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  1. music

    lol. rotten. I want to see pictures of the tank.
  2. music

    so does Dustin have a tank up and running again?
  3. music

    I would really love one when my tank is ready!
  4. music

    thank you so much. I am going to have to visit there this weekend.
  5. music

    is this place still around?
  6. music

    lol. When I tell my husband about new pets or aquariums I want he offers to help me move into an apartment.
  7. music

    wow, that is going to be beautiful. From the peeks in the pictures you have a lovely piece of property
  8. music

    Thank you gentleman. I will look at them again.
  9. Anybody got a great suggestion for great live rock. I don't really want just walts pretty rock. I want something with real life on it! I have been planning on TBS but geesh it is getting way up there. Thanks.
  10. music

    I was totally joking...I Fail at sarcasm. The tank looks awesome though. looking forward to seeing the lids.
  11. music

    your MTS is worsening. lol
  12. music

    That is super cool. I am so happy you and your students get to enjoy them.
  13. music

    good lord, what the heck! that is nuts.
  14. music

    The tank and fuge look great!
  15. music

    That is super cool! Is that the anemone I gave you?