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  1. Sorry guys. We will get with you soon. Been a slow process.
  2. crimsonvice


    I would look into Seachems Metroplex and Focus. I have used it to medicate my reef and it seems to work well. The idea is that you mix it with the fish food and medicate them from the inside out, and not dose the whole tank. Would it be better to QT? For sure, but in events like this it definitely is an option that works.
  3. I picked up some phyto from @DustingrahamRRA yesterday! It was a pleasure meeting him and was very knowledgeable about his product. Added some to the tank as soon as I got home. Looking forward to the results! Im also glad we were able to get him a spot at the show.
  4. Forgot to reply to this. We are working on setting it up. We have a spot for him!
  5. crimsonvice

    This year we have printed postcard sized flyers to advertise expo on March 17th. I am looking for one or two volunteers north of Columbus to distribute some of them to local fish stores in your area. If you are willing, please send me a PM with your contact information and I will send them to you. Thanks! Brandon
  6. crimsonvice

    Hey, they say good ol Mary J is the gateway to harder drugs. Zoas are exactly that.
  7. crimsonvice

    What are you doing?!?!?! Dont lower my chances of winning!
  8. crimsonvice

    I do like my sump it is the older version, and some of the thing that I would have changed, have actually been updated. For instance, the wire feeds are a cut circle through the top rim. When you want to clean equipment you have to feed the power cord all the way through the hole. On the new version, it is actually just a slot. So it eliminates the hassle of feeding wires. Its just the little things that make a huge difference. I have the Bashsea bio pellet reactor and a smaller media reactor, in a matching color scheme. Overall, they are both just okay... Its hard to go wrong with a media reactor, but the bio pellet reactor I would pass on. Bio pellets and other debris in the water column were getting stuck in the feed outlets. It was a pain in the butt, and I would notice a significant decrease in flow over time. Bio pellets are one of those things that you want to set up and just let run. When you have to dismantle everything and clean out the reactor every other week, it kind of defeats the purpose. Here are some pics that I had from when it was new. Still looks good, but I have been slacking on keeping it clean. Link to sump build
  9. crimsonvice

    I will be there. Anyone else planning on attending???
  10. crimsonvice

  11. crimsonvice

    Do you have a price point you are looking to stay in? Geo's are nice, but they are $$$. I have a Bashsea sump and love it, but again it's gonna cost you some coin.
  12. crimsonvice

    OK let me know. I can send you pics if you want.
  13. crimsonvice

    Extra EB8??? Lol wish I had the problem. Looks legit. Nice job.
  14. crimsonvice

    You've stumped me. Let us know what you figure out!
  15. crimsonvice

    I had to drive to Lexington yesterday and today. Everything was pretty clear on the way.