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  1. briney dave

    If you are sure you have the B word there is just one cure: its not nutrient control though because the algae has the uncanny ability to compost under itself. Kent brand Magnesium. use a salifert test kit and slowly dose the Kent brand Mg to 1500 or a little better. This will cause the algae to lose control of its photosynthetic process and ultimately kill it. Know that the spores will remain viable for an extended period of time so I would strongly urge you to continue with the kent treatments for a few months after you have eradicated the pest. No cleaning crew or water change will win this war. Hair algae is much different and is very well controlled with a clean up crew and proper water parameters but not this genus.
  2. briney dave

    no doubt an urchin
  3. briney dave

    I have trouble with that from time to time and that is why I have found the need to stay on top of testing everything. (I used to not do that very often) Usually things straight themselves out with water changes.
  4. briney dave

    we run reef octopus on the small tanks They are little beasts
  5. briney dave

    I love the calculator at Bulk Reef, I don't have a dosing pump we just measure out and pour into the sump about the same time every day. We have a really tough time keeping up some times as the demands are not as constant as one might guess, Invest in the bulk reef mixing kit as its great, invest in good test kits such as salifert, and test often
  6. briney dave

    I aim to turn the water over with the internals at a rate of 30 times an hour or so. I like a lot of water movement but am a stony keeper. Soft corals like more flow than most folks would guess but not that much flow.
  7. briney dave

    Larry, that is great news, I have never seen or tried that product but will be sure to grab some up the next time I visit Salty Critter (they stock Larry's line of feeds!) For those of you that do not know: Larry and his wife donated a box of their foods to my students. Very good line-up of products and we have had great results. We try to keep a package of "emergency foods" that we know will work when everything else fails. As that package gets closer to expiring we just add it into our regular foods to not waste it and as a treat for the boys and lots of inverts too.
  8. briney dave

    tagging along to watch the build: when I retire, I planned to set up a 90'ish cube just to stay in the hobby end of reef ecology. Good luck with the build
  9. briney dave

    I have read a great deal of positive commentary on those lights: someone will be getting a good unit !
  10. briney dave

    We use the one from Bulk reef: I used to get nearly 100 psi but now it will only do about 90ish. Still plenty for what I need. For reference we are using seven stages at 100g/day
  11. briney dave

    rods eggs are my go to with guys who are hesitating to eat. Loads of nutrients and the eggs really stimulate feeding. adding a little squirt of selcon if you can get them to eat and garlic are great add ons here
  12. briney dave

    I am thinking I might spend the night with the Mrs. if she is interested. The drive isn't any farther but it would be fun for us to get away
  13. briney dave

    Thank you to West Mariculture for donating some super frag plugs for us to use in the lab. Much appreciated sir
  14. briney dave

    On behalf of my students and I, I would like to say a big thank you to the team at Buckeye Reef for inviting us to the expo and setting us up with a great booth. To everyone who stopped by to watch a quick frag demo and share encouraging words, and maybe pick up a frag or two from us; we want to say thank you very much. It was great making new friends with so many people and especially seeing some old friends from the old TRAC. I miss you guys
  15. briney dave

    The Bellevue Marine Club wants to say another big thank you to MT reefs for donating some frags to our program. Much appreciated !!