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  1. Ya no doubt lol I have used almost every inch in that cabinet and sump
  2. Ups showed up with the kalk reactor Running the pump 20mins every 6 hours and i put a 1 hour delay on the ato after it runs and a 8.35 top end
  3. I gave up doing that and I just ordered a pm kalk reactor, I'm hoping to change a weekly chore to monthly lol
  4. only reason to have a cloud is over saturation or under circulation to mixing
  5. ya
  6. kind of surprising but not unheard of, if you can, toss a cheap pump in there
  7. what ratio?
  8. and your protected by ebay too
  9. I love my h80 and I'm pulling out a basketball every 3 weeks
  11. Yep normal
  12. 11 bucks 25ft DONT get one with a repeater
  13. I would look for cheap apex modules and put them all under 1 umbrella 1 pm1 (covers your temp/ph and breakout box) and a eb4/8 (covers lighting and heaters) you would only need to run a usb cable
  14. 1 get a wxm module 2 you will have 2 open ports on your fmm for ether flow readings or and leak detection
  15. I would get the full apex first and then just get the mp40s from marine depot they take payments