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  1. Healthy Hippo Tang
  2. I think Outlaw said he would be there.
  3. It's a nice light I am sure you will love it! I had the 16 for a while, but found myself constantly fiddling with every channels intensity hour by hour. I drove myself crazy messing with it, so I went a simpler route. Word of caution, they are very powerful so take some time acclimating your corals. I fried a few increasing the intensity too fast. Have fun and enjoy your new light!
  4. Awesome!
  5. Wyoming white clown fish ~1.5-2" chunky guy -$50
  6. bummer
  7. Nice results. Everything seems to look great. What is your water change schedule now?
  8. I might give it a try depending on the pricing.
  9. I think @Nanoreef13 has one for sale.
  10. Nice list and reviews. Thanks for taking the time to type this up.
  11. This is good information! It also doesn't mean that you are doomed either. I have had the same thing happen, but have never had a massive outbreak of ich. Every fish has probably come into contact with the protozoans that causes ich, and it most likely is in our aquariums already. The problem comes when the immune system of the fish is compromised in some way that ich presents itself. Usually, the weakened immune system of the fish is due to stress (ie: new environment, water quality, being picked on, that kind of thing...). So unless you remove all the fish from your system and do a QT and medicate them all at the same time for 14-30 days, QT'ing is not going to benefit you at this point. What I would do, is use some food additives to help boost the immune systems of your fish something like Selcon or garlic oils, and maybe try and ride it out. I know Watdachuck is having a similar issue and he is using Seachem Metroplex and Focus to help remedy the issue. Basically medicating from the inside out using foods. Link to his thread here. Hopefully, things will go well and this will be the end of it for you.
  12. 3 of 3 here as well. I love them. Do you guys have the calcium checker? If so how do you like it? I have heard mixed reviews.
  13. Ok sounds good. I will be there Saturday as well, so let's plan on that.