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  1. Pick me! Pick me! PICK ME! PICK ME!!!!
  2. crimsonvice

    Nice scores!
  3. crimsonvice

    I ended up being sick all weekend, so I didnt make it. I was pretty bummed.
  4. crimsonvice

    Ugh sorry. I will be at BR expo.
  5. crimsonvice

    Hey guys! I am thinning some stuff out so let me know if you are interested in anything. I am able to ship with standard DOA. Otherwise Cincinnati local pickup is good too (45255). Utter Chaos zoa 3-4p - $35 Hallucination 3p - $225 Pink and Gold Zoas 5+ polyps $20 or free if your a supporting member! Sunset Milli or Blue Tort - $30 a frag (Colonies pictured for reference) Red monti cap- $10 (1 available) Battlecorals Melonball Stylo - $30 (1 Available)Rainbow Pocci mini colonies - $30 (4 available)ORA Bird of Paradise - $20 multiple frags available ORA Green Birds Nest - $20 a frag or free if you are a supporting member! Forest Fire Digi - $20 a frag multiple available Pro Corals Rainbow - $20 a frag multiple available ... I think I have more that I will be adding to the list.
  6. crimsonvice

    You need to get a FB account for these stinking giveaways. Just don't friend anyone. Lol
  7. crimsonvice

    I'm in Cincinnati, but will be at the CORA swap this weekend.
  8. crimsonvice

    Maybe grab some Selcon and soak its food as well. Doesn't hurt to give it additional nutrients to help with recovery.
  9. crimsonvice

    Thats amazing! We will need pics when you get it. I may be in on second dibs. lol
  10. crimsonvice

    For what it is worth, I had a coral beauty (RIP) and currently have a Potters Angle, and both were/are model citizens. No coral picking at all. I feed them often and well, and everyone has behaved themselves. This doesnt mean that one day they wont change their mind, though. GSP, xenias, and duncans are pretty easy to come by and are nice choices for first coral. Just keep in mind, these are your gateway drugs. lol.
  11. lol. As long as it gets the job done who cares. Its fun to see what people do, but the fancy hard plumbing can be a pain in the butt if its not your thing. I tried to hard plumb with a manifold, and while it came out all right, I am not sure that I would do it again.
  12. crimsonvice

    Wont the Miyagi Tort be more blue?
  13. Are you doing fancy hard plumbing?
  14. crimsonvice

    They do look pretty cool. A little over the top for me though.
  15. crimsonvice

    I love the thank and stand. Looks great!
  16. crimsonvice

    Amazing! What did you think, better than WWC??? I think I will be hitting you up for some frags once they have grown out!
  17. crimsonvice

    Yes sir. I will shoot you a PM. Let me look over your stuff.
  18. crimsonvice

    That is the truth. Don't buy everything you see, and make sure to bring plenty of cash. Lol
  19. crimsonvice

    Heading to Columbus swap this weekend. Have stuff up on ReefTrader, but let me know if you want anything. BC Awarewolf Green Slimmer BC Pink Tip Bottle Brush RR Skittles (colony pictured) PC Rainbow Sunset Milli 1 Frag of Walt Disney 2 polyp Hallucination Zoa
  20. The Buckeye Reef Coral Expo & Swap will be on March 17, 2019. Buckeye Reef Expo is the fastest growing event in Ohio and now in its 4th year. The event is hosted by Buckeye Reef Club at the beautiful French Quarters in Perrysburg, OH. Preparations are in process to lineup speakers, vendors, raffle items, swag bags, ect. In just the second year last years event saw 500+ hobbyists, and 30 vendors from across the country. If you are a reef hobbyists in the midwest you don't want to miss this event! When? March 17, 2019 Where? Holiday Inn French Quarters 10630 Fremont Pike Perrysburg, OH 43551 Admission is $5 per person (kids 12 and under are free) The tentative schedule for the 2019 Buckeye Reef Coral Expo & Swap is as follows: 10:00: Admission for morning speaker session 10:30-11:30: Morning Speaker Session 11:30-12:00: Early expo hall admission for morning speaker attendees 12:00: Doors open to expo hall for general admission 4:30: Event Over Contact: info@buckeyereef.com to reserve your table today. Below are flyers that can be posted at your Local Fish stores, or anywhere you feel would generate traffic.
  21. crimsonvice

    As most of you know I am a huge Battlecorals fan, and right now Adam has 13% off all his livestock. That includes battle boxes. Just use promo code SUPER NORMAL SUPPER SALE at checkout for the discount. Sale is good until 11/27/18, I think. I ordered a box today! Will post pics when it shows up.
  22. crimsonvice

    will do
  23. crimsonvice

    A store that will hold and QT your fish is A grade in my book! Wish I was closer. Will stop in one day for sure though.
  24. crimsonvice

    I don't know what you are looking for, but Reefcleaners.com has some good prices on clean up crew, and if you do snails only you don't have to pay for overnight shipping. I like snails over crabs because crabs kill each other and snails for shells, even if extras are available. On the flip side, some snails can't flip themselves over if they end up on their shell. Nassarius snails, turbos, trochus, fighting choncs are cool. Red leg hermits are less aggressive than blue leg, but that is here say. If you use coupon code "reef club" in reef cleaners it is 10% off.
  25. Looks like you have to post on Reefs.com FB page to enter. Is that correct?