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  1. Catching him is not going to be easy
  2. Interesting. Well it started to go down without me doing anything so I held off. It's been a few days and he's blowing back up to where he was.... I don't get how he is acting normal but clearing this can be right
  3. So I've had my six line wrasse for one year and 5 months now. Over the passed 4 or 6 weeks his stomach started getting larger and larger. It's at the point now that I can see through the bubble cause it's stratched so far. He eats and swims normal. So change in how it behalfs Any ideas what this could be
  4. Tanks coming along well. I decided to drill all my tanks and upgraded my sump along with redesigning my plumming and added a 29 gallon tank under my refugium for water changes and Volume. I have a copepod tank, brine tank and of course my phytoplankton I do have two of the toadstool frags and they have grown very nicely since February. They are available if interested
  5. New 40g frag tank added on the 75g display
  6. Wow love this. What kinda fish?
  7. Absolutely love these too. They swim around together like they're best friends
  8. Yeah, sounds like they don't do well with the shipping and acclimation. Such a beautiful fish. Thanks for the help
  9. Came across a video with this fish in it and I really like it. Anyone know what it is
  10. Ok, the ochrestripe cardional fish. Beautiful in color, mouth brooder which is what I'm super excited for is trying to breed them. They are peaceful fish and can live in pairs or small groups.
  11. Thank you
  12. You got that right, I need to stock that thing up! I'm very interested in seeing g how the coral grow under t5 lighting since I use led in my display. I wanted to drill this tank so badly bit I had an extra eshopps overflow laying and told the wife I wouldn't spend a ton of money. Goal was to get a sweet frag tank that wasn't expensive. I have $60 into this, the tank and some PVC tubes and it's a sweet little set up As for water volume. I have a 75g display, 29g fug, 20g sump and 40g frag tank. I figure with the sump filled at 8" and with rock and equipment I'm sitting close to 139 gallons total water volume
  13. If you're looking for a bit larger fish, the one spotted fox face is one of my favorites. It was added Into my tank after my yellow tang, the one spotted fox face is really peaceful and the tang showed aggression toward him, with a few flashes of his dorsal fin, that ended fast. They swim together like a mated pair now, it's crazy. He also eats algae. Pretty awesome fish to talk about with the venomous dorsal fin. Also never had any issue with coal and the one spotted fox face is a 70 or more gallon tank.
  14. Personally I love my six line wrasse, not only is it have such beautiful colors, but it always swimming though the TA j so graceful. Also when ever I add a new coral to the tank, the six line has there within seconds picking off pests, even after dippingthe coral. Second pick would be a watchman goby. Yellow with blue specks and I added a pistol shrimp and within minutes they bonded and haven't left each other's side, so fun to watch
  15. I won a marineland T5 lighting system at LEAR and decided to set up a 40g breeder frag tank. It's plummed into my sump.