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  1. Interesting. Seems like by the time I buy a new apex, plus this piece I could buy a DaStaCo reactor which does this and then just keep my current apex. but nonetheless, this is an intriguing idea Corey
  2. Why won't you dose based on the results? It stinks I'll have to upgrade my apex. will this work with a CA/RX too? Does it just monitor it or does it monitor and change dose/output as needed? corey
  3. Very nice! do you need to buy the perilistic pump for it? corey
  4. Mango, honey dew melon gastronomy sphereification for seared tuna I'm making tonight with friends corey
  5. What about phosphate Rx? It is like lanthium chloride but in liquid form and maybe not quite as potent. corey
  6. GO TEAM CHARCOAL!!! I will never own a gas grill, cooking on them a majority of my culinary career and I still just don't like them. Nothing beats a good charcoal grill in my eyes. They are so worth the extra effort required of lighting and waiting on them. corey
  7. that ATO looks good man, but i would worry about the heater being exposed to air for periods of time. don't want it burning up or damaging anything. is there any way you could lay it flat on the bottom? Or maybe since you add so little water at a time with your ATO you don't even need a heater....dont know personally just throwing it out there corey
  8. not to mention the 34$ a month regent used to test. corey
  9. yeah the price is sort of steep but who doesnt want easier!!! Corey
  10. Still available? corey
  11. I just replaced my 250 bulb with a 400 radium and I'm stoked corey
  12. Almost all halide bulbs have a sold 12 months usage in them. Some have even tested out 16 months with little drop in par. So if you change them out every 6 months, that was an un needed expense. Corey
  13. Halides. Radiums at that. Proven track record and my growth has been pretty good so far. corey
  14. Thank you! corey