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  1. Craig

    Awesome !
  2. Craig

    Any details yet ?
  3. Craig

    Can’t wait !
  4. Craig

    I’ve been waiting for the store to open !
  5. Craig

    Plumbing is done water in it now cleaning it up. Waiting for my rock and to make my water
  6. Craig

    I’ll try not to
  7. Craig

    Not sure yet lol
  8. Craig

    Will post pics tonight. Got the stand finished got the tank all leveled. Got the light mount on the stand (used conduit ) I will have everything I need for the cycle tonight besides the rock which is ordered.
  9. Craig

  10. Craig

    Sand, rodi, refractometer , salt will be here tomorrow. Then I have to order rock and it will be cycling !
  11. Craig

    Just checked. Way to far haha
  12. Craig

    Where you located.
  13. Craig

    Anyone have unused san laying around for cheap ?
  14. Craig

    Last time I was there there wasn’t a lot of fish and not much coral. Did have a cool anemone.