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  1. Banded catshark egg. I had one. It and a snowflake eel I had killed each other. I also have video of the hatches shark feeding.
  2. Sorry, did you say something? Lol
  3. So far not even a flurry.
  4. No. But am planning one.
  5. If only my tank were ready.
  6. Wow!
  7. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207886
  8. Some people use PayPal and have to pay fees. Others carry cash. But now for iPhone users you can use Apple Pay Cash. No fees. Goes straight to the sellers virtual wallet. I likes it aloT!
  9. That’s not the answer I wanted to here. I hope they fix the problem. They have enough money to pay someone to feed them regularly.
  10. Who’s supposed to get snow tomorrow?
  11. Was is a cool tank. Even though it’s a fish only system. They had some very large tangs.
  12. It can’t be. Because if it was I would be wrong. And that can’t happen.
  13. I would think gsp would have opened up by now. @Moody66 it’s not dead, yet. Put it medium light and see if it colors up.
  14. Hey Rott! How are the tanks going?