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  1. 41 in three days...just a rough 41
  2. Dang...i need a 36 inch.
  3. Whats the length?
  4. Congrats mate!!...just remember the little ppl rhat made this all happen for you when your spending your winnings...lol
  5. Getting old SUCKS....right muttley?
  6. This is no way to live...have mercy on this poor irish soul...i threw my back out friday at work and have been laying on the floor staring at the ceiling all day..and today is water change day!!!...
  7. Ok..just used up a whole bag of this salt and all i can say is...thank god its over..algea blooms, unstable salinity, ph swings,calcium drops and phoshate problems...ive change all my rodi filters thinking that was the issue...nope..tds is 2 output..checked my ato to see if that was causing salinity problems...nope...even had to put my kalk reactor back inline the compensate the ph and calcium drops...now that this nightmare is over im heading out to get my kent marine salt back into the system...who knew salt could cause this much issues.
  8. The driver went out on my steves led system so i rewired it to work on manual dimmers so i dont need this controller anymore..the controller works fine though..will come with power supply but i may have to get you a new com cable..$40 obo.. Im in akron
  9. Selling my current marine led light...fully controllable..comes with light, 2 controller displays and 1 remote..may have 2 remotes if i can find it..been on my 65g tank for a year..asking 140$ obo..im in akron...http://m.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=27873&cmpid=03cseYY&ref=6194&subref=AA&cmpid=PLA_G_6194&gclid=CjwKCAjwzrrMBRByEiwArXcw223_p4aNR--8yNSLBm4WZus8liir_-wfk-USu6fYMF7myayqyOXlMBoCER0QAvD_BwE
  10. Not sure how i feel about this...the pump looks and sound nice...the controler seems overpriced to me...for $10 i bought a "router speed controller" and it controls the ac return pump in my system...albeit it has no wifi though.
  11. It was very reliable..but unfortunately the water tight sensor started to get pricey...then i started worrying about the corrosion on the arduino from salt creap..and arduino is about 1/4 the price of raspberry pi...i guess in hindsight i could of remotely mounted the arduino...sooo...what are you thinking about doing with a raspberry pi? @Joe...you asked the question, so you must have something in mind...lol
  12. I have used arduino for a few automation tank projects..like ato and timed pump shut downs..but it started to get really expensive buying a bunch of sensors..so it became another abandoned project...but no experience with pi here.
  13. Im sure we will meet face to face one day then..lol
  14. Nice light...and thanks for the review...i too am courious on how growth works with this light.
  15. Definitely micro brittles...always a good sign.