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  1. Paranoidmofo

  2. Paranoidmofo

    I've got a fairly new mp40 thinking of selling 200.00
  3. Paranoidmofo

    Trips over but thanks
  4. Paranoidmofo

    I'll be in the toledo/perrysburg area Sunday was planning on going to changing tide and the coral reef store, any suggestions other than those places, maybe a local coral hoarder??
  5. Id Iike to come see this but I'll be in toledo tomorrow and doubt I'll have time till next weekend, anyone got dibs yet?
  6. I do believe I seen the part you need to fix it for like 20 bucks as much as ad like to have it for myself I'd hate to see you sell it when you can fix it fairly cheap
  7. I'd urge you to fix this but I'd be interested in this have cash in hand but if so decide to part with it plz send pics of the broken part to my phone 740 361 1331
  8. Paranoidmofo

    Text me at 740 361 1331 interested in this
  9. Paranoidmofo

    Where you located?
  10. Paranoidmofo

    Where can I get one of those reeftech sump kits at?
  11. Paranoidmofo

    Wont be needing the pump, I got my reeflo to work for me, sorry I meant to send this a few days ago
  12. Paranoidmofo

    Also interested in pump
  13. Paranoidmofo

    I think I got it figured out, my sump line was under 5-6 inches of water and was causing back pressure i took it off and things stabilize, but it sounds like Niagara Falls
  14. Paranoidmofo

    Pump is external, and no constant depth , skimmer is working but I think would work better if wasn't getting the rise fall action
  15. Paranoidmofo

    What would cause a Beckett skimmers water volume to rise and fall repeatedly?