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  1. Unfortunately no. Money is tight. Hired an employee and not working so great
  2. Hello hello. Been stupid busy
  3. Uhhhh, no lol
  4. Catching a wild puffer was fun
  5. @crimsonvice. Ill look it over this evening
  6. What What what
  7. I bought 4 corals from this member. Duncan's, frog spawn, torch, and hammer. Everything arrived beautifully. Great prices. Great shipping as well. You will do well buying from this member. Highly recommend. He also checked in several times to seer how everything was doing and to make sure I was happy. I'll be buying blue hornets from him very soon. Thanks again
  8. How many heads now?
  9. Sounds great. I'll get it off Tuesday
  10. How much to ship to 45102?
  11. This is how we camp lol