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  1. Paranoidmofo

    No, id ship tho
  2. Paranoidmofo

    Not really
  3. Paranoidmofo

  4. Paranoidmofo

    35 ea new in boxes
  5. Paranoidmofo

    Still have
  6. Damn those are freekin awesome
  7. Paranoidmofo

    I was digging around in the basement and found 2 danner mag drive 5's i forgot about , will sell or trade for coral located in marion
  8. Ive got a 1/2 hp chiller txt 740 361 1331 for details
  9. Paranoidmofo

    Kessils are gone still have the controller for 75.00 obo and mp40qd
  10. Paranoidmofo

    Mp10 is sold
  11. Would anyone be interested in a pair of kessils and controller bought new Oct 26th 2017, just checkin the water located in marion looking for 550.00 obo also have a mp40qd (200)and mp10qd (100) 750.00 package deal
  12. Paranoidmofo

    Marion Ohio 43302
  13. I've got a 120g deep blue reef ready tank was new 2 years ago very minimal scratches, 2x4 stand, ecotech mp40qd,mp10qd, orphek led lights x2, custom trigger sump ruby 36 only with larger skimmer section, euro reef skimmer for 125g, 1/2hp chiller ro/di salifert and red sea test kits, fish are yellow tang, hippo tang,2 black clowns , coral beauty angel,green mandarin , few corals cornbread blastos kits of mushrooms space invader pactinia, 2 welsos 2 Lobos, grafted Monti, hammers torch frogspawns lots of other stuff, 30g acrylic frag tank 150# rock covered in coraline , caribsea black sand, I'm not at the house so I'm sure there's stuff I'm forgetting may trade for decent truck , walk planks break, or other home improvement related items, I can get more pics upon request
  14. Paranoidmofo

    Trade for mp10qd?
  15. Paranoidmofo