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  1. If you have Apex already you could DIY easily with a few float switches and a pump but in your profession I could understand a canned solution being desirable. My DIY version will have a lot of the components found in the apex flavor but I haven't used it. I've had my eye on the varios pumps by reef octopus but don't have any experience.
  2. I'm going to try the matrix in the group buy tomorrow!
  3. Well except crimson and nano lol
  4. Dang, your old like the rest of us lol
  5. It has a eyelet to hang from but I need to get something to hook to it.
  6. Made a change to the sump. Don't laugh, I needed it to be reconfigurable, and may not be done playing. This is a 20" square I am hoping to grow Cheato in. I basically made an eggcrate box, and put it in front of the last baffle before my pumps in the return section of my sump. I am hoping to get a cheato ball to roll. I used some corrugated plastic to make sides and direct the flow in a way to get a gyre type motion. It took a couple tries but when I drop a clump of hair algae in there it rolls in a way I think will work. I am lighting it with a Kessil H380. I'll pick up a chain to hang the light then I just need to put the algae in. I don't currently have any cheato, but do have a couple different kinds of caleurpa I can start with until I get some. I wanted to take this step before putting the flucon in my system so I had some nutrient export while the algae is dying (hopefully) and the skimmer is off line.
  7. Only 1 more day to wait! What is everyone picking up?
  8. That's a haul! Take lots of pics while you are there!
  9. I wish, are you?
  10. Question, what happens to your ph for that 2 hours no lights are on at all? Curious if the pinpoint picks that up and how much it moves if so.
  11. It's nothing for those to go over 300 bucks! I hope it grows huge for you so we can all get some!
  12. Sweet pick up, lots of pics when you get it!
  13. Yea, I'm a regular Robin Leach lol
  14. Yes it can happen that way, that's why people generally trim it. You could always turn it I guess.