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    Well everything seems to be super happy, so the long acclimation appears to be working.
  2. Bowser Zoa, Purple Monster Zoa, and CB Electric Oompa Loompa Zoa.
  3. crimsonvice

    Im really digging that Black Widow. I think @NoWaiAmahad picked one up local to Dayton.
  4. crimsonvice

    Dussumieri Tang
  5. crimsonvice

    Bedroom Funk
  6. crimsonvice

    Looks like a great start! Do you have any livestock plans as of now?
  7. crimsonvice

    With the expo just around the corner what better way to generate excitement than a giveaway!?! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1005046123033469&id=345129965691758
  8. crimsonvice

    Yeah me too.
  9. crimsonvice

    100% of this year's proceeds will be donated to Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium. We have reached out to many of your favorite vendors, to bring you one of the best raffles that the Ohio reefing community has seen! Last year we were able to make a sizable donation to Mote Marine, and this year we hope to exceed that. Total Raised in 2018: $3,500 About Mote: We are scientists, explorers and stewards of the ocean. Driven by research, education and excitement we work to create a better environment for ourselves and our children. The answers are in the ocean. Together, we will find them. We are an independent marine research institution comprised of world-class marine scientists committed to the belief that the conservation and sustainable use of our oceans begins with research and education. Donate directly to Mote If you or your organization would like to donate to the Buckeye Reef 2019 Raffle, Please mail your donations to. Buckeye Reef 16600 Tyler Rd. Bowling Green, OH 43402 Confirmed Sponsors: Apogee Instruments Aquaticlife Aqua Ultraviolet Avast Marine Works Bob Smith Industries Bulk Reef Supply Central Specialty Pet CerMedia Dr. Tims Glass-Holes Hikari Hydor LRS Polyp Lab Responsible Reef Aquaculture Rod's Food Saltwateraquarium.com Ship Your Aquatics Tunze Waterbox Aquariums West Mariculture Zen-Reef Zoomed
  10. crimsonvice

    Nice! When you get around to it take some pics and make a build thread. We love seeing new tanks.
  11. crimsonvice

    Just make sure that your sump can hold the additional water volume that will drain when your pump stops. I don't want you to go cut it, and then end up with 5 gallons on your floor because of me.
  12. crimsonvice

    I would say as close to 6 inches a possible. You might be able to go with less, if you use a ball valve to slow down the flow through the pipe. If you have a full siphon, the water will vortex just like water going down the tub drain. When the vortex hits the top of the water, you get a nice slurping sound. The 6 inches of space, gives you enough room between the pipe and the water surface that the flow through the pipe doesn't create that vortex. Hope this makes sense.
  13. crimsonvice

    ^This would be a nice option. Do you have a budget you are looking to stay in?
  14. crimsonvice

    What!?! Heck yeah! I don't win everything... Just most things. Lol
  15. crimsonvice

    Many options out there, but Flipper seems to be the most popular. You can look at Mag Float too. They are a little cheaper, but not by much.
  16. crimsonvice

    They are so cool to watch.
  17. crimsonvice

    I would come, especially if we are going over calcium reactors. I think I have wrapped my brain around everything, but it would still be nice to hear about it in person.
  18. crimsonvice

    Fo shizzle.
  19. crimsonvice

    Awesome! That came out nice. Glad to hear you are doing well. Double vision any better?
  20. crimsonvice

    I'm in.
  21. crimsonvice

    I don't think you are in the right place to be tasked out of building a big tank. Lol Go big, or go home!
  22. I'm thinking about this.
  23. crimsonvice

    Is this what I think it is??? .... C'mon man.... Can't you do that on your own time?
  24. crimsonvice

    You want a good 6+ inches between these two pipes, otherwise you will get the swirling vortex of noise. Here is a diagram and link to a good write up about Herbie overflows. http://gmacreef.com/herbie-overflow-reef-tank-plumbing-method-basics/