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  1. Moshtico

    What do you think the odds of me being able to get some Chaeto from you at the swap would be?
  2. Moshtico

    I will take a Forest Fire Digi.
  3. Moshtico

    Would love to get some around Cincinnati if you have it. Trying to get a good pod population going before I add anything to the new system.
  4. Moshtico

    Sent you a message.
  5. Moshtico

    Still have some Coral available?
  6. Moshtico

    So I am currently working on a new build and I have a Skimz UP39 Sump that I am using. The sump has 3 filter socks, it drains to the first two which are 4" x 14", I plan to keep these as socks or possibly add a roller mat. The third sock is a 4" x 10". I was thinking about getting a media cup for this section and adding carbon to it. I'm only worried that since this is the last chamber it will restrict the flow through the sump too much. Would the second sock chamber be better? My only worry with that is it won't get enough flow to let the carbon do any good. Tyler
  7. Moshtico

    Where you located?
  8. Moshtico

    Really not sure actually, I'm starting a new build on a 90 Gallon and I got a Skimz UP39 Sump that has a refugium in it, so I will just be using whatever size that is. Off hand maybe 5 gallon. I haven't measured it yet.
  9. Moshtico

    Looking at different refugium lights, was thinking about a Kessil A80, what all does everyone have for sale?
  10. Moshtico

    Everything is sold, can close.
  11. Moshtico

    I have some from my old system, I was asking $1/#, have a five gallon bucket full, haven't weighed it yet though.
  12. Moshtico

    Would really like to get this tank sold and make room in the house. Make me some offers.
  13. Moshtico

    Looking to get a set of glass lids for a 90 Gallon tank. Let me know what you have.
  14. Moshtico

    Asking $2/Ibs, have a few very large pieces
  15. Moshtico

    I have some LR for sale in Goshen.