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  1. I reserved the stag, I can get that off you Sat night if your around setting up for the show. Or I’ll be there all day Sunday as well
  2. Wow that’s bizarre because they are huge for that.... still a lot of great donations!
  3. Did BRS donate anything? I know they always donate to shows.
  4. I’m going to be getting 4 I know for sure.
  5. I have not heard about the salt either. It was always a huge hit and hope they have it this year again! I will be there all day Sat and Sunday so I can help load/unload everything too
  6. Should be a good weekend. I hope my wife can make it this year.
  7. I booked it. Should be a good time!
  8. I gotta book my room. It’s too long of a drive to go back home that night
  9. I think coral coloration and growth would be nice. I’m sure everyone would always want better color and growth lol
  10. Will paid vendors be able to go to the speaking? I’m pretty pumped for that. Does he know what he will be talking about?
  11. Hey are you guys still doing the 40$ boxes of salt this year! That was killer last year!
  12. Mr. Saltwater Than Thein
  13. Thanks guys, I'll send everything over today!
  14. Hey I sent you guys an email for reserving a table for a hobbiest. I just need to know who to send the money over to reserve it.