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    BTW - I wasn't on the boat the day the snorkeling video was shot, but that's the boat I dive from when we're in Florida.

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  1. They were worse in the smaller holding tank. I’d say model citizens in here with the rest of the fish. I was worried adding them in, no problems at all.
  2. Well I didn’t get to the top today. But, there’s this...
  3. I had a coral beauty that came up missing one time. Found him head down, tail sticking up out of an overflow all dried out. Thought for sure he was dead. Grabbed the dried up tail and he flipped out of my grip, into the tank and hid. The whole tail disintegrated, then grew back with the brightest colors I ever saw in a CB. Weird things happen!
  4. I haven’t had a spare moment to get out for the egg crate. I think Friday is the day... if anyone is interested, my mesh says it’s 7’ x 7’, more than twice enough for my tank!
  5. I think he was well beyond that unfortunately. My mesh came today, now I need some time to get it put together!
  6. Will be if he decides he likes those!
  7. I would suggest not even allowing the thought to cross your little fish brain...
  8. It became a priority, I’ll post a update when I get the mesh!
  9. Problem with the mesh for me is the Ecotech RMS. Not sure how to fit the frame around the uprights. My idea is to use egg crate for a fairly rigid frame, 4 or 5 squares wide, then stretch and zip tie the mesh to it. The egg crate won’t really be open.
  10. I think I’m going to try some plain, white eggcrate. Maybe cut out the center and get some of the BRS mesh to help with light transmission. Cheaper than a couple of these...
  11. Jumper I need to figure out a top...
  12. Two on the left. Screen shot out of a video may be better. They don’t look as good as they did...
  13. Terrible pic. Not sure why, I just can’t get a good one of these...
  14. The Oregon blue tort May be my favorite!