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  1. Mussin

    Yea these are a pita
  2. Mussin

    How about Lima? I'm interested in one..
  3. Still have lots of sinularia for cheap.. free mushrooms If you want some.. hit me up.
  4. Mussin

    I'm in Lima and have a 120 and a frag tank I could home them for u. Let me know.. Jeremy
  5. Mussin

    Trade u for some sinularia?
  6. Have an abundance of sinularia and mushrooms. Looking to trade for lps or zoas.. I have a nice big rock with sinularia, green shrooms, and big rhodactis mushroom. Let me know what you have.. Jeremy
  7. Mussin

    Drag racing my mustang..
  8. Mussin

  9. Mussin

    Pic of tank
  10. Mussin

    I run a SWC 180. Love it
  11. Mussin

    Fruit loops are sweet as well
  12. Mussin

    Next time your in lima I have 3 variations of shrooms I'll give you..
  13. Mussin

    Pm sent