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  1. crimsonvice

    Looks fantastic. Thanks for the backstory too! Its always cool to see where people come from.
  2. crimsonvice

    Looks great! I am excited to see where this goes. What are your stocking plans?
  3. crimsonvice

    That's what I am hoping. I need more coral growth!
  4. crimsonvice

    Just as a general rule, whatever the max amount of flow you can get without blowing your sand all around or directly blowing flesh off a coral, is gonna make world's of difference. Depending on the scape you may have to alter placement slightly, but almost everything loves flow.
  5. crimsonvice

    That torch is awesome!
  6. crimsonvice

    I have two Gyre Xf250's. I think they are great and move a crap ton of water. I like the fact that I can have two powerheads and only one controller. They do seem to require frequent cleaning to maintain good operation. Wav pumps can be connected directly to your Apex and thhen the variation in flow pattern can be endless. Ecotechs Mp series is another quality powerhead. Lots of people like them because the wet side does not have a power cord, its only on the dry side. So no more extra wires hanging out of your tank. Each one have their benefits, it comes down to price and what features you think appeal to you the best. Trigger sumps look very nice. I have seen them in person and they do look great. Other brands that you might be able to look at just to compare features are GEOs sumps, Elite Aquatics, Bashsea... There are plenty more, but you can call me are the features of each and decide what looks good to you. Another thing to consider with a sump is whether or not you want to run a refugium. Some prefabricated do not have them.
  7. crimsonvice

    It all comes down to personal preference. Some people like the ability to control each individual color channel in leds. Personally, I found it a headache. Six or seven channels ranging from 0-100%. I burned so many corals and they all looked like crap for a long time. Two channels white and blue, not such a big deal. T5 has the expense of bulb change, which is about $25 a bulb. No shimmer that you get with halide or led, but time tested and grows coral great! Halide is the most expensive to run because of the amount of electric used. Runs hot, but again grows coral like a beast. Lots to consider and you have time to research each one. You may end up doing a hybrid of two, who knows.
  8. crimsonvice

    Lol nice! Have you decided what way it lighting you want to go...led, t5, or halide? That might help you narrow down lighting slightly.
  9. That is a gorgeous shroomer! Hope you sell it quick!
  10. crimsonvice

    Looks great Matt! Is that a duncan front and center? Looks to have a lot of purple in it. Is that just the light/picture, or does it have purplish face?
  11. crimsonvice

    It is awesome that shipping is included as well. Previously on frag packs you could pay $99, but then you still had to pay shipping. Not a big deal, but it does add to the overall price. 4 frags and gear shipped to your door for $17.50 a frag, that is a deal hard to beat even with having a decent LFS around.
  12. crimsonvice

    No go? Holidays can be good times to get some deals. Especially Black Friday.
  13. crimsonvice

    Oh wait... Each of the capsules in the Reef Flux is 100mg. Do you need a script for fluconazole, or is it something you can pick up OTC? That changes the pricing some.
  14. crimsonvice

    No waste of time at all. Each bottle was $15, so pricing was pretty similar. I have some left over, but will probably pick up another bottle to retreat again just as the doctor ordered!