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  1. Joe

  2. Joe

    Bump please.
  3. Joe

    Keep waiting. It’ll come.
  4. Joe

    My tank has been very neglected. Lost my nem, a shrimp and some coral.
  5. Joe

    1...2...3... not it!
  6. Joe

    Sounds good. But I am swamped right now. Well not at the moment cuz I’m on vacation. But for the month. Things should get better soon.
  7. Joe

    We have a banner I will dig it up. Will get the rest together also. If it could be a clickable banner to BR, that would rock. Rocks either way though.
  8. Joe

    We seemed to have been having “technical difficulties”. But we are back up and running now.
  9. Joe

    Ive never had one. But have heard mixed reviews about them.
  10. Joe

    I know it’s only been a weekish. But anything opening up better? Looking any different?
  11. Joe

  12. Joe

    Great looking tank. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Joe

    I’ve never really bought anything for this reason. I think to get the good deals you have to watch it all day. And I don’t have that kind of time.
  14. Joe

    What’s deals are you waiting for. Prime day starts soon.
  15. Joe