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  1. Link to PDF is here. http://www.buckeyereef.com/forums/index.php?/topic/137-buckeye-reef-flyer/&do=findComment&comment=468
  2. Can we get this going again? Print the attached flyer and hang it in your local fish store, or anywhere they allow flyers to be hung. I know lots of grocery stores, and restaurants have cork board to hang this type stuff.
  3. Lost the Dijardini after five days. Will do another one for sure in the future.
  4. You guys are slacking.
  5. Old and grumpy!
  6. The local coral hoarder used to be @Dmartinsnyder83. I'm not sure who you would hit up as of right now.
  7. unfortunately I found it face down in the sand on the 5th day. I will be trying another one for sure though.
  8. Glass is a bit dirty.
  9. New additions: 10 Nassarius Small Dijardini Salifin Tang
  10. I missed yesterday.
  11. Welcome!
  12. Serious stuff.