/2018/02/22/brightwell-aquatics-reef-blizzard-aquarium-foods/

    Local fish stores

    By Landon,
    Have went to several stores in the area over the last few years and decided to take a few notes to give others options and opinion on visit so they know what to expect prior to making long drive pet connection - 29551 five mile road Livonia Michigan 48154 - 10am-8pm - probably the best overal store in my opinion in relation to having anything you need from fish coral and equipment. coral from small frags to larger colonies. Have tons of new equipment from varying pumps to apex and several different sized/brands tanks. Would give 5 stars.  Tropicorium inc - 20080 inkster road Romulus Michigan 48174 - great fish selection, have almost every strain and color of clownfish that is available on the market. Was very cool to see their different breeding pairs. Would give 5 stars. house of pets - 29500 ford road garden city Michigan 48174 - had one nice display tank but coral and livestock selection was pretty poor. Livestock that was available were in rough shape. If your into reptiles they have lots of different species but I am not so this store didn’t excite me. Would give 1 star. Fantastic fins - 38131 Ann Arbor road Livonia Michigan 48150 - no longer has saltwater but has great selection of freshwater livestock and equipment. Bought a few pleco caves and sponge filters during my visit. Had several different strains of discus and also had a few adult wilds. 1 star since this is a saltwater forum but 5 stars if in the freshwater market. fish doctors yipsilanti - 2703 washtenaw ave Ypsilanti Michigan 48198 - nice selection of freshwater and saltwater livestock. Have a large amount of dry goods. Some corals but not a huge variety. Would give 3.5 stars since the coral selection was slim. Have also been to the fish doctors in canton and would give it same rating since I’m more into the coral. Staff at both stores were knowledgeable. jp success inc - 222 south memorial drive Lancaster Ohio 43130 - newer shop that was still getting on their feet but had great selection of sps when I had visited. Worked on rearing some of their own clownfish. Will continue to expand and get more impressive as their building they are in was large. Owner of the store is a retired electrician and very knowledgeable. Would give them 4.5 stars but in the next few years I could see them growing into something similar to pet connection. sea tide aquarium and pet shop Lancaster Ohio - has since went out of business since last visit  changing tide aquatics - have continued to grow and expand every time I visit. Great staff that gives helpful and honest input. Have nice selection of used equipment that many of the other stores do not have. Nice selection of coral and fish would like to see larger colonies. Would give 5 stars. Fishy bizness - 21023 Farmington road Farmington Michigan 48336 - freshwater store but had nice selection of livestock. Was also fairly new and just opening with a year or two when I first visited but owner was knowledgeable. Bought a few breeding cones during the visit.  haven't made it to lazy’s frag house yet but pictures look awesome and it’s on my list to try and get down there over the summer. 

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