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  1. Good work @crimsonvice!
  2. Had a great time last year. His year is going to be even better!
  3. What's your address? Lol
  4. Looks serious.
  5. I'm 40 this year. No reason to lie about our age.
  6. No. If they don't like each other, they'll figure it out.
  7. I don't have anything particular in mind. I was just looking into controllers and was thinking of cool diy controllers.
  8. Would you like a tank that had only 1 viewavle side?
  9. Sounds interesting. Any failures? The simplicity of the arduino should make it pretty reliable at least.
  10. since I can't find an all in one I like, I may as well just start building a cold water tank from scratch.
  11. I had a cheapo led and it worked great. This one is way better.
  12. Bump for any new all in one marine tank ideas.
  13. I'm starting to getting to get an itch.
  14. I thought I already won this thread?