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    Any advance info on what you are getting??
  2. Muttley000

    The raffle was awesome last year, I’m sure it will be even better this year!
  3. Muttley000

    These look pretty sweet!
  4. Muttley000

    Watched this and entered over the weekend, looks like a cool product.
  5. Muttley000

    I’ve just used the free fillable forms on the irs web site. I do itemize to get the most out of my home interest and so on but nothing else fancy going on with my taxes. No cost to use and I usually have my refund in 7 to 10 days.
  6. Muttley000

    Dustin Labo has a stack of postcards in the store and extras to take to the swap next weekend @Jesse
  7. You have made your first swap sale!
  8. Muttley000

    It's a balmy 7 here lol, sounds like around -10 tonight. Going to be cold for eclipse watching!
  9. Muttley000

    Wow, 20 bucks is a score! Nice pick ups!
  10. Muttley000

    Nice, did the weather effect the turn out?
  11. Will you get her a Partner?
  12. Realized I didn't have a thread on this tank. Lights are off so pics will come. I bought this tank off Michigan Reefers along with a 47 bow, 120 pounds of rock, a HOB reef octopus skimmer and 250 Watt MH lighting along with T5 supplements for 100 bucks a few up years ago! I set the tank up with a 20 gallon fuge. Ran with just a pair of T5 for a long time and put Rapid LEDs several months ago. I am finally getting ahead of the algae on this tank, I'm sure the rock was leaching like crazy. I plan on plumbing this into the big sump this weekend. Right now it has a breeding pair of clowns, a couple black brittle stars, 3 PJ cardinals that hold eggs constantly, and 5 or 6 purple mushrooms.
  13. So I picked up a 90 gallon this week. It has a center overflow with dual 1" bulkheads in the bottom. I personally find the dual 1 inch holes useless because if I am going to use 1" it is going to be full siphon to get the flow I want and I would need a 3rd hole for an emergency drain. So I am considering removing the overflow system and plugging the holes in the bottom (or using them for a closed loop) and drilling the back for a coast to coast system. I'll build LEDs when the time comes and put this on the multi tank system. Finally I will have something I can put one of the smaller tang spices in! As per the usual for me it will be a slow build LOL. I want to get the 65 plumbed in and the 40 long lit up before messing with this.
  14. Muttley000

    It was backbreaking work lol.
  15. Muttley000

    This should be thread 10,000. Congrats Buckeye Reef!
  16. Muttley000

    Looks like you got more than we did @Jesse it’s still coming down and that north wind is strong! Sounds like it is supposed to end soon and then the bottom falls out of the thermometer!
  17. Great to see you man! What’s the plan with the new tank? Are you going to be at the expo? Great chance to pick up livestock at a great price!
  18. Muttley000

    Looks great! Love the little guy hiding in the flame algae in the last pic!
  19. Muttley000

    Also like the idea of a minute to remember reefers lost. Maybe a minute of silence with the lights off and then a special something. Interested in hearing everyone's ideas
  20. Muttley000

    Jesse, I love the idea. It will look cool, and timing depends. Maybe the vendors would do a blue light special, near the end of the show may help them move some extra stock? Maybe I'm the only one old enough to remember those lol. Could someone do something stupid, yes, but they could with the lights on also. Not coming up with a name but I like the idea!
  21. Muttley000

    Off topic but welcome to Buckeye Reef! I hope you will formally introduce yourself and tell us about your tank in our member tank section!
  22. Muttley000

    Got through the links and am intrigued! Looking forward to the videos!