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  1. Craig

    Pic of everything left. Test kits never used. Carbon and two part dosing brand new. Phosguard 80% full.
  2. Craig

    Sent ya a text
  3. Craig

    Bump (Take everything thats left for 40$ )
  4. Craig

    20$ come get these things.
  5. Craig

    All pumps and tds meter sold. Everything else still available.
  6. I have three 24” ATI bulbs with about a month of use on them. Asking 30$ for all OBO. 1 Coral Plus 1 Blue Plus 1 Purple Plus
  7. Craig

    Bump updated.
  8. Craig

    I’m headed to Wauseon tomorrow not sure if that’s kinda close to you ?
  9. Craig

    Im free tomorrow late evening and free all day sunday
  10. Craig

    Might go see my uncle soon he’s in Edon.
  11. Craig

    I could do that.
  12. Craig

    Tank, Stand, Skimmer with two air pumps and extra wood airstone, heater, inTank media basket, salt and a ton of misc other pumps and heaters and anything else I can find. 70$
  13. Craig

    Light is sold. The nem is @Jesse