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    Thanks. Glad you like them.
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    The website is updated with 100 new pieces! Frags, Colonies & Mini Colonies. LPS, SPS, Softies & Anemines. Something for everyone! Mattscorals.com
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    Hello! I haven't been active on here lately, but i will work on keeping this forum up to date. For the most updates, watch my Facebook page at Facebook.com/mattscorals I am open on weekends in Columbus by appointment. 614-406-4681. I also sell online at mattscorals.com Thanks for looking! Matt
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    Awesome website update for this week! MATTSCORALS.COM
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    Hello, all items that are still available are on mattscorals.com you can search the numbers on the top right. Thanks!
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    This is a great update this week, A little of everything in this one. Feel free to message with any questions. Everything is loaded to Mattscorals.com
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    Weekend Sale! 30% off all coral. Local & Online. Use code 30OFF at checkout. For locals, I will be available Saturday & Sunday 10-6. Just call or text to come by. 614-406-4681 Checkout Facebook.com/mattscorals for more pictures.
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    Thanks! Last call on the sale....
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    Super Bowl Flash Sale! 20% off with code flash20 Free shipping over $150 with code Freeship Good through Monday until 12am EST Hundreds of amazing pieces at great prices! http://Mattscorals.com
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    Be sure to checkout http://Facebook.com/Mattscorals. Watch the page for info on local and online specials. You can also subscribe to our email list by going to http://Mattscorals.com and join the news letter on the bottom right of home page. Over 200 items on the website and that is not even 1/3rd of whats in stock for locals.
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    Still here, Been in business 4 years and not going anywhere. Service and local sales have kept me way to busy! Goniopora should be fixed
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    Online shopping is in full effect at http://Mattscorals.com. One day online sale!! 20% off through midnight. Use coupon code flash20 at checkout. For locals, simply choose local pickup at checkout.You can pickup this weekend.
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    Thanks buddy. Just miss comunication as he posted a screen shot of your post in another forum referring to you saw it an was un healthy when you did. Sorry again.
  15. Matt's Corals

    Jason, I am very sorry you have not had success with this coral, I tried to help you as much as I could. I wanted to go over your tank, test your water. And figure out why it was not doing well. It did not look that way at my place, and we both know this. You can manipulate any pictures you want to do so but it will not work on me. I even offered 50% off a new one right off the bat no questions and possibly full refund if everything checked out. But you simply said no I just want a new one no questions. I'm sorry but I don't do business this way. I would like to find the problem so it does not happen again and you do not kill another animal. It bothers me that I have to go on every forum to set the record straight on this. But I guess it's just what needs done. A picture attached is what it looked like 2 days before you bought it. I can assure you a healthy coral does not go from full healthy like in the picture to like what you showed in 2 days in my system. In a week in a unstable and wrong conditions, sure. But not under my care. I take pride in my animals. Naso tang, im not sure what your referring to as I was giving it away when you were here. I Had no corals that looked like that when you were here. I will not post on this subject again. say or post what you want. I just wanted my side of story out there.