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  1. Paranoidmofo

    How much for the orange and green thing on right side in pick above this post
  2. Paranoidmofo

    What all i need to use that apex wave maker? I have an apex jr
  3. Paranoidmofo

    I plan on moving my tank to a new stand and want to hard plumb my sump with colored pvc if anyone has any leftover 1" and 3/4" grey pvc fittings i could use em bulkheads also, I have a trigger ruby sump that's custom made, is like a ruby 30 only its 40" has a larger skimmer section id trade it for a smaller sump and some cash even a nicer 40b homeade sump, dont think my sump is going to fit in the new stand
  4. Paranoidmofo

    Pics of stand and canopy? How much?
  5. Paranoidmofo

    Price and location?
  6. Paranoidmofo

    Still have any
  7. Paranoidmofo

    Sorry its sold
  8. Paranoidmofo

    Ive got an mp40qd im not using id like to get rid of 200.00 plus shipping, located in marion
  9. Paranoidmofo

  10. Paranoidmofo

    No, id ship tho
  11. Paranoidmofo

    Not really
  12. Paranoidmofo

  13. Paranoidmofo

    35 ea new in boxes
  14. Paranoidmofo

    Still have