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  1. crimsonvice

    I have not personally used the skimmer, but Reef Octopus is known for good skimmers and it seems to get good reviews. The short answer to your question is, no you do not have to run a skimmer. However, you will need a way to remove organics. I am running a 16 gallon bio cube with no skimmer, but I do regular water changes and run chemi pure. If you do not have a sump where will you be growing macro algae? Once dialed in the skimmer will be very easy to maintain. Clean the collection cup when needed, and annual or semi annual cleaning. So there will be some fiddling, but it is not something you will constantly be messing with.
  2. crimsonvice

    Looks good
  3. crimsonvice

    How much and how often, if at all, are you water changes? Are you dosing?
  4. crimsonvice

    I will definitely be looking into this especially when we buy/build.
  5. crimsonvice

    Power is back. All livestock is alive and well. I thought, the trigger was dead when I first got the generator up. After about 30 minutes he started slowly moving around. He seems good now. Doser and ATK for sure are dead. Having LFS quote replacement price on dead and malfunctioning equipment. Insurance will cover replacement costs Washer and dryer are fried. Other small items through the house we are finding periodically.
  6. crimsonvice

    Does anyone work on appliances in the Cincinnati area? I need to verify a few dead items for insurance purposes.
  7. crimsonvice

    Looks fantastic! Eta on stand?
  8. crimsonvice

    This sounds like an awesome plan! I can't wait to see what happens.
  9. crimsonvice

    I wish I could have, it just wasnt an expense that I was planning on. I will evaluate everything after this, and make adjustments where needed. Lines are still draped across the driveway and the energy company says that they should be by before midnight tonight to move the wires, not fix the broken ground. Looks to me like the giant limb at the end of the drive dropped on the wire and snapped the ground wire. Pushing 220v to all of our electronics in the house. We didnt realize what was going on at first, and my wife kept flipping the breakers back on, as we continued to fry everything in the house....oops. Just for giggles I flipped it on again this morning to see if the big appliances were toast or not, and sure enough washer, dryer, fridge, deep freezer all seem to be busted. Another awesome thing about living in the woods is not having city water. I think I water pump is busted as well. I called our insurance company and an adjuster will be contacting me soon. Looks like insurance might help with my fish room upgrade! Until then living at the in-laws. I dont know whats worse. lol
  10. crimsonvice

    Lol that will probably be the case
  11. crimsonvice

    I ended up picking one up a 3600w. I didn't realize how expensive they are/can be. I had wanted to get 6500+, but they were coming in close to $1k. EEEK... It's up and running now, everything seems to be okay with 11 hours of being off. Hopefully, I won't be using it much.
  12. crimsonvice

    Heading to Lowe's. What size generator do I need? I know nothing about this.
  13. crimsonvice


    Welcome! I'm excited to see your Waterbox. I have been contemplating getting a small one for my office.
  14. crimsonvice

    Southwest is where I reside! Just saying...