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  1. Mussin

    Just set up a "frag" tank that you might like. 36g deep blue rimless, with sump.
  2. Cant get rid of algae on my sand bed, it's only on the bed though. Also majority of my live rock have colonial hydroids on them..
  3. Stare at it in disgust.....
  4. Mussin

    Looking for quite a bit..
  5. Mussin

    I'm looking for a fair ammount of dry rock . Anyone have any?
  6. Mussin

    Anyone on here use turbotax? Thinking of buying it this year. How easy is it??
  7. Mussin

    Looking for a 4' T5 light fixture for my 120. I have a 4' reefbreeder led fixture I might trade.. let me know what you have. Thanks
  8. Mussin

    Any luck on the hydroids? I'm about ready to tear my tank down and cook all the rock...
  9. Mussin

    Has the Kalk paste been killing the hydroids?
  10. Mussin

    Still for sale?
  11. Mussin

    PM sent....
  12. Mussin

    I had a Tek 48" fixture for years, awesome light. Wish I still had it
  13. Mussin

    Copper band butterfly