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  1. I think you need to get your priorities staight @Joe . Whenever it works out.
  2. If the return nozzles are below the water surface it will still siphon until it pulls air.
  3. @XBoxxyX. Where did you drill for the return?
  4. 316 S Church St. New Carlisle, OH 45344. 9378312231 I get out now and again so text me when you're on the way. I'm here all day M-F.
  5. Where did you locate the overflow and the return?
  6. I just didn't want to get them to big and reduce pressure. The second is the emergency drain so normally it won't be adding anything to the flow. The idea was to put the over flow in the middle and have a return on both sides of the tank and it seems 1/2 is the smallest bulkhead I've seen.
  7. I was thinking about one of these. http://www.aquacave.com/intake-strainers-slip.html. I kinda like the one you have there.
  8. I'll get a picture tomorrow morning.
  9. I have a 45 gallon rimless JBJ. It's an all in one. I have it in my office. It has two filter baskets and two overflows. I use filter mesh in the top and have cheato in the bottom of them and an HOB Aqua-maxx skimmer. It's about as easy as it gets. Very low maintenance and the glass is crystal clear. I can't get a picture of it right now because the glare from my front window. I'm in New Carlisle if you want to stop by and see it. I have it in my waiting room. If you're wanting an all in one I would recommend this. I love the dimensions. Its 26wX16dX19t.
  10. I'm setting up a 75 gallon tank and I'm going to drill the back. I think I've decided on the Eshopps Eclipse medium flow box http://www.aquacave.com/eshopps-eclipse-internal-overflow-box-kit-medium.html?___SID=U . It has one 1.5" bulk head through the glass and two 1' bulk heads through the bottom of the back box one being a fill siphon and the second the emergency overflow. I assume that two .5' bulk heads for return is what I need? I've never drilled and set up an overflow like this and just want to make sure I get the flow correct. Any other suggestions or tips are welcome.
  11. Hey Joe. Did you decide on a tank?
  12. @Jimmybtown I sent you a text 937-831-2231
  13. I'll take the other one. PM sent.
  14. He says "It's formulated with the highest quality raw materials that meet our specification." Sounds like someone is making it for them.