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  1. Going to stain tonight and fill tomorrow! Pretty mad that I was a slacker on getting this up and running because my LFS owner texted me today offering me a LG Harlequin Tusk from they're distributor for only $80! I'm pretty bummed I'm not ready and couldn't get it as I would have had to pick it up tomorrow.
  2. Yeah, that would be a shame for sure!
  3. Ahhh, now were talking my price range! I'll just have to wait till you're 3 sheets in the wind to negotiate a deal! LOL
  4. Trades for what? I don't have any coral worth that much! Hahahaha
  5. Ahh, you're golden then!
  6. Somebody is sleeping on the couch tomorrow night after it shows up! Hahahaha
  7. Ebay+beer=angry ol lady!!! Lmao
  8. Hahaha
  9. $1.50? I'll take ten!!! hahaha
  10. Well how much are you gonna charge us for frags then? hahaha
  11. Just tell us what you paid already. lol
  12. You aren't helping @Muttley000! By the way, how's the algae problem coming along? lol
  13. Idk how I am getting notifications for this post still! lol
  14. Looking forward to this one coming together!
  15. Agreed with @Muttley000, some of us cant keep corals that some say are so easy to grow that they consider them pest! I personally cant keep GSP alive to save my life! hahaha