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  1. music

    We call the fish he or she, the clowns are named Nemos, we call every cleaner shrimp Jacques. But no other fish gets a name. We just call them by their common name. "The Tang" "The starry blenny" It is kinda weird ain't it?
  2. music

    A tiger conch. We got two.
  3. music

    Lol. No. We just “ know” he is a boy.
  4. music

    He is from Aquarium Masterminds.
  5. music

    The clown fish graduate this week and I have been debating getting them an anemone right away. I am getting a school of azure damsels today to place in the QT. 5 damsels in a 20L. I should pick up more light diffusing grate first right? Do you see what eye see? Look closely, he was eyeballing me.
  6. music

    Oh, dear, 3.5 hours away from me. That is just a bit too far, darn. If we ever travel that way for camping I will send you a message.
  7. Sounds like you have a solid plan. Keep us posted.
  8. I would immediately start copper on him, and pull all the fish to do a copper treatment on all of them. This is the best course of action to save all the fish but it is not without difficulties. Are you familiar with copper? Are you familiar with going fishless for the display tank for 72 days to allowe the parasites in the tank to die out? Do you have any copper intolerant fish? You could run a ich management system but I do not recommend it.
  9. music

    This would be great! Shoot, once or twice a year would be cool!
  10. Crummy photos are better than no photos. Also crack up the whites & crank down the blues (if it is easy) for a quick pic. It works for me.
  11. music

    I have just recently restarted my 180 gallon after a tank crash, and I would love to trade. But I would have to offer $ as I don’t have a coral to offer. lol. Unless you need chaeto? That I have in abundance. If you are still interested...I see it has been a a little bit since you posted this. You have some very colorful softies going there.
  12. music

    I just like standard Nemo’s. I am just traditional I guess. I think those are pretty neat though. I just think for 10+ years I want the “natural” ones.