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  1. This is what I do too
  2. For the record they have single king rooms that are near the adult pool, and rooms with 2 beds that are closer to the holidome. What has everyone reserved?
  3. Maybe the sparkles that surround you are throwing it off lol
  4. Glad the book helped, and amazing picture. So glad to see he is doing well!
  5. I think Russ will tell you this is fine to do, but the length of time your filters last will depend on the water. I would think this would totally be dependent on what you needed to remove.
  6. Labo gets 12.99 a pound. 6 is cheap if it has a lot of life on it
  7. How many Buckeyereefers will be there?
  8. This is exactly why I am not using them any longer, the look was awesome though!
  9. Well if that is the stuff that he sells as Art Deco rock it is amazing stuff. I have picked up a couple pieces in the last year, one of them has some high hiking corals on it.
  10. Those are absolutely stunning! Haven't had time to venture over to RB for a couple months, looks like I have been missing out!
  11. What rooms have a special rate? If a guy was going to book a room do you just call the desk and pick any room for the special rate?
  12. Agree
  13. Keep us posted on its progress! I need a lobo!
  14. Looking good @ErickS!