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  1. My 72 bowfront is going to slowly transfer to this brand new 90 gallon drilled Marineland. Tank 80lbs of Fiji Pink sand 30lbs of dry Pukani Pukani has been soaking for a few weeks.
  2. Jesse

    The last post in this thread wins.
  3. Here is how you play. Post 1: Salty Aquarium Post 2: Breaking Aquarium Post 3: Breaking Bad
  4. I just picked up Clint Blacks new album "On Purpose." What are you currently listening to?
  5. What is your favorite fish that you currently have or want. What makes this your favorite?
  6. Jesse

    Looking for a Neptune WAV.
  7. What test kits are you using? I need new test kits and want to know what to buy. Nitrate, Phosphate, PH? Alkalinity, Calcium, Magnesium? Temperature, and Salinity? - What do you use? - What do you prefer? - What works? Doesn't work? - Why? Discuss...
  8. Jesse

    Unfortunately I already bought a set or would be all over it.
  9. Jesse

    Night killer
  10. Jesse

    I’ve had a coral beauty in every tank I’ve had. Keep them well fed and they won’t bother any coral.
  11. Wanted to make sure and pass this on. Air Water & Ice has always been a bit supporter of Buckeye Reef and I'd like to see us pass that back on to them. If you use code 23253 you will get 10% off everything at Air Water & Ice. This is for Buckeye Reef members only! Use Buckeye reef club code: 23253 https://airwaterice.com
  12. Jesse

    What anemone should I get for the 90? Show me pics and names.
  13. Jesse

    What kind of clams are you keeping? Lets see a picture of them.
  14. Jesse

    Looking good.
  15. Jesse

    Four week reboot
  16. The Buckeye Reef Coral Expo & Swap will be on March 17, 2019. Buckeye Reef Expo is the fastest growing event in Ohio and now in its 4th year. The event is hosted by Buckeye Reef Club at the beautiful French Quarters in Perrysburg, OH. Preparations are in process to lineup speakers, vendors, raffle items, swag bags, ect. In just the second year last years event saw 500+ hobbyists, and 30 vendors from across the country. If you are a reef hobbyists in the midwest you don't want to miss this event! When? March 17, 2019 Where? Holiday Inn French Quarters 10630 Fremont Pike Perrysburg, OH 43551 Admission is $5 per person (kids 12 and under are free) The tentative schedule for the 2018 Buckeye Reef Coral Expo & Swap is as follows: 10:00: Admission for morning speaker session 10:30-11:30: Speaker Session with Larry Dupont 11:30-12:00: Early expo hall admission for morning speaker attendees 12:00: Doors open to expo hall for general admission 4:30: Event Over Contact: info@buckeyereef.com to reserve your table today.
  17. Jesse

    Tractor Pull
  18. Jesse

    I had a pulled pork Reuben today at a BBQ place in Kalida, OH. It was one of the best things ever.
  19. Jesse

    This one?
  20. Jesse

    I don't think none of us want to see that.
  21. Jesse

    Diesel Tractor
  22. Jesse

    Eagles - Life In the Fast Lane