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  1. Biecacka

    Does ATI test nitrates? Triton doesn’t. I just got my results back from triton about 3 weeks ago. corey
  2. Biecacka

    Get to columbus ever? corey
  3. Biecacka

    Where are you located? corey
  4. Biecacka

    Picture of the orpheks and what version? sorry I seen them above. corey
  5. Biecacka

    How much? corey
  6. Biecacka

    How is the nem doing? I haven’t been to Matt’s store front since it’s been open. I used to go to his house and buy a few things, I need to go visit his storefront. corey
  7. Biecacka

    Looking good with the corals man! Corey
  8. Biecacka

    I have always heard that for what we need them to do the size we would need makes them get expensive quickly. Like 75wt and up. But I have no experience with them. corey
  9. Biecacka

    I'm in columbus near gahanna/new Albany. Corey
  10. Biecacka

    I would love a tank upgrade but GEO won't be building me a new tank anytime soon. I should have went bigger when he was building this one. 90% of the island has power. But 10% with no electricity since November (and some before that!!) is still crazy high. Crime rate is risen, cities are desolate, tourism is down in most places, businesses have closed. We were in Arecibo, a decent sized city and if you went downtown there were vacant buildings after vacant buildings. People left, or closed up business and likely won't return or return to open. Pretty sad honestly. Corey
  11. Biecacka

    I run 4 MP40's on the tank as well. Was using the gyre overflow because the magnet can be in water. Will replace it with a tunze. Corey
  12. Biecacka

    I hate mine with a passion. In fact it is not working now, installing 4th set of bushings on it already. No luck. Never again. Ever. Ever. Ever. Everyone else I know with them loves them. My luck. corey
  13. Biecacka

    I was in Puerto Rico for 75 days working 12's 7 days a week restoring power lines to people. But now I'm back to lurk in the shadows. corey
  14. Biecacka

    If I don't clean my gyre once every other month it stops working. I'm so over hat piece of equipment that it irks me to death to look at it. I've put new gaskets/bushings on it 3 times in a year plus numerous other parts. I did buy it used, but it's practically new with all the parts I've put into it. So to get a year from yours with no cleaning is super impressive! corey
  15. Biecacka

    I skimmed during cycle. Mainly to try to get a baseline on where to start my water levels etc. corey