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  1. Biecacka

    Cool. When do we start?? corey
  2. Biecacka

    Coach me to not be so fat and lazy......:lol: corey
  3. Biecacka

    Any chance you have a file for the power supply brick as well? corey
  4. Biecacka

    Good looking tank with great polyp extension. I think most who run them with that much intensity have previously ran high light systems. Like Sanjay, he ran 400 watt bulbs on his tank and so the high intensity was normal for his coral. I think from there it is all about acclimation and slowly increasing the numbers. corey
  5. Biecacka

    I need one more holder for a controller, for the gyre.....any takers corey
  6. Biecacka

    I use the DOS for regular auto water changes. I love it corey
  7. Biecacka

    help, reap some benefits from the grill i like that corey
  8. Biecacka

    Does ATI test nitrates? Triton doesn’t. I just got my results back from triton about 3 weeks ago. corey
  9. Biecacka

    Get to columbus ever? corey
  10. Biecacka

    Where are you located? corey
  11. Biecacka

    Picture of the orpheks and what version? sorry I seen them above. corey
  12. Biecacka

    How much? corey
  13. Biecacka

    How is the nem doing? I haven’t been to Matt’s store front since it’s been open. I used to go to his house and buy a few things, I need to go visit his storefront. corey
  14. Biecacka

    Looking good with the corals man! Corey
  15. Biecacka

    I have always heard that for what we need them to do the size we would need makes them get expensive quickly. Like 75wt and up. But I have no experience with them. corey