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  1. I just looked it up. Yes, that is what I found. I thought they were zoas
  2. Awesome! So what are each of them? I thought I would remember but I got completely overwhelmed.
  3. Also the frag I got called John Deere... what is that coral? It has a hardness to it that my other zoas do not have?
  4. @Muttley000 what was the name of the frag I got from you?
  5. Absolutely! Best folks around! It is Brandon right? I am trying to remember what I got from each person. Were the coral frags from you on purple frag mounts?
  6. Thank you Craig. It was fantastic to catch up with you guys. I am so happy to hear how great your wife is doing. The kids are just adorable BTW.
  7. First day back to work went great. I am home just chilling before I head to bed! I am beat!
  8. Thanks Jeremy! Very sweet of you!
  9. Thanks to all the wonderful folks at BuckeyReef I have an amazing amount of coral frags to make my aquarium beautiful again. I just can not tell you how much it means to me.
  10. I am so glad you saw the Mickey. My husband keeps saying it looks like the German flag.
  11. And this guy, at 13.8 yo sat down with me for my science experiment. It was kinda awesome!
  12. My most test results: pH 8.2 dkh 8 phosphorus 33 Ca 400 salinity 1.024 Nitrates 0 temp 75
  13. What a stunning BTA. I am filled with envy. LOL!
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