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  1. Muttley000

    I dose ATI essentials, 30 ml of each product a day right now. I have done very little in the way of water changes since I am dosing nitrates to stay above zero. I have very few fish relative to my water volume. My last IPC test had me slightly low on moly, vanadium, and something else, and low on iodine. It had been almost 6 months without a water change at that point. I still have over 3 boxes of salt left from the expo!
  2. Muttley000

    Connection would be via common sump, or you could have one above the other which would be a difacto sump I guess. I definitely understand why that is a big step for new hobbiests! I like drilled tanks for sumps because I feel it is safer than HOB overflows. If done properly your hang on the back filter being used now is a bigger risk of causing water on the floor.
  3. Muttley000

    My opinion a 55 is right at that point where the cost of appropriate water changes likely exceed the cost of a skimmer. Especially since you are not using a sump the skimmer is likely to be a big plus for gas exchange. I agree with Brandon the lack of sump makes using algae based export a little harder, but there are some algae scrubber options from Santa Monica that make it possible. In the end I recommend a skimmer in your situation. I have never used that particular skimmer, but it gets great reviews and odds are it will be great! Good luck!
  4. Muttley000

  5. Muttley000

    Looks dang good for a 4 day old set up!
  6. Muttley000

    What exactly is the theory behind this? I'm not familiar
  7. Muttley000

    I would not have drilled the returns to the tanks, because the transient flow at pump off is higher, so I would have paid more attention to that for sure and gone over the top. I have an extremely large sump, and that is a beautiful thing if you want a minimum scape, I can stick a few hundred pounds in the sump and clear the tanks out if I want. Having the basement I do and not having to worry about it impressing anyone it was cool to just throw a 100 gallon Rubbermaid in for a cryptic fuge, I will probably do one of the shallow tubs for a remote sand bed at some point. I guess what I'm trying to convey is the space you are considering will unlock a ton of options, but if you want it to be show off quality, don't skimp on planning because the space goes quick! It is amazing how slow things change, especially when trying to correct something, and I'm currently only at 500 gallons! One drawback is tied together systems need the water quality of the most demanding of the lot. If I add a 6' tank for a large eel/predator tank like I want, it has to be much better kept than a normal fish only because my SPS are effectively on the same tank. If I think of more I'll add them, and as your plans develop I'm happy to critique!
  8. Muttley000

    Even aside from what they do for the club the points you get personally add up, and the people are just awesome to deal with. I can't see myself using another vendor!
  9. Muttley000

    Glad you are taken care of! Decent insurance isn't the cheapest, but those couple times in life you need it prove the value!
  10. Muttley000

    Forgot the pic! I can steal some out of one of these to get you going
  11. Muttley000

    Got it split and charged with micro algae grow again. I will try to get my rotifers going in the next several days as soon as I see both bottles are good to go and ready to split again. I think I am going to be driving to Toledo Thursday morning to pick someone up, if so do you want to try to hook up so I can get you some phyto to get that culture going while I am waiting for the rotifers?
  12. Muttley000

    Any updates Brandon? How is the system holding up?
  13. Muttley000

    I am far from Columbus and my Michigan style basement is not a pleasant place to visit lol
  14. Muttley000

  15. Muttley000

    Plumbing looks super!