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  1. It’s good to see younger generation getting into the hobby and making a difference! On a a side note, I got the email from Jesse but never got a reply back yet Either @Pola0502ds
  2. I got the email from Jesse. Can’t wait for the show!!!
  3. Ohh I saw this page and thought it was opening up to reserve a table. Sorry
  4. I just messaged for a table again this year. @crimsonvice
  5. Luke Schnabel

    Thanks! All my coral has been grown out in my system for years. So I’m not like a lot of people that set up for shows like this and import coral colonies and cut them up to make profit. Im not here to make a bunch of money, I’m just a hobbiest that does this for some spare money to pay for the hobby and more coral The coral grows so either I Frag it or I run out of room haha
  6. Luke Schnabel

    Ok thanks guys, I’ll have to keep an eye out. That’s amazing that you’ll be setting up a tank this year. It’s a lot of fun. And the baby is coming in 17 days
  7. Luke Schnabel

    Anyone have news on the 2019 Expo? I know it’s far out but I don’t want to miss out on a spot lol. The wife and I had a great time this past expo.
  8. Luke Schnabel

    Miami Hurricane Chalice frags up for reservation on Reef Trader! This is a stunning Chalice that grows quickly!
  9. I have lots of coral listed on reef trader for the upcoming swap in canton Ohio. July 28th https://www.reeftrader.com/swaps/75/listings
  10. Luke Schnabel

    That’s good news! It defiantly helps when you can sell some frags and keep the hobby supported by its own income. So far I’ve been able to support it 100% with selling frags and that includes buying new equipment as well. If your already mainiting a tank it doesn’t take hardly any more effort to keep a frag tank plumbed to the same system. Hope you can get going and have a spot come next years swap!
  11. Luke Schnabel

    Hey sorry about not remembering the Rasta trade. I’m glad I had a frag of it to give to you still. But it was great meeting you guys and my wife said to tell your wife thanks for all the input on the baby stuff!
  12. Luke Schnabel

    Pending sale
  13. Luke Schnabel

    Sorry no thanks I have all the equipment I need at the moment.
  14. Luke Schnabel

    Also Home Depot has the same threading in the PVC area. A female thread that fits each end is less then a dollar.
  15. Luke Schnabel

    Yes I do. The top one has a 3/4” hose bib glued into it to run a foot of flex tubing. I do that to all pumps just to eliminate any rattling they would have but these Vectra pumps don’t make any noise whatsoever. If you didn’t want to use it, they sell the replacement for a few bucks.