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    BTW - I wasn't on the boat the day the snorkeling video was shot, but that's the boat I dive from when we're in Florida.

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  1. ~6”, Rivers to Reef’s ichigan weekend.
  2. Lots of re-aquascaping to do that I don’t have time for now...
  3. I think it’s a reflection, the whole black area is not really there...
  4. Probably not, I’m pretty sure there are some smaller brittle stars in the rock, but I doubt anything you’d see unless you had the pic blown up!
  5. Scopas
  6. Not much to look at, but I’ll see what I can do about that maybe tomorrow!
  7. They seem to be enjoying their new surroundings! I’m loving the Starfire glass!!
  8. I misunderstood how you answered a couple posts above...
  9. I took it your tank crashed, no? Yikes, I misunderstood I'd like to come pick some up!
  10. Wow, I was eyeballin’ a package to get started...
  11. I don’t know, this is what I have... I’m out of room.
  12. How long has your tank been wet? I think I’m going to move some fish into mine in the next few days. Still need to transfer some Rock that’s been in the 57 since I set it up... all nice and purple. Then maybe I can start looking at some frags!
  13. Paid $180 a couple weeks ago not realizing we have two other things going on tomorrow. I have them on CL and FB for $120. Hate to see them wasted. Make me an offer if that’s too much. Rain chance during the game looks like about 20%... no promises though! Tix are in Findlay.
  14. Stand pipes will be easy, my old ones were adjustable and I kept them high. Here I Think I can cut and add a coupling to gain some length. The sump ? I may have to glue a new manifold together. It just seems like my flow is way more now with the same pump. I did figure out I switched from 3/4” tube to 1”. Can’t believe with this pump it made that much difference though. May have to get fancy with the drains. On the up side, the Neptune ATO, not even hooked up to my Apex seems really good. TTFN I have to work in the morning