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  1. Lazy sells and uses Ocean Revive 247's. I think they are $160 each. I don't think anyone can argue the sucess he has with them. I have a couple and I plan on running them on my 75 when I get it up and running.
  2. Looking forward to some pictures.
  3. Nice. Aside from the clowns what else are you thinking about putting in there?
  4. What tank did you decide on?
  5. Let me know. I live in New Carlisle so I'm close. I would be able to pick it up anytime.
  6. If you split it up I'll take the sump.
  7. Cobalt Neo-Therm
  8. I thought this was a good video. I use cobalt right now because I don't have a controller but I will likely change when I do.
  9. What are the dimensions?
  10. I think you need to get your priorities staight @Joe . Whenever it works out.
  11. If the return nozzles are below the water surface it will still siphon until it pulls air.
  12. @XBoxxyX. Where did you drill for the return?
  13. 316 S Church St. New Carlisle, OH 45344. 9378312231 I get out now and again so text me when you're on the way. I'm here all day M-F.
  14. Where did you locate the overflow and the return?
  15. I just didn't want to get them to big and reduce pressure. The second is the emergency drain so normally it won't be adding anything to the flow. The idea was to put the over flow in the middle and have a return on both sides of the tank and it seems 1/2 is the smallest bulkhead I've seen.