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  1. i sent half to show you i am serious, i will get to the store first thing in the morn to add more money, i do apooligize for the delay
  2. just checking if you still want the dosers and leds?

  3. Ill take it but ill have to add money to my paypal should be later tonight
  4. 50 bucks shipped for the 2 dosers and led stuff?
  5. i may be interested in one, can get with you in the morn
  6. wish id have saw this a week ago just bought a bashsea pm2
  7. You have 2 eb8's ? One is still avial? Price if im correct on this
  8. i thought my 120 was gonna be too thick for it but works fine, i think mines 3/8
  9. got an mp40 and mp10 both quiet drives not real sure i want to part with em tho but may consider the mp10
  10. i do still have it but i think im going to hold on to it for now, i need to close this
  11. I wish i could
  12. What ya have left?
  13. got the remainding 30.00 to you, i apooligize for the delay, incase it didnt show up my info - Joshua Clark 786 Bennett St. Marion,Oh-43302
  14. ive got a jr too trying to eventually get to full version capabilities