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  1. Jason

    Yeah still working stupid hours. Miss being on here. Maybe one day I'll be back
  2. Jason

    House going up for sale soon. Living with in laws until house is built. Seeing up 120 when I see back up
  3. Jason

    Yeah probably
  4. 90 gallon setup. Tank, stand, sump, few fish, couple corals Keeping my lights and power heads everything else will go. Text me 513-413-0102 for more info or pics. Thank you Located in Cincinnati.
  5. Jason

    Unfortunately no. Money is tight. Hired an employee and not working so great
  6. Jason

    Hello hello. Been stupid busy
  7. Jason

    Uhhhh, no lol
  8. Jason

    Catching a wild puffer was fun
  9. Jason

    @crimsonvice. Ill look it over this evening