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  1. What do you mean deplete a sand bed? Are you talking about pods?
  2. I have a full grown one, very funny fish to watch. He's kind of messy, but pretty beneficial in keeping the tank clean looking.
  3. Only thing is, the edge has to run on its on timer. If power is lost it has a battery backup for the timer but I’m not sure for how long. I guess that’s something I could look into. If it keeps time the entire time it isn’t getting power I suppose I could have it someone synced to get and lose power with the t5’s easy.
  4. I thought about that, I’m just super ocd about it. Lol
  5. Idk what to do, I have great success with the t5/led combo on the other tank. I would really think the 72watt led and a 108watt t5 combo would be fine. And if I added another 108watt dual bulb fixture I’d be using 3 outlets and the dual bulb fixtures don’t have built in timers.
  6. Thinking maybe just buy this fixture? In theory that should be good enough for pretty much anything I would buy to go in there, right?
  7. True, wouldn’t the t5/led combo mess with the readings though?
  8. The led light I have is 72w, each 48” t5 bulb I add is another 54w. If I went off of the 3 watt per gallon rule I’d need 3 t5’s on top of what I got. Correct?
  9. It’d actually be cheaper to go with two dual bulb fixtures than the 4 bulb. Maybe I’ll add as I go? Lol
  10. No, don’t have any. Lolwas thinking about sps though. Figured if I’m gonna spend the money then spend it now rather than wait and see. But if 2 bulbs with the led strip would be fine no matter what then I’d go that route.
  11. Dunno yet, so I have a some store credit at my lfs. Gonna add t5’s with the leds. Only thing is, should I get a two or 4 bulb fixture. Don’t wanna go overkill and spend more than I need to if I don’t need two extra bulbs.
  12. Geeze, you gonna pay me in rolls of penny’s too? Lol
  13. I’m not running it yet, running my big canister off the 125. But I thought about using it when I have the new set up right where I want it, and maybe a peninsula style Tank with that overflow on the end.