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  1. DonDon1

    I have one frag of both available.
  2. DonDon1

    Reviving this, I have frags available again, and tank has recovered from the move. A few things aren't available, but a few to add Toxic Avenger Psammocora 1" $15 Rasta 4 polyp $20, or 5 polyp $25 Sunny D's 3 polyp $20
  3. DonDon1

    Hi, really sorry for late reply. Atm I'm not available for a few weeks to deal with coral exchange. We just moved 4 weeks ago, so I'm busy with getting countless projects done at new house, the tank was one day project it self to move and I'm still sorting threw things. Thanks Don
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    PM sent
  7. DonDon1

    I'm in the Pointplace area
  8. DonDon1

    Red people eaters zoas, 4 polyps $10 Magicians zoas, 4 polyps $15 Pink zippers zoas, 10 polyps $10 Pink Playboy bunny zoas, 4 polyps $15 ORA Pearlberry Acro, 1" $15 Tyree Pink lemonade Acro, 1" $15 Miami Hurricane chalice, 1" $20 Nebula People Eaters, 2 polyps $10 Montipora orange setosa, 1" $10 Mini Colony of Green Birdnest, $10 [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  9. DonDon1

    I'll take the trumpet, please. But I can't pick up till the weekend of 29th. Ill be in Cleveland that whole weekend so let me know your availability.
  10. DonDon1

    Thanks for welcome, can't wait to get this tank some frags in this tank.
  11. DonDon1

    Thanks, thats a whole lot of tank. I once had a crazy idea to go from a 90 to a 150, some how I came to my senses and went to a 40 instead. I like the space of the big tanks, just not the higher demand for maintenance.
  12. DonDon1

    How much for slimer, and pearlberry? Pics of frags?
  13. DonDon1