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  1. Had a Great Time at the Michigan Coral Expo & Frag Swap !!!! THIS YEAR WAS A RECORD ATTENDANCE 1,300 PEOPLE CAME TO BUY CORAL !!!!!!!! Big Thanks to Jim for Hosting the Show and Everyone that Helped Out. Can't Wait for It Again Next Year
  2. The Michigan Coral Expo & Frag Swap (Lansing, Michigan) is just 5 Days Away !!!!!!!! Invite all of Your Reefing Friends Sunday, January 27
  3. VENDOR LIST Aquaporium Bashea Mastered Aquatic Designs Blue Line Coral Booyah's Reef CaribSea Cherry Corals CJ's Corals Coral Addict Coral Addict Coral Kings Coral Reef Connection Coral Savers Covey's Coral Cove DC Corals Dirk's Dry Goods Dutch Family Reef Extreme Marine Eye Candy Corals Fez Frag Creation Fraggle Reef Fritz Industries Frost's Corals Gingerbread Tropical Fish & Corals J & T Corals Jason Fox Signature Corals Jduck Just Pretty Corals LaBo's Aquatics Lighthouse Corals Mad City Corals Mermaid's Cove Mike's Pyto Mistress Corals MOD Corals Motor City Corals MT Reefs Neptune Systems One Mad Fish Polyp Lab Pop Coral Premium Aquatics Premium Polyps Preuss Pets RC Studios Reef Deep Reef Donkey Corals Reef Shine Guys Reef Side Reefer Madness Rick's Corals Rod's Food Ron Balogna SaltyDog88 Seachem Summit City Corals Sunset Corals Sweet Frag Tamsco Fragging Tools Tank it Easy (Insane Corals) Tball, Inc. The Zoanthid Garden Time Herman Top Garden Products Tropic Thunder Twiseted Reefer Underwater Gardeners Wise Corals ZoZo's Corals
  4. This year Neptune Systems will have a booth at the Michigan Coral Expo & Frag Swap (Lansing, Michigan). In conjunction with Preuss Pets (Booth 67) and Neptune, we have been able to get a Apex EL Aquarium Controller as a raffle prize!!!! This is the newest controller from Neptune Systems and its sweet. Someone is going to be very happy winning this prize! To enter visit Neptune Systems at Booth 68 and drop your tickets in the bucket! Other Raffle Prizes Include Ecotech Radion Pro LED Light Kessil A360X Tuna Blue LED Light Icecap Gyre 1,000 Powerhead X2 and Many Many More including a Ton of Amazing Corals.
  5. This year we have added some cool stuff for the kids at the Michigan Coral Expo & Frag Swap (Lansing, Michigan) so they don't get too bored while mom and dad are shopping for corals. We have Face Painting by Hilary, LLC on tap to paint kids faces for free (with paid adult admission, as timing allows)! We also have a bounce house and obstacle course that will be setup in the lobby. Plans are also in the works for a touch tank for kids to "feel" what some inverts are like.
  6. Guest Speaker for the Show YouTube Celebrity Mr. Saltwater Tank Himself - Mark Callahan Come See Mr. Saltwater Tank Live and In Person Give an Awesome Presentation at the Show
  7. I always bring a couple of these Small Coleman Coolers. To Keep the Corals that I Buy at the Right Temperature. But any Cooler will do.
  8. A Few Frag Swap Tips for Both Newbies and Veterans 1. Don't Forget Cash. Some Vendors will Take Credit Cards, but Others are Cash Only. 2. Bring a Portable Cooler - to Store the Corals that you Bought In and to Keep them at the Right Temperature. 3. Doors Open at 12:00 Noon and the Swap Ends at 5:00 PM 4. Be Aware of How Much Time You Take Talking to a Vendor if what Your Discussing Doesn't Involve Buying Something. Vendors are Very Helpful and Knowledgeable and Most Will Try to Help You, but Please be Conscious of the Fact that Vendors are There to Sell and Not to Explain How to Rid Your Tank of Nuisance Algae (For Example).
  9. This EPIC Coral Expo is Going to Be Awesome !!!! I Can't Wait :)
  10. EVERYONE Please Remember to Mark "Going" or "Interested" on the Michigan Coral Expo & Frag Swap (Lansing, Michigan) Facebook Event Page. It will help us get a good idea of how many people we should expect to come to the Frag Swap so we can plan accordingly. Also, Please "Share" the Event on Your Facebook Page or any Reefing Facebook Groups that you are in as it will Help Get the Word Out about this Awesome Frag Swap. Lastly, Please "Invite" any Reefing Friends that you have on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/events/252603118727101/?active_tab=discussion Click on the Facebook Link Above for More Info.
  11. Here is the "Facebook Event Page" for the Swap. https://www.facebook.com/events/252603118727101/?active_tab=discussion Click "Going" Under the Big Picture with the Clownfish and the Anemone at the Top of the Page to Let Everyone Know You Plan on Attending You will also Receive Updates and Reminders about the Swap if you Click "Going" Invite all Your Reefing Friends so they Too Can Join In on This Awesome Frag Swap
  12. Not Only is this the Biggest Coral Show in Michigan but it is also the Biggest Coral Show in the Midwest and One of the Biggest Coral Shows in the Entire World !!!!!!!! (The Only Bigger Single Day Frag Swap is in Connecticut). - 90 Tables with Vendors From All Over the Country - Gigantic Raffle (Tanks, LED Lights, Coral, etc.) - Guest Speaker (YouTube Celebrity - Mr. Saltwater Tank Himself – Mark Callahan) !!!!!!!!!!!! This GIGANTIC Coral Show Only Happens Once a Year so you Definitely Do NOT want to Miss it !!!! :) Mark Your Calendar :)
  13. GREAT NEWS !!!!!!!! This MASSIVE Coral Show is Expanding for the Second Year in a Row with Even More Vendors and Saltwater Companies. There will be 90 Tables This Year. Up from 75 Last Year and 55 the Year Before that. This Mega Show is the Biggest Single Day Frag Swap in the Midwest and One of the Biggest Coral Shows in the Entire World !!!!!!!! The Only Bigger Single Day Frag Swap is in Connecticut.
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