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  1. Yeah, that seems like something is creating some friction or running too hot to make over 10 gallons of water rise that much.
  2. Everything is doing great since I started feeding phyto, why in the world did I wait so long? Lol
  3. That’s interesting...
  4. I’m pretty impressed with the par readings you are getting from the stock lights. I really am glad you were the guinie pig on that tank. Haha jk, but now I’m fully set on getting one. Lol
  5. Mushrooms lol
  6. Bought a bottle to try it out, doubt I'd try growing it myself. It's cheap enough that I don't want the extra hassle.
  7. I'll get you guys some clean updated pics later, I was neglecting it a little too much. I lost a couple heads off my frog spawn colony. I taught the ol lady how to water change though so I shouldn't have that problem again. Was way low on my trace elements. All is well and good now. I started feeding phyto, and wow I already notice a difference! I've never seen the polyps on my acans so huge and colorful! I think I'm ready to start trying some stull that's a little more hard to keep.
  8. That was right after glass cleaning and a water change so it’s cloudy, but it’s looking good still. My next to no maintaince reef. Lol
  9. That's a cool fish! Give ya $20 for him! lol
  10. Updated pics coming later or tomorrow, cleaned the tank and did a 10g water change today and started feeding phytoplankton. Also, is there any kind of all in one additive for coral growth and health? Like an all in one dose? I want to start getting a little more advanced and expand my horizon on what kind of corals I keep.
  11. Wow, tank looks awesome!
  12. I know I know, Work has been crazy. Ol lady has been taking care of the fish for me. Lol