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  1. Awesome, can’t wait to see them all!
  2. I have been looking to see what they go for the last couple days. I saw one on reef2reef for 75 shipping included last night.
  3. Kicked the left side up a fuzz, this put me at 80 times turnover not counting my return pump (about 500 GPH, thinking about putting a flow meter on here to be sure) by pieces of sand moving it looks pretty good, but I'm going to have to get some life in here to know for sure!
  4. Lol, you keep track??
  5. Cool, could you fit one of those 3D printed random flow things in there?
  6. Cool vid! The format was fun too
  7. My gyre is a single xf230. I have also read that the icecap module robs the pump of some power but that is the only way to get the alternating direction flow. I don’t have the regular gyre controller to compare it to. I have it at 90 percent in my 65 and I do not think I have enough flow in that tank to be honest. The wavs put out 4000 gph at 100 percent. Now way my single smaller gyre is even in the ballpark flow wise. Don’t get me wrong I love how in alternating mode it makes my anemones sway! I wonder if the gyre moves so much water because it gets the white tank rolling with it? In alternating mode that is never allowed to happen (at least at the interval I am using)
  8. Still running it in the 65 in reverse gyre mode. Already I can tell you that the ability to reverse the gyre is one thing I like that I can’t do here, but for the same money I can make exponentially more flow with these. I’m not sure I will be able to go far over 50% in the 90 unless I go bare bottom.
  9. There is a lot of UV sterilizer chatter lately. They have come and gone in popularity over the years. I think it’s like anything, not going to save the world, but has specific benefits if used correctly. I have one I have never hooked up but hing in to thinking I would put it on a qt someday
  10. Not at all and the same experience I had a few years ago!
  11. Nice write up Brandon!
  12. That was a close one! How are the puffers?
  13. How do you like it so far? Could I bother you for a screenshot of your profile??
  14. Well after a couple hours of fiddling around here is what I ended up with. I put all my sand back in place lol amd will see what happens!
  15. Well here’s what happens when you just plug one in and turn it on for a few seconds without reading the directions lol. I guess I better study!