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  1. I am starting to lean that direction.
  2. Volcano

    Hard to say, the rock is all covered in coral. I have a lot of equipment. An empty and drilled 120, with canopy and cabinet, LEDs, sump, extra RO. Lots of stuff!
  3. 1500, need gone asap. Yellow tang is gone.
  4. Volcano

    I'm just off Utica, need everything in this tank and the tank itself gone.
  5. To clarify, this tank comes with all rock, coral, fish, etc. Yellow tang, Bristle Tooth tang, magenta psuedochromi, 6 line wrasse, 3 pajama cardinals, a pair of designer clowns and a few I missed. I'll take 2k OBO, need it gone, you pick up.
  6. I have a complete Oceanic system available. Need to scale back, too many tanks. Fish, coral, everything. Solid set up. Turn key. Ato, LEDs, Sump, skimmer, everything! You pick up. 2500 obo
  7. 120 with dual overflows, canopy, caninet, LEDs, sump, plumbing. Been sitting in my garage for a long time and I need it out. Needs some cleaning but ready to go. PM for details. $600 for everything. Located in Springboro.
  8. Euphyllia frags $15 Zoas $15 Shrooms $5 Have many others, just stop by. I'll be listing a complete 120, with cabinet, canopy, lighting, sump, etc. soon.
  9. Volcano

    Yeah, that's a hike.
  10. Volcano

    Lebanon, ohio. The most northern part possible. So more like Springboro.
  11. I bought this 125 gallon tank with dual overflows. Need it gone asap. Tank and sump. Canopy and stand not included. $300 OBO
  12. Have some red montis, palys, shrooms, nepthia, and xenia available . Prices from $5 to $20 per frag.
  13. Volcano

    My wife doesn't even like the look. I swear she refuses to even look at the fish or coral. Lol
  14. I need enough to cover a standard 125 with a mixed reef. So I keep mostly zoas, Acros, montis, and acans. Then I need a new skimmer, return pumps, circulation pumps and an ATO.