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  1. Muttley000

    What can GHL do?

    Nice! Even being a n company fanboy I’m glad to see this coming!
  2. Agree, always the best path!
  3. I got a Mohawks, a miyagi tort, and the nirvanas
  4. This is awesome! Side note, I should have picked up a few extra Mote brochures. Are there any left? I want to let some wealthy people I know about them.
  5. Excellent idea and execution! Let's see it full!
  6. If you want it no need to add money, I'd be happy to swap you, I feel like I would be more likely to use the black box. May be a week or two before I get your way again though.
  7. He is looking pretty rough, I would be hesitant to add anything to the tank in the short term.
  8. Congrats! We will wait for the unboxing video and full report!
  9. I used one for years before I build my current mixing station. I still use one as my ATO container. As a precaution I scrubbed it with a paste of baking soda just to make sure there was no residue. They mark some of their cans as food safe if you want the extra insurance.
  10. Muttley000

    Joculator Angelfish

    Cheaper than a ghl controller lol
  11. I've always read that sunlight is the killer. I have. Used 47 bowfront that has been dry in my garage for 4 years. The black silicone in that still feels good. I have a couple 40b's and a 37 cube out there to get added too. All silicone there seems fine. Water in the tank is a different story though. In my basement a leak isn't catastrophic as long as I catch it quickly. I'm adding a float to my sump to kill my return pump before I add any of those tanks now though, thanks for bringing the topic up!
  12. Muttley000

    What can GHL do?

    Can the GHL monitor power on the individual outlets? For example heater outlet is on but no power draw is handy to be able to see or set an alarm for.
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