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  1. Looks like a perfect skimmer for my upcoming nano! corey
  2. Flounder, I have a friend who lives in columbus that is also into triathlons. You guys are amazing. I'm slowing trying to get in better shape myself. Corey
  3. Golf.... I'm working on getting my right shoulder a little more over my front foot. You can see in my avatar that I'm leaning back just a tad not a problem on the grand scheme of things but could provide a little more accuracy and balance. It's obsessive just like reefing.... corey
  4. I have always heard you needed a massive one to be efficient. I have always found other things to spend $350.00+ On. But that is just me corey
  5. The beckett calls for a pressure rated pump like an iwaki or panworld. Even though the dart has 2400 gph it won't be able to handle the back pressure the skimmer will put on it. And while it is working, it will me mediocre at best. I would recommend a pressure rated pump to run that skimmer. I used a becket for a long time. corey
  6. Guy here has one in his 400. He was TOTM on reef central. His faux sandbed grew coraline algae and some zoas on it and you can hardly even tell it's not real. It looks great in my book. But I like my wrasses too much corey
  7. bump of this old thread.....anyone a real estate agent?? corey
  8. food of some sort for the tank, since they would not get excess fish food or fish waste. corey
  9. Looking very good sir! corey
  10. No doubt the MTX and LifeReef skimmers ROCK!!! They are proven technology. I ran a beckett and loved it but ended up switching to a Bubble King and I love it. I would put it up against any skimmer I have owned corey
  11. Single 400 watt 10k XM on my tank and I love it. If I ever switched I would conseider the V4 orphek or a larger DIY panel led, just because of my tank size a panel would cover more and hopefully eliminate the need for multiple panels over my tank. But if I DIY (probably not me, but help from someone as I'm not a huge diy guy nor led guru) it would be in a canopy. corey
  12. So my set up is in my living room, and when the pump is running you CAN hear it. It's not obnoxious loud but it's noticeable corey
  13. I use a dos for my water change. Only about a month so far. My ATO is none the wiser because I have the DOS running multiple times a day in small amounts. 2 gallons broken up over 24 hours in about 1 per hour. So 2 gallons divided by 24, the run once an our for that amount. Really like it so far. Mine pump 10-20 feet very easy. corey
  14. Interesting. Seems like by the time I buy a new apex, plus this piece I could buy a DaStaCo reactor which does this and then just keep my current apex. but nonetheless, this is an intriguing idea Corey
  15. Why won't you dose based on the results? It stinks I'll have to upgrade my apex. will this work with a CA/RX too? Does it just monitor it or does it monitor and change dose/output as needed? corey