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  1. I can't wait for this. Its my bday weekend and its ALWAYS A BLAST.
  2. Craig

    Old picture. I used electrical conduit.
  3. Craig

    There's an acclimation setting for that light should look into that ! I ran the BRS ati light combo on my ai prime.
  4. Craig

    Tank looks good also! Been neglecting the babies tank glass needs cleaned and a big water change needs done. Need the tanks to look nice before the expo!
  5. Craig

    Yup I loved it never gave me an issue. Going to put one back on the babies 10g soon
  6. Craig

    I wasn't a fan of the tunze nano. I ran a micro ato in my 10g Innovative Marine.
  7. Craig

    Thanks !
  8. Craig

  9. I loved my Prime you wont regret buying it.
  10. Craig

    Someone made their arrival. 12/26/18. 8lbs even and 20 inches long.
  11. Craig

    The site is back for the new year ! Hope everyone had a awesome holiday.
  12. Craig

    Good question lol
  13. Craig

    Tanks looking great. Super clear.
  14. Craig

    Havent really had time to mess with it. Just letting it mature.
  15. Craig

    Cyno almost gone tanks looking healthy. This tank has had 0 livestock lost so far.