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  1. Moshtico

    I have some from my old system, I was asking $1/#, have a five gallon bucket full, haven't weighed it yet though.
  2. Moshtico

    Would really like to get this tank sold and make room in the house. Make me some offers.
  3. Moshtico

    Looking to get a set of glass lids for a 90 Gallon tank. Let me know what you have.
  4. Moshtico

    Asking $2/Ibs, have a few very large pieces
  5. Moshtico

    I have some LR for sale in Goshen.
  6. Moshtico

    Where are you located at?
  7. Moshtico

    Purple Firefish is SOLD
  8. Moshtico

    Chiller is SOLD Return Pump is SOLD LED Lights are SOLD Metal Halide Lights are SOLD All Coral is SOLD Purple Firefish is SOLD
  9. Moshtico

    Would really like to get this stuff sold, especially the tank. Make me an offer on stuff. Think I may keep the skimmer and the ATO. Pending is the chiller and the sump. The sooner you can pick things up the cheaper I will let it go.
  10. Moshtico

    Unfortunately the farthest north it takes me is Germantown.
  11. Had them posted in equipment but realized I never posted the livestock over here. Livestock;Ocellaris Clownfish, 3" - $10Yellow Tang, 4" - $30Purple Firefish, 3" - $20Melanurus Wrasse, 3" - $20Banded Coral Shrimp, 4" - $10Chocolate Chip Star, 5" - $10Sand Sifting Star X2, 5" - $10eaLive Rock, 200+ Ibs ( some very large pieces) - $2/Ibs, if you take it all I will do $1.50/IbsLive Sand, 100+ Ibs - $1/Ibs, if you take it all I will do $0.75/Ibs
  12. Moshtico

  13. For sale 210 Gallon Reef Ready aquarium full setup. Currently up and running. All livestock must be sold before tank and equipment goes. Livestock; Ocellaris Clownfish, 3" - $10 Yellow Tang, 4" - $30 Purple Firefish, 3" - $20 Melanurus Wrasse, 3" - $20 Banded Coral Shrimp, 4" - $10 Chocolate Chip Star, 5" - $10 Sand Sifting Star X2, 5" - $10ea Kenya Tree Coral X2, 5" - $30 Cabbage Coral, 12" - $60 Giant Purple Mushroom 8" - $40 Live Rock, 200+ Ibs ( some very large pieces) - $2/Ibs Live Sand, 100+ Ibs - $1/Ibs Equipment; 210 Gallon Oceanic tank, 7'x2'x2' with dual corner overflows and returns, also drilled for a closed loop system. Comes with stand and hanging canopy. - $600 60 Gallon Ecosystem Acrylic Sump, drilled for external return and skimmer. - $100 Skimz 201 Internal Skimmer - $300 165watt LED black boxes X3 - $60ea 250watt Metal Halide Lights X3 - $50ea Jebao DC-12000 Return Pump - $80 Blue Line 100 Return Pump - $150 JBJ ATO With 20 Gallon Tank - $100 40 Gallon Breeder Drilled for Overflow with Stand - $80 1/2HP Oceanic Chiller - $200 IceCap 3K Gyre Powerhead - $120 Price for full setup is $2,500. I would consider trade for a Harley or for a smaller Reef Ready tank and cash. Located in Goshen.
  14. Moshtico

    Price Drop $3300
  15. Moshtico

    The vase I have not had to top off actually, I do weekly 100% water changes and it's pretty well sealed so there isn't much noticable evaporation. The Opae Ula I top off just a little once a month.