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  1. Muttley000


    Ick is like that. It seems like it’s going away but the second stage is likely coming if you didn’t do anything to treat it. If I were in your spot I would be treating those fish with copper, even if it meant I had to have a Rubbermaid sitting in my bathtub to do it. This would be a great option but unfortunately not likely. I’m not saying we should have the name of the store that sold it put out in public for crucifixion, but the fact they bagged it and sold it to you tells they didn’t care about your success enough to ask where you were putting it nor did they care about the well being of the fish. In my opinion people like this have no place selling fish or any other kinds of pets. Again just my opinion.
  2. Muttley000

    I’m kind of frustrated with ATI over the essentials 3 part being obsoleted so quickly. I added a Dos to my apex for the third bottle dang it! I was able to find three 10 liter kits of the old essentials from a fellow reefer so I am good for a while as I'm only up to 55 ml per day, but want to prep for the next step
  3. Muttley000

    Here are a few of my less than pretty but functional hanging jobs. None of my tanks are in a living space so looks haven’t mattered to me. Hope they help you guys in some way.
  4. I wish I could give this 10 likes. This is the most important kind of thing we should focus on as a club IMO! I will make sure I pick up something from you at the swap!
  5. Muttley000

    Interested in learning more about this product, any place you would recommend me reading or watching to get the full scoop?
  6. Muttley000

    I’m entered! Interested in one of these!
  7. Muttley000

    That guy would be @crimsonvice lol
  8. Muttley000

    Well, it didn't end well lol. I got my blues and whites and uv working. When I got to my moonlights which are on a driver that has flying leads instead of plugging int a board I hooked it up wrong and fried my conversion board, so I have to wait for a new one.
  9. Muttley000

    Everything in good shape here by this morning too, just yesterday evening was ridiculous!
  10. Muttley000

    Personally I think that looks super! It's really up to you anyways but I like the open look of what you have
  11. Muttley000

    I haven't heard of those ones but they are usually 165 watts and look like that. The ones I've heard of are Mars aqua, reef breeders, ocean revive, or viparspectra. I think they are all about the same but have never owned them. Many have with great success though!
  12. Muttley000

    Looking for these, let me know if anyone is looking to get rid of any
  13. Muttley000

    Ok they are multiplulying. I don’t have heaters in with them so they are slow but they still clear water if phyto every day and I still go through the motions of harvesting every 2 days for the water change. Definitely good enough to get you going just let me know when you are ready and we will work out something