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  1. Luke Schnabel

    That’s good news! It defiantly helps when you can sell some frags and keep the hobby supported by its own income. So far I’ve been able to support it 100% with selling frags and that includes buying new equipment as well. If your already mainiting a tank it doesn’t take hardly any more effort to keep a frag tank plumbed to the same system. Hope you can get going and have a spot come next years swap!
  2. Man that stinks, try an iodine dip on it.
  3. Great Show guys! It was a blast. I’m glad I got to meet everyone. Sorry I didn’t say bye to anyone personally my wife wanted to get back ASAP so she isn’t exhausted for work tomorrow! Again thanks a lot and like always you guys did a hell of a job.
  4. Luke Schnabel

    Hey sorry about not remembering the Rasta trade. I’m glad I had a frag of it to give to you still. But it was great meeting you guys and my wife said to tell your wife thanks for all the input on the baby stuff!
  5. Luke Schnabel

    I will be there sat night ~6ish.
  6. Luke Schnabel

    Pending sale
  7. Luke Schnabel

    Sorry no thanks I have all the equipment I need at the moment.
  8. Luke Schnabel

    Also Home Depot has the same threading in the PVC area. A female thread that fits each end is less then a dollar.
  9. Luke Schnabel

    Yes I do. The top one has a 3/4” hose bib glued into it to run a foot of flex tubing. I do that to all pumps just to eliminate any rattling they would have but these Vectra pumps don’t make any noise whatsoever. If you didn’t want to use it, they sell the replacement for a few bucks.
  10. Luke Schnabel

    The wife and I will be there sat to set up and we will be staying at the hotel
  11. Luke Schnabel

    I’m selling this like new Vactra M1 pump. I put in a frag tank on my system so I needed to get more flow with the L1. Only used for a few months. 250$
  12. Luke Schnabel

    Yea for sure! I got a nice big frag of it I’ll give you. Do you have any more strawberry shortcake acro by chance?
  13. Luke Schnabel

    I reserved the stag, I can get that off you Sat night if your around setting up for the show. Or I’ll be there all day Sunday as well
  14. Luke Schnabel

    Wow that’s bizarre because they are huge for that.... still a lot of great donations!
  15. Luke Schnabel

    Did BRS donate anything? I know they always donate to shows.