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  1. I have a full beard, I can mess it all up and make funny faces and still gets me in one try in poor light. Maybe redo your initial facial recognition set up?
  2. Lmao, or I could just hang a calendar by the tank and write stuff down.
  3. Around here $6 lb is LFS prices, I've never paid more than $2lb buying from tear downs. Last 100lbs I got from a local guys sump for $100. I'm too cheap to pay much more for rocks. lol
  4. My X in the case is smaller overall than the glass on my 6+ and the screen is still bigger, love it so far. Not as hard as I thought it would be to get used to no home button, the face ID is spot on light or dark. Voice recognition software is the best I've used. Very happy with the newest model, then again I finally upgraded from the 6+ like I said. lol
  5. @Muttley000 knows a thing or two about hardwood. lol No really, he's a great wood worker.
  6. Say what?? What do you guys usually pay per lb for live rock out there?
  7. Speaking of, I can’t remember the last time I changed my bulbs.
  8. I was long overdue from my 6+. Lol
  9. I added my led box for the aesthetics but my acans really seemed to start growing when I added it. Blues on about 70% whites on around 50%
  10. So, just activated mine and love it so far! Using it as we speak! Lol
  11. I love my T5/LED black box combo, getting good growth and I have it dialed in just right to please the eyes.
  12. I like it!
  13. Long overdue update on this Tank, my lionfish didn’t make it due to the scrape on his side from catching him getting infected. So ended up completely changing direction with this Tank. Livestock now consist of a small yellow tang, small sailfin tang, med powder brown tang, small niger trigger, large fox face, large diamond goby. Might end up upgrading lighting eventually and doing a reef so I’m keeping it reef safe just Incase.
  14. Is this ever gonna end? Lol
  15. That’ll be the hardest thing for me to get used to, I’ve never not had a mechanical Home button. Lol