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    The aquarium of course, homebrewing, diving, etc...

    BTW - I wasn't on the boat the day the snorkeling video was shot, but that's the boat I dive from when we're in Florida.

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  1. hllywd

    We had a spotted hawk for a long time that had a lot of character, good choice too IMO. I’d like to have one or the other again.
  2. hllywd

    I started blasting mine under one of the Radions, maybe 10” or so and they responded well.
  3. hllywd

    They like lots of bright light. Try moving them higher. Mine were stretched out like that when I had them low.
  4. hllywd

    I’m not sure how to share that...?
  5. hllywd

    Without pulling them out, I have about a dozen polyps now.
  6. hllywd

    Again.... worst pics ever. Moved them up to about 16” under my Radions and they popped. Really nice pink and gold and I went from 3 distended ugly looking polyps to about 11 if I count right.
  7. hllywd

    I’ll have some to get rid of in Findlay the middle of next week.
  8. hllywd

    Best I can do for a while. These are hanging in our hotel room. Seriously I moved mine high in the tank directly under a Radion and they’re doing better. Pretty sure I’m at three, but they’re open and not all stretched out funky looking.
  9. hllywd

    They’re coming along. Still can’t take a picture of them to save my rear!
  10. hllywd

    Sent you a PM a few days ago...
  11. hllywd

    They were worse in the smaller holding tank. I’d say model citizens in here with the rest of the fish. I was worried adding them in, no problems at all.
  12. hllywd

    Well I didn’t get to the top today. But, there’s this...
  13. hllywd

    I had a coral beauty that came up missing one time. Found him head down, tail sticking up out of an overflow all dried out. Thought for sure he was dead. Grabbed the dried up tail and he flipped out of my grip, into the tank and hid. The whole tail disintegrated, then grew back with the brightest colors I ever saw in a CB. Weird things happen!
  14. hllywd

    I haven’t had a spare moment to get out for the egg crate. I think Friday is the day... if anyone is interested, my mesh says it’s 7’ x 7’, more than twice enough for my tank!