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  1. I booked it. Should be a good time!
  2. I gotta book my room. It’s too long of a drive to go back home that night
  3. I think coral coloration and growth would be nice. I’m sure everyone would always want better color and growth lol
  4. Will paid vendors be able to go to the speaking? I’m pretty pumped for that. Does he know what he will be talking about?
  5. Hey are you guys still doing the 40$ boxes of salt this year! That was killer last year!
  6. Mr. Saltwater Than Thein
  7. Thanks guys, I'll send everything over today!
  8. Hey I sent you guys an email for reserving a table for a hobbiest. I just need to know who to send the money over to reserve it.
  9. Tables and chairs in the hall for people selling off reef trader is perfect. Usually people tell everyone where they will be ahead of time anyways. I cant wait for this years, it was the best swap around last year! I'll be needing a hobbiest table this year though!
  10. Just my opinion, I think that the raffle "stage" was way to big last time. I think you guys should have some open tables for people to sit at or bring coolers that are selling from reeftrader. Last years swap was great but again maybe a smaller center stage to open up some room for more tables.
  11. I'll need a hobbiest tank spot this year! Let me know where to send my info and payment! Can't wait!
  12. I bought this light off EddieL. It arrived today. The blue Channel 2 of this light will not go above 20% or it just flickers. Attached is a picture of how the LED light fixture was shipped to me. A piece of cardboard and a lid to a foam box. This light was able to move around 360 degrees while shipping.
  13. There are about a million different versions of them. I have found that mine are more blue with bright orange skirt.
  14. I should be free all next weekend. The lunar destroyers are fully covered 1.25" frags. Very large. Just let me know. I don't edit my pictures other then turn the blue down and crop so if it's cheaper for you to ship I can send WYSIWYG pics to look at before you buy.
  15. What other site do you use??