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  1. ReefFrenzy

    Thanks! I'm looking forward to it as well.
  2. ReefFrenzy

    I'me sure we will be able to bring some goodies to the swap. It should be a lot of fun!
  3. ReefFrenzy

    I wanted to start by saying I am super humbled to be invited to speak at the club event! I did a presentation at an event in Utah a few months ago and it was very well received. I typically start off with a brief intro and backstory of how I went from a hobbyist to launching a business with products sold in about nine countries. (A lot of folks say this part of the presentation was really entertaining and inspiring.) Moving on, we'll touch base about some differences between various foods and how you can make informed purchasing choices. Topics such as safe handling and storage tips for frozen food, interpreting nutritional information, Innovations in foods such as probiotics and pigmentation enhancers will be mentioned as will supplements such as garlic and ginger. Some of the material does reference the various captive breeding projects we have been involved with and how proper nutrition is important for broodstock. I haven't had anyone throw tomatoes yet and nearly everyone gives feedback that they learned a few new things from the presentation. I'm looking forward to the trip and meeting some new friends! Thank you all again for the invite and interest.
  4. Let's just say that providing the food which helped make the whole process happen gets you a big discount on the babies.
  5. At LRS Foods we have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the most talented and experienced breeders in the marine hobby. We have used their feedback and suggestions to improve our foods so they can be optimal for both hobbyists and breeders. Our Fertility Frenzy® broodstock conditioning diet has been credited with over a dozen captive breeding successes. The good news is that even the standard LRS blends contain the same fresh, diverse seafood ingredients as the "Who's Your Daddy" blend so your fish can thrive too. The freshness and diversity of our ingredients results in a nutritional profile unmatched by any other food in our hobby.In 2017 Todd Gardner announced to the world that he had successfully captive bred yet another marine fish. This time it was the Rainfordia opercularis, which is a fish rarely seen in the aquarium trade. There were previously only a handful in the US, so when we were fortunate enough to house a pair of these exotic fish we were extremely thankful. You can read all about these fish and how they were conditioned on LRS foods here: https://reefs.com/magazine/captive-culture-of-the-flathead-perch-208/ It is an amazing and humbling honor to care for fish which have been captive bred using our foods. They have settled in nicely, are eating LRS Chunky blend and seem to be inseparable. I shot this quick video tonight of them hanging out in their little cave. If you have inquires about purchasing one of these rare beauties for your aquarium please contact: fluiddynamicsint@gmail.com
  6. I went to the local fish store yesterday to shoot a video explaining our Fish Egg product as well as record some feeding demonstrations. LRS Fish Eggs offer the following benefits: The freshest fish eggs in the industry with the shortest time from harvest to delivery to consumer Highest protein & fat content of any eggs I've found commercially available Proven over the past 2 years to get finicky feeders eating faster than many other frozen foods Nutritional information and lab test results posted on the LRSFoods.com website No artificial dyes or chemicals added Mix LRS eggs in with standard LRS "Frenzy" foods for an amazing combo with boosted nutrition for your fish The staff at LRS receives fresh caught fish packed on ice and then quickly extracts the fish egg sacks from the belly. The eggs are promptly vacuum sealed to maintain freshness before storing at -24F in the deep freeze. With 23% protein content and an incredible fatty acid profile it is no wonder aquaculture folks have labeled LRS Fish Eggs "the most perfect broodstock conditioning supplement." These eggs are nearly a slam dunk for finicky eaters as well and should be in every aquarist's freezer to help get new arrivals eating right away.
  7. LRS has been proud to sponsor Brandon Rutherford's classroom reef project for a few years now. These third grade students are doing amazing things! In this podcast we learned about how the kids captive bred 500 clownfish in their classroom and sold them to a prominent wholesaler! They grew the live feeds and everything, which is so awesome. To listen go here: http://reeffrenzyradio.com/podcasts/ (You can also download the LRS app in iTunes and the podcast in GooglePlay) If you would like to visit his website to learn more or DONATE used or new equipment you may have lying around here is the link: http://mrrutherfordisawesome.weebly.com/reef-system.html It is really inspiring to see the dedication and hard work Brandon has put in to keep this project going and growing!
  8. Well it was almost 80 degrees here in North Carolina today so it seems like a great time to share a video I created last year about pre-portioning food to condition your fish to eat pellets from an auto-feeder when you go on vacation. (EDIT: Since this video was produced we are well past 500 dealers worldwide and currently out of Coral Frenzy food samples.)
  9. ReefFrenzy

    Thank you! I am working on my next couple guests right now.
  10. ReefFrenzy

    Also they run a tad large and are loose fitting. I wear an XL in everything however in these shirts a Large fits perfect. We are sold out of XXL and XXXL at the moment and it might be a little while before we get more of those sizes.
  11. ReefFrenzy

    I should specify that while we have a great track record with finicky fish nothing works 100% of the time with all fish. This is still a very difficult species for the majority of hobbyists to have success with long term. With that being said we've had several success stories over the years with CBB.
  12. The uber fresh and diverse nutritional profile of LRS "Frenzy Foods" has a great reputation of getting fish to breed in captivity. With ingredients such as fresh fish eggs, live black worms, and farm raised polychaete worms we also help get new arrivals eating and acclimating faster!Our friend Chad from Vossen Aquatics sent us this video of his Copperband Butterflyfish pair eating LRS food. To learn more about our probiotic fish foods visit LRSFoods.com
  13. ReefFrenzy

    You can order them at LRSswag.com 100% of the proceeds goes to fund the food donations we make to high school reef projects across the US. Between paying for all the graphic design work and the web portal to be built/hosted I am still in the hole so every purchase helps.
  14. ReefFrenzy

    Hello Buckeye Reef! I'll admit to being AWOL for a while and I apologize. All my time is consumed by social media marketing and logistical tasks to keep LRS running smoothly. The last six months have been a 100MPH train ride and we've had a lot of great things happening. I spoke to Jesse earlier and he said you all had a great swap and we were happy to donate food to the raffles. Here are a few highlights from the past few months: We now have 12 podcasts uploaded to the ReefFrenzyRadio.com website and the most recent one was with Nuri Fisher the president of Piscine Energetics, which produces the PE Mysis shrimp products. We launched a new website which offers HD printed shirts featuring our mandarin, as well as caps with the LRS logo. All the proceeds from sales help fund the numerous classroom reef projects we sponsor across the US. You can see the items at LRSswag.com. We filmed a behind the scenes video with Mr. Saltwater Tank TV and it was so much fun. The video can be viewed here: http://www.larrysreefservices.com/media-gallery.html LRS continues to supply food for cutting edge aquaculture facilities and public aquariums. We now have a dozen captive breeding testimonials on our website where LRS foods were mentioned as having made a significant impact on broodstock conditioning and egg production. They can be found here: http://www.larrysreefservices.com/testimonials.html LRS continues to grow and we now distribute FOUR other premium brands to our network of 500+ retailers around the globe. Retail fish stores can now order PE Mysis (Frozen and pellet), Reef Nutrition, Coral Frenzy, and Masstick foods when they order LRS foods. We literally have become a "one-stop-fish-food-shop" for premium aquarium foods. In September of 2017 our daughter joined the LRS team full time and now she runs the entire front office for LRS. She handles everything from answering the phones, processing payments, invoicing, ordering supplies, payroll, etc. I have essentially been replaced....lol. In addition to our daughter becoming a stakeholder in the family business, she was able to avoid putting our grandson in daycare. (The wife and I love having this little dude here every day!) As seen in the video above with Mark from Mr. Saltwater Tank TV my wife is in charge of all food production. Her team has grown and they do an amazing job producing more food than most can imagine to fill the daily orders. I'll leave you with a couple pics to go with what was posted above. I appreciate all of the support from our fans in Ohio and from the sales volume our dealers experience I know your fish are enjoying LRS foods! Please follow us on FB at Larry's Reef Services or friend me as Larry DuPont. Day to day tasks often make it difficult to check all the forums but I am very active on social media. Find me on IG and Twitter as #reeffrenzy. Thanks again everyone! Larry DuPont Owner/Founder LRS Foods, LLC. Erica in her home office at LRS HQ. Typical shipping day every Mon, Tues, Wed. Unpacking part of a weekly Reef Nutrition order of Tigger-Pods Mandarin shirts have a wrap around design so the tail is on the back.
  15. ReefFrenzy

    I'm still learning the "Tech" side of all this but as far as I know the service I am using (Libsyn.com) pushes the podcasts to Apple and Android platforms. We're in the process of getting the iTunes listing service set up. I'm in Florida for ReefAPalooza so it might take a few days. Thanks!