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  1. Clint526

    Yeah, they were good then gone. A lot of zoas I just can’t keep. Only the ones I like of course, I have a bunch of cheap ones scattered around the tank that I could care less about that are doing great.
  2. Clint526

    I’m out again...
  3. Clint526

    Extreme tropical pets in Youngstown ohio.
  4. Clint526

    bout time! lol
  5. Clint526

    You mean two days to work on house stuff to try and get it listed this year. Lol
  6. Clint526

    I’ve been here, reading. Been working 16’s 5 days a week. Lol
  7. Clint526

    I had the same thing with my powder brown, but he disappeared completely. He was the healthiest most active fish I had.
  8. Clint526

    I still can’t get mine to open all the way. Lol
  9. Clint526

    How much to ship it to 44460?
  10. Clint526

    Does the t5 fixture have a built in timer?
  11. Clint526

    I am not one to argue results, but I’m still in the trial phase! But so far it’s not going well...lol I think the glass lids need to go for a day to see if that is my problem. I guess trying a coral for a competition in my fowlr going reef project simultaneously wasn’t gonna put me ahead of @Muttley000. Hahaha
  12. Clint526

    I still can't get mine in a good spot to open all the way, prob gonna move it to the little tank.
  13. Clint526

    What kinda t5 fixture? Willing to ship?
  14. Clint526

    They are a great addition to a clean up crew, and cheap enough so why not? I have a coral banded in my 30 reef, they will eat more peaceful shrimp though.
  15. Clint526

    Good to know, I'm gonna move em back up.