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  1. maile1007

    Do you like your bashsea? Do you have there other products as well?
  2. maile1007

    Iv looked into bashsea and the brand looks great I don’t mind spending the money for quality products I can have for a while.
  3. maile1007

    Hi! I’m looking into getting a new sump for my 210 gallon tank. As of right now I have a 75 gallon tank made into a sump but it’s kinda falling apart now. It’s in the garage but I would like to move it into my house. If you have suggestions on a sump brand and new plumbing that would be super helpful!
  4. maile1007

    Im just brain storming I have a 210 gallon but it has a sump on it so idk if I can hook up this pump with and and just have really good filtration or if it is going to be too much. I also have a 75 with canisters but this pump will probably be way too much for a tank that small.
  5. Hello everyone ! I have a huge pond pump and no pond. I was wondering if you could use it for a saltwater tank instead? Here is the pump I was given in the link: https://www.amazon.com/Laguna-4000-Clear-Flo-Kit/dp/B00T3L4KNU Thanks! I know this is super random
  6. maile1007

    I would love to but I live in dayton
  7. maile1007

    Ok so it can't live in my hermit crabs or snails? How long does my tank have to be fishless?
  8. maile1007

    So what is the best way to completely eradicate the Ick in my tank ? If I take all the fish out and only my inverts and crustations r in the 220 how do I get the Ick out of it for good?
  9. maile1007

    Ok so when u say garlic it's a supplement not squishing an actual garlic on there food lol and Ik I can't do copper in my tank because it will get absorebed in my rocks and sand
  10. maile1007

    ok well I think I might have to do the garlic I only have a 20 gallon QT and my lobster by himself is 4-5 inches not including his 2 foot antenna. Not to mention by hermetcrabs are both 4 -5 inches as well they would also kill all my snails in that small of a tank. How do I treat with garlic?
  11. maile1007

    Ok so at this point what should I do? I could put the puffers back in the QT for another 14 days till the ick is gone but then when I transfer them back are they just going to get it again?
  12. maile1007

    Yes very good article thank you. It says that for delicate inverts I can keep it at 1.017. So is that enough to kill the ick then and not kill my other inverts?
  13. Hey everyone, I got another spout of ick in my tank so I am trying to do hypo salinity this time to get it out. I hope that someone can answer a few quick questions for me about it so I don't kill my fish! I just got 2 puffers and guess what they had ick =) I originally took them out in a quarantine tank, treated with copper for 14 days, (ick was gone) and then put them back in my 220. A few days later the ick comes back so i guess its in my tank now. I have other fish in there that are not showing any symptoms of ick and they have been together in the tank for about a week. I lowered the salinity down to 1.016 right now and waiting on getting a refractometer to lower it the rest of the way. Anyway to my questions, I know I have to lower it to 1.009 however upon doing research, would this kill my snails, hermit crabs, and lobster I have in my tank? Another forum said it would and also kill my live rock and sand. Another question is that if I lower the salinity will the ick be completely gone from my fish and anything stuck on my tank? What I really want to know is when I bring the salinity back to where it should be after 45 days, could my fish just get ick again? or will it be gone and they can never get it again cause its not in the tank or in my fish. Thanks, Maile
  14. maile1007

    1 humu humu, 1 clown trigger, 1 porcupine puffer, 1 spiny puffer, 1 clown fish, 1 damsel, 1 yellow tang, 1 sailfin tang, and 1 powder blue. plus 2 large hermit crabs and blue spiny lobster. So 9 fish in a 220
  15. maile1007

    Where r u located ? I am interested