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  1. Thought about going back to t5. Be interested in trading for a black box and I could add money on my end ? Just throwing that out there still not sure if I wanna switch back but I love MH
  2. I’ve used Aqua Forest, Salinity, Fritz, Coral pro and ESV and never had a brown issue with any of them.
  3. Dustin is a great guy and he’s in Bryan Ohio. Definitely get ahold of him. Welcome to the forum also !
  4. I’ve used brute cans the whole time I’ve been in the hobby with no issues. My water is always 0 tds even inside the can.
  5. Glad we got to see you yesterday! So happy you're doing good!!
  6. Thinking about staying Friday and Saturday night now for a little getaway out from the house.
  7. Killer progress on this tank, makes me feel crazy lazy I haven't done a water change in months but the tank somehow is algae free. I put that on my clean up crew.
  8. You actually gonna be there this year?!
  9. What ended up happening to the one I gave back to Mike? Did it die?
  10. If shes anything like last year it will be a blast LOL
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