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  1. Muttley...do you not have a tv?
  2. I heard "stranger things" season 2 is coming soon...catch up on season one..its awesome
  3. If its good quality, i have no problem buying used, as long as the price is right...even if it good quality but broken, everthing is fixable.
  4. I think you would probably have a better spread if you went side to side mount...tank looks nice though!
  5. I still have it...pm me and i can send you pics
  6. Im in the "waiting line" in hell...aka the DMV
  7. Been there, done that....i lost my mandrin of 8 years because all the sudden one day my tang and trigger decided to be a-holes to him...sucks that mandrin are almost too peaceful
  8. $50 bottom line plus shipping or pick up, can meet 30 miles from akron.
  9. So cool!!!!..ive always wanted a lion....who's the next resident to go into this predator tank?..cowfish are really cool...(another one of my favs)...damn, your making me want to start a predator tank.
  10. 48x24x12 ?....how many gallons is that?
  11. Just finished getting the light hung and timers set...only problem now is shadowing from the center bar...strange i never had that with the leds...oh well, i can live with that as long as my corals start coming back
  12. Wow...looks awesome...love that colour
  13. Did you get this @Craig....just wondering your opinion on it?
  14. Thats a good idea...but im totally off leds...ive lost too much coral to my led journey...although, i used cheap black box lights...i guess you get what u pay for...ive run mh for 12 years but got tired of the cost of bulbs so i fell victim to the led fad...i guess im old school...I'll pay for the bulbs after witnessing loss like this.
  15. So i took this light offline today and realized the paint finish is a little stained from salt creep thus im dropping the price to $70..i have no need for it anymore or anywhere to store it, so it must go!!...this is a $170 light new..it works perfect...i just went another route with my lighting situation..still willing to ship per buyer pay shipping...the remote and ramp display still look brand new....get it now before i put it on craigslist....also have a few more lights im looking to get rid of...pm me for more info...downsizing all the lights that i have laying about taking up real estate.