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  1. zachegg

    I'd be interested in the auto feeder if you're willing to separate.
  2. zachegg

    You should have given me that nem when I was there . Sorry to hear you are selling out.
  3. zachegg

    The 4th is good with me. Just send me a text when the date gets closer. 9378312231
  4. zachegg

    My weekend is pretty busy but I'm sure we can work something out. Are you going to be coming through the Dayton area before then?
  5. zachegg

    @Joe I think I gave you $125 but I'd go $100.
  6. zachegg

    Hey Joe. I have the chiller I bought from you last year. I ended up not even using it. I'll make you a great deal . I'm going to take the tank down that I have in my office because we are about to remodel so I'm not going to need it right now.
  7. zachegg

    So I figured it out and I feel like a dumb ask! In my defense I am new to apex. Literally this task was the first thing I have done since I created my Fusion account. So I didn't toggle the lights to the on position . I was a little confused because when paring the lights you put the light into discover mode by holding the button down for 7 seconds and the light turns red. When you pair the light with the AWM module the light is supposed to turn green and mine never did. So after I fixed that I spent the next two hours copying the David Saxby low power lighting schedule which was successful. This is a new tank and system for me and I have a bunch of pictures. I'll start a build thread this weekend.
  8. zachegg

    I found this info on doing a factory reset on the light. Gonna try it at lunch today and I'll update this evening. https://www.theaquariumsolution.com/ai-vegahydra-and-hydra-52-bootloader-factory-reset
  9. zachegg

    I'm having trouble pairing two Hydra 52's (non HD) with the apex awm module. I've follow the instructions on apex's website and watched their YouTube video but still cannot get this to work. I have the latest firmware on the controller and in the AWM module. I'm about to loose my mind https://www.neptunesystems.com/downloads/docs/AWM_manual.pdf
  10. zachegg

    Let me know how it goes. I have cash and will be going to the expo.
  11. zachegg

    What do you want for the tank, live stock, sand and rock?
  12. zachegg

    Lazy sells and uses Ocean Revive 247's. I think they are $160 each. I don't think anyone can argue the sucess he has with them. I have a couple and I plan on running them on my 75 when I get it up and running.
  13. zachegg

    Looking forward to some pictures.
  14. zachegg

    Nice. Aside from the clowns what else are you thinking about putting in there?
  15. zachegg

    What tank did you decide on?