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  1. EddieL

    I can text them it isn't allowing me to upload them
  2. EddieL

    What were you thinking?!?
  3. EddieL

    If I can get rid of all the livestock first I have no problem doing that.
  4. EddieL

    I can text them to you if you'd like
  5. EddieL

  6. EddieL

  7. 30g red Sea aquarium for sale 200$
  8. Have 189g tank with corals fish sump refugium pumps for sale 1500$
  9. EddieL

    Still have the pump 4195086928
  10. EddieL

    How much
  11. DA reefkeeper lite plus 2pb4s mlc slv lab grade pH probe I temp head unit 10 ft 7ft and 3ft bus cables $125 567-395-2919 Eddie in toledo
  12. EddieL

    Sure I can send you some pics soon as my wife gets home my phone is messed up very well taken care of
  13. EddieL

    Do you still have the truck 567-395-2919