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  1. Would I be able to get away from using any powerheads using one icecap in a 90 gallon?
  2. I think I like your solid board, but inch left at the top idea.
  3. The back of my 90 gallon stand is wide open and I'd like to close it. How much would you worry about moisture, or if at all? I thought about using Pegboard as pictured below. This would allow moisture to escape and still give me the ability to mount apex items to it. Thoughts?
  4. THanks. 90lbs of Pukani have been cooking for over a month now so hopefully the cycle goes quickly.
  5. Tank is moved into place in the room, and sump is cleaned and put into place. Hope to get it wet this week. Ignore the doors beside the tank as they will be replaced soon.
  6. I'm looking at this powerhead to run in the 90 I'm setting up. Who is currently running or have you ran one of these powerheads? How long have you had it running? Do you like it? Would you suggest it? Is it compatible with the Apex? http://www.coralvue.com/icecap-3k-gyre-generating-flow-pump
  7. Welcome to Buckeye Reef @MarineDepot. We are super excited to have you here.
  8. Please check your spam box as it is probably going there. Let me know if it you still can't find it.
  9. hey @chiefs11 check your email. I resent your renewal.
  10. This project is slowly getting there between full time work (Started a new job), full time school, fire department, and 2018 Buckeye Reef Expo.
  11. Welcome to Buckeye Reef @Runwithem513!
  12. It's been a long time in the making but this is finally happening. Hopefully this 90 will be cycled and ready to go by the 2018 Buckeye Reef Expo. 90lbs of Pukani soaking. Finally getting this room finished so the tank can be moved into place. Walls are basically finished with paint, and next will be putting hardwood floor down. The gray walls will be finished with white trim, and dark wood floor which should bring it all together.
  13. looking good.
  14. We are now excepting donations for the raffle. This years raffle proceeds at the 2018 Expo (March 18, 2018) will be 100% donated to non-profit Mote Marine Aquarium and Laboratory. Total raised in 2017: $2,226 http://www.buckeyereef.com/forums/index.php?/topic/9049-2018-buckeye-reef-expo-raffle/