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  1. Used the Turbo Twist for a few years. Bulb would last about a year and it was easily noticeable when the bulb quit working cause green algae would start. My water quality is better now so algae in my reef tank is not an issue. Will be putting one on my seahorse tank . Having algae issues with it. Mostly due to seahorses being "dirty" eaters .
  2. Reefnuts(419)


    I use an actual fishing net the size of a racketball racket. Sooooo much esier to catch em.
  3. Completely closed can cause condensation and rot the stand.
  4. They have an amazon store set up with 99 % positive reviews. I'm tossing around the idea of their 150 $ PLC to build my own controller . But too many other projexts.
  5. Might finally get my UV sterilizer plumbed in the seahorse tank this week. Currently battling algae in it
  6. Always around ... always watchin the for sale topic for that "i gotta have it " thing
  7. Looks like the inside overflow doesn't have a cover so i would be tempted to use a strainer on the drain plumbuming such as ..... to keep fish n such from going into sump
  8. Interesting outlet box. Turn on/off 8 independent outlets by echo, dot, or smartphone. Also programable scheduling with some basic code writing. 169 $ at www.dlidirect.com
  9. One of the nasties are the fulgida worm . Oenone Fulgida. I've removed about 4 from my tank. Haven't seen any signs of them since getting an arrow crab. The Fulgida worm has legs instead of bristles. Yours has bristles so should be 99.9% safe and beneficial .
  10. Shepard Smith on Fox News just haf a story of about 10 minutes of Mote Marine along with Wounded Warrior divers planting 500 "tank raised " corals into the ocean.
  11. Electrician with Ford , lima Engine Plant.
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