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    SilentNight1793 garage tank builds

    By SilentNight1793,
    So for those who don't know, I suffer from Multiple tank syndrome.....Currently I have the following tanks up and running: 13.5 Fluval evo (few small nems and zoas), 20g nuvo with a fuzzy dwarf and a mean lightning maroon clownfish, 7g nano reef, 16g biocube, 30g frag/growout tank, 40g c-vue (cycling), 60g FOWLR cube, 90g mixed reef cube, and a 120g oceanic that just had its first few sps frags added. I am in the process of remodeling the garage to my additional fish room that will house a 150g racetrack style tank, 75g rimless frag tank, a 300g peninsula style tank and the newest addition a 380g deep dimension tank. I will work on getting some pictures and updates posted as things get completed over the next several months.

    UV Sterilizer

    By Flounder,
    Looking into a UV Sterilizer and hear it provides the most value in a new tank when stocking. I have looked into some DIY plans. Who is using and what product? Any DIY recommendations?

    Rainford’s Goby

    By Muttley000,
    Always wanted to try one of these little guys. So while my kid was reading to Dustin Labo Saturday for the right to read/get a free Betta fish program that Buckeye Reef was so cool to sponsor (thanks @Jesse!) I noticed they had a little one and picked it up. I put him in my 40b and he seems to have claimed a piece of branch rock with a green mushroom as home. 

    Fingered goby

    By Harleybronco,
    Bought one of these the other day fingered goby, very cool fish

    Stocking question

    By Flounder,
    Curious about how long to wait on stocking and recommendation on next fish. Currently have a pair of clowns (2 weeks in tank), Diamond Watchman Goby (4 weeks in tank), and 3 Chromis (5 weeks in tank). I have no measurable Nitrates (sure there are some), 0 Nitrites, and 0 Ammonia. I was thinking of waiting longer for another fish, but have not seen any measurable Nitrates in my 150g DT with sump. Any recommendation on next fish and when. Potentially thinking of a Foxface, Firefish or something recommended here.

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