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  1. Sure I can send you some pics soon as my wife gets home my phone is messed up very well taken care of
  2. Do you still have the truck 567-395-2919
  3. I have a black widow a quadricolor
  4. Do you still have the light 567-395-2919
  5. Interested in the package deal to rw-8 orphek light and 150 lb of dry Rock what kind of price would you do me 567-395-2919
  6. I'd be interested in the light
  7. Factory Drilled, black back also have homemade stand and canopy if wanted make offer 567-395-2919
  8. Both work perfect rkl has svl for orp or pH pH lab grade pH probe Moonlight controller and to pc4 make offer 567-395-2919
  9. Text 5673952919
  10. Do you still have
  11. Reefkeeper slx mlc 2pc4 lab grade pH probe $150 Jeboa rw15$40. 567-395-2919
  12. Lol...funny
  13. Where are u located and what's the ballpark