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  1. A lady out my way had to tear down her tank that had been up and running for quite a while due to fish disappearing mysteriously, she ended up finding a bobit worm in there! That's like a reefers nightmare. I'm still wondering where my cleaner shrimp and fire shrimp went. lol
  2. That's an interesting manifold. lol
  3. Well my lion didn't make it, so currently it is a 6ft damsel tank. Been too busy and unmotivated lately. Lol
  4. Hahaha
  5. Second day in a row nobody acknowledged your good morning @Muttley000 lol
  6. Ahh, forgot about that. Good thing they captive breed em now. Lol
  7. Yellows are the easiest fish off that list to find out my way, other than damsels of course. Lol
  8. I don't get notifications at all without tap talk up and running, I just see the notifications whenever I get on the page using Firefox on my iPhone. But I agree, I have noticed significantly lower numbers of online users since the update and tap talk no longer being compatable.
  9. Well thanks for the teaser update, Geeze. Lol
  10. Give it a few years, Jeabo will be making one on amazon for under $100
  11. I'm running T-5/Black box combo in my 30L and love it. I was getting great growth from just the T-5 though, I added the led's mainly for the blue channel to make my corals pop more. lol
  12. I seen another similar thing on facebook today, all the same functions. I'm wondering if its the new version you mentioned or a completely different company making one. I'll have to look later.
  13. I may be interested in this for my 30L, right now I'm running a t-5/black box combo.
  14. Following. lol
  15. I dip zoas, never tried on anything else though.