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    BTW - I wasn't on the boat the day the snorkeling video was shot, but that's the boat I dive from when we're in Florida.

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  1. Glad you like it! There’s lots of activity now!
  2. The quality is definitely there! Heavy and well finished. I think it’s going to quiet a lot of my noise and allow me to increase my flow some. Now to order some blue PVC!
  3. This wasn’t in the cards, but I kind of wanted a more polished look. Tried, but I couldn’t pass it up!
  4. Doesn’t sound quiet in the video, but believe me, with the lid on it’s nice! Pumps have a low hum, no slurping noise from the skimmer air intake either.
  5. Some neat stuff in the works. Spent the rest of my swap money early... I’ve had vinegar circulating through my new sump and skimmer most of the day. Finishing up with bleach to make it sparkle! it has two Jebao DCT 12000s, one for the skimmer, one for the return. Make my Eheim 1262 seem puny even on a low setting! Very smooth, very quiet.
  6. Hogs!
  7. I'll open this up for a while. https://video.nest.com/live/yxvlpXy5WZ
  8. Just a quick video of my new inhabitants! Went from not much activity to a real riot! Shot my whole swap wad!!! Well maybe not the whole thing...
  9. Pretty happy with my snowflakes from Mantis. He brought a couple nice ones to the swap last year, pretty reasonable. I lost one somehow when I moved a bunch of big rock pieces into my new tank. I picked up a replacement directly in Westerville. Worth the trip to see his centerpiece 400 inside his front door!
  10. I normally use it with a stir plate for making yeast starters when I brew. It works equally well mixing chemicals for the aquarium you might have to shake for a while to dissolve. They come in various sizes and they’re not terribly expensive. I have 1L and 2L. Pretty useful. Erlenmeyer flask if anyone looks for them.
  11. Needs some wire and power management since my Apex is further away than most of the power cords. The $35 Jinvoo smart power strip is a really nice addition. Just set the doser up so my Triton chems are automated. Interesting info I found for the Jebao DP4. Looking on Amazon the reviews aren’t so hot. Seems a lot of them arrive with non-working pumps. Only the number 2 pump worked for me... initially. I found a YouTube on how to fix them though. Interestingly, 3 of mine were put together backwards. Apparently that’s the common problem with this doser (aside from the translated instructions). Removed, corrected, and replaced the pump heads and all is well!
  12. PMed
  13. Best one I ever had was a Oregon blue tort I got a tiny piece of for a few bucks. Traded, sold, and even gave some of that away, then killed my own. I need to find some pieces like that I can grow out now I have a better system.
  14. Nice! I need to find some fancy sticks I can afford!