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  1. Looks like it was a good time. Wish I could have made it. Bummer the Triton is being delayed a few more months.
  2. This is a nice reference to have. I just spent a week scratching my head and hunting for specs on Biocubes and return pumps, trying to setup my wife's tank. Good job guys.
  3. I think you may have just beat out @Muttley000 and @Harleybronco LOL! Cant wait to see these come together.
  4. Sold. Gotta love R2R sometimes. Sale thread created. 1.5 hours later... SOLD!
  5. I try not to anymore. That way I can just play dumb. lol Thanks man.
  6. I need some more zoas and a Fowleri asap. I'm dying over here. My next 1k of aquarium related funds is all livestock. Lol! Shhhhhh... Don't tell the wife.
  7. I probably could. I just need a 3D printer. Probably last on the list for now. Lol
  8. I also swapped out this... For a 3" flanged Loc-line It has made a huge difference in how evenly dispersed the flow is coming from the return pump. Should have spent the few bucks a long time ago.
  9. Had the camera out yesterday, so I snagged a few pictures. Aquarium Artisans No Name SPS Acan with some babies BC Aware Wolf Boomcorals Cliffs Acro Coral Banded Shrimp JF Jack-o-Lantern JF Paletta Pink Tip Miami Hurricaine FHC Minute Maid Milli ORA Red Planet Torches for all BC Vivid Rainbow Delight - Still a little brown even after 3 months, but new growth has green and blue irridesent colors. Cant wait to see it in its full glory.
  10. Frag house corals. It was one of those super small frags.
  11. Did it sound to "sales pitchy"? I was trying to be as unbiased as possible.
  12. I have not used one, but when I stopped at Premium Aquatics they spoke highly of the Aqua UV sterilizers.
  13. You have or had a Gyre at one point, so after you get things flowing... pun intended... I would like to see what you think of each. Maybe a likes vs dislike comparison.
  14. Here ya go
  15. Yesterday I was able to mix a little work and leisure and stop by Premium Aquatics in Edinburgh, Indiana. Normally, they are closed during the week to the public unless you schedule an appointment. Saturdays they are open from 12-3 pm for livestock sales. I was fortunate enough to be able to get a hold of them and schedule a Tuesday appointment. Generally, they prefer appointments later in the week, because Monday and Tuesdays they are busy preparing livestock orders to ship out. Given the fact that it was a Tuesday when I popped in, and their tank maintenance days are scheduled later in the week, all the tanks where surprisingly clean. Brandon, the livestock manager, was able to give me a quick tour of how they operate and maintain everything from live caught to cultured live rock. I was very impressed with how organized and methodical everything seemed in regards to the designated livestock sections. What really caught my eye was the live caught QT setup. When they receive their new livestock in, they will be placed in this system for 2 weeks. While here they are tenderly cared for and inspected on the regular. Eight 250 watt Aqua UV sterilizers are used to help eliminate any infections or pest that these new tank mates might be harboring. The Royal Exclusive Bubble King 200 is what powers the filtration in the Rubbermaid sump. This is a beast of a machine, and it seemed to be pulling some pretty nasty skimmate. In conjunction with their wild caught system, they also have a section for aquacultured fish. They had a variety of healthy looking clowns, bleenies, and seahorses in stock. If you are in the market for rock, dry or cured, Premium Aquatics is the place to shop! They literally have tons of Pukani, Real Reef, Walt Smith... and the list goes on. In the center of the warehouse, there are three massive containers that are curing Real Reef, Pukani, and other forms of rock. This is on top of the skids of dry rock that are sitting just a few steps behind me. Brandon explained to me that the export of Pukani rock from Fiji is being brought to a halt, and in the future it may be difficult to find it. So if you are planning a build, and are looking for Pukani, now is the time to stock up! Premium Aquatics has some reasonable pricing on rock and is willing to price match online competitors. On the opposing side of the warehouse you will find all of your coral desires. Anything that is your fancy you will be able to find here. It seemed to be slightly picked over, but again I did come in the middle of the week. Yet, I was still able to find a few gems. There were quite a few nice scollys and plate corals. Unfortunately, I am still working on my photography skills and most of the coral pictures I took did not come out well. Regardless, if you are looking for coral on the cheap or looking to spend some of your rent money, you can do both at Premium Aquatics. Overall, I had a nice time talking with everyone at the warehouse, and want to thank them for their time in showing me around. I was impressed by the quality of equipment and time that they take in taking care of what brings us joy as hobbyists. It is nice to have a vendor like Premium Aquatics close to the area for Buckeye Reef members. Maybe in the future we can plan a group buy or a Saturday field trip. Here are a few random pictures from the day: