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  1. Craig

    Better pic
  2. Craig

    Updated tank shot
  3. Craig

    Picked up the Wyoming White clowns. Love them. One has a black bullet hole on him. Better pictures later.
  4. Craig

    Looked bad taking it out of the bucket and seems like it boucned right back. Thinking clowns this weekend if no ammonia
  5. Craig

    Love the light. Mushrooms are definitely bouching back. Must like the salt and light haha. I will edit the original post for equipment and stuff.
  6. Craig

    AND its basically clear now. Mushrooms bounced back, the salinity the rock was in was pretty low.
  7. Craig

    Amost clean in less than 2 hours.
  8. Craig

    I'll swing by and grab it. We are going to the Michigan game Saturday but doesn't start till 4. I'll be there right when you open.
  9. Craig

    Tanks wet.
  10. Craig

    Mannnnn. When do you work at the shop next ?
  11. Craig

    Awesome. I'll feed the mushrooms and watch the tank for a few days. No rush on fish just don't wanna kill the mushrooms if have the chance not to lol.
  12. Craig

    @Muttley000 I'm getting live rock tomorrow would it be ready for 2 small clowns ? The live rock has some ricordia mushrooms on it I don't want to add ammonia and kill them.
  13. Craig

    Clowns and maybe an anemone
  14. Craig

    The glass is reflecting one lol