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  1. Jr000

    Yea, just your typical 75. 48x18 or whatever.
  2. Jr000

    Size of what? And yes, skimmer does not go with tank either.
  3. Jr000

    I'm undecided if I'm going to the expo, but I can hold out if need be.
  4. Jr000

    Bump, make offer. Need gone
  5. Jr000

    Shoot me what you have to offer, as far as equipment goes I'd be interested in a black box led light for the future.
  6. Jr000

    Open to trades in coral that will fit in my 3 gallon and equipment trades....
  7. Jr000

  8. Jr000

    Need stuff gone, make offers. Will make trades for stuff that will fit in my 3 gallon picotope.
  9. Jr000

    Any loose corals I am giving to my dad, anything that is attached to rock will only be sold with all live rock. Live rock is $150 obo for all, must take all.
  10. I've had this tank set up for the past 6 years and have slowly grown away from it and have 0 time for it. Selling for $300 obo completely set up and running. Probably 75 lbs of live rock with coral on most of it 20 gallon sump underneath 48" led Currently has large lionfish and puffer fish I honestly just want it out of my way make me a reasonable offer or trade offer Pic is recent Contact me at 4199579106 for the fastest response and I am located in Findlay, OH
  11. Jr000

    Still have these?
  12. Jr000

    Interested in beta, possibly available next Friday?
  13. Jr000

    Yessir, I'll take it
  14. Jr000

    Shoot me a pm on a price please