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  1. @Jimmybtown I sent you a text 937-831-2231
  2. I'll take the other one. PM sent.
  3. He says "It's formulated with the highest quality raw materials that meet our specification." Sounds like someone is making it for them.
  4. Sounds good to me. How would you like to transer funds?
  5. Are you willing to ship? I'm not sure if I can get to Lima anytime soon. I'm in New Carlisle.
  6. I assume everything is working? Are you upgrading or something?
  7. I am definitely interested. Where are you located?
  8. I would be awesome but it's quite a drive lol.
  9. If you weren't so far away I'd be interested in a couple.
  10. So here is the summary. I originally removed the fish from the display tank because they had some white spots I thought was ich. I treated with Cupramine as per the recommended dosage levels and time. The spots went away for a few days and came back so I treated with Cupramine again with no change and the white spots seemed to be even worse. I was doing regular water changes to keep the water clean. I got some advise that it may be flukes so I treated with Prazipro. After about 4-5 days the spots disappeared and all seemed well. I had a few spots return so I treated again after a week and they have been symptom free for about two weeks. I'm pretty sure the white spots were flukes. Prazsipro was very easy to get and very gentle on the fish. It did take two treatments but I'm 99% sure this has cure the problem. The tank has been fallow for over 72 days so they will be going back in soon
  11. This gets my vote
  12. Lazy Daze Lazy Daisy The Dark Side
  13. Night Vision
  14. Just completed a large water change and started the culprasorb again so should be a few days and the copper will be gone.