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  1. Joe

    That sucks. I haven’t been on the roads since yesterday morning. Looks like our road is pretty clear now though.
  2. Joe

    Fresh water rinse is fine if it’s dry rock. I would let water come to temp, around 78* before adding salt. You also need a powerhead or other form of circulation to get a good mix. I have added salt to cold water but mixes a lot better at temp.
  3. Joe

    Snow picks. About 5-6” here.
  4. Joe

    If you change your mind.........
  5. Joe

    I was planning a cold water tank with this. But with the way things are going it could be a couple years before I could get to it and this stuff is just sitting here collecting dust. $275 for it all. $150 for the tank only Dimensions 24x23.5x9 $50 for the pump only (never used) $100 for the chiller only Located in Sidney, Ohio 45365
  6. Joe

    If you fill the tank first you can slowly add the salt to the tank. As long as your not using live rock or sand.
  7. Joe

    @Muttley000 just did the calculations. It’s closer to 20 gallons.
  8. Joe

    I think I figured it to be about 25gallons. It’s 3/4” acrylic.
  9. Joe

    Don’t get any better than that. Although that seems high going in.
  10. Apple Watch Series 3 Aluminum space gray black band 42mm. Has a few minor scratches but works fine. Kept it because I thought I’d use it. But I always just wear my Series 4. Comes with box and the rest of the Apple Care + warranty. $250 Located in Sidney, Ohio 45365
  11. Joe

    It’s rebounding.
  12. Joe

    It’s raised the water level in the tank. So I need to get that figured out. It’s only up maybe a 1/4”. But on this tank it’s to high for my liking.
  13. Joe

    Yup. Started here about 6:30 this morning. They say we will get 3-6”. But I think we will be on the lower end of that estimate.
  14. Joe

    More flow. Turn over rate doubled.
  15. Joe

    I have a video. I’ll get it uploaded. Not sure about a podcast......... but you never know. Ehiem CompactOn 1000
  16. Joe

    I won’t let him forget.
  17. Joe

    New return pump is in. Did make a big difference and added some flow.
  18. Joe

    That’s a nice Duncan.
  19. Joe

    Just enjoying it this weekend. Have to wait until next weekend to get some new livestock. As long as @crimsonvice remembers me.
  20. Joe

    Good looking star.
  21. Joe

    Day 3 & the Rastas are loooing betting already.
  22. Joe

    That’s true. I forgot that they bought them. That’s why they are shutting down.