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  1. JMM

    Send me a list Craig. 419-905-3396 thanks, Jim
  2. Have 5 of these. All are natural splits. All are 8 months and older. Have then secluded in a acclimation box right now. Asking 25 per . Am in Lima area. No shipping at this time. thanks, Jim
  3. JMM

    What about the rock. Thought I sent a message a couple days back. Jim
  4. JMM

    I have a small raccoon, a med. pearl scale, orange, saddleback and dot dash along with a med. lrg. Teardrop. Here are a couple poor pictures. I had just fed them. Still need a copper band, thread fin and a bannerfish. Waiting to either find a good used 180 or will buy a new one. If new I might go to 220.
  5. JMM

    Working as always. Sunday is my only day to play. Just finished my qt. period for the group of butterflies I have. Need to get them into a hospital tank for some antibiotics and then wait till I get the 180 bought and set up for them.
  6. JMM

    size is 36 long by 16 high by 15 front to back. Came off a 120 system. Very nice sump.
  7. JMM

    Looking for a used or new . Used must be in good shape without heavy scratches on front glass. Drilled is a plus but not necessary . Pictures and price and location as well. Just the tank, no stand is needed. thank you, Jim cell...419-905-3396 lima, ohio
  8. JMM

    Fresh water dip for 5 minutes. This will cause flukes to dislodge. It also puts velvet and ich on hold briefly. Then a 75 /90 minute bath in ruby reef rally to sooth the possible infection etc. If she survives then probably copper for qt. Good luck with the fish.
  9. Looks to be a Trigger Systems 30 gallon . Nice condition, needs slight cleaning. Shipping possible and local pick up . Text for info or call....419-905-3396 PayPal preferred or cash if local. 150.00
  10. Looks like it might be a Trigger Systems sump. 30 gal. With red acrylic top. Its in good shape. Just needs a little cleaning. Shipping is possible. PayPal preferred or local pick up. West of Lima. 150.00 text or call with questions please. 419-905-3396 thanks, Jim
  11. JMM

    Running the 3K on my 70 reef. About 40% and it’s more then enough flow. Have a small power head on the opposite end and that gives random turbulence. Not apex compatable that I know of or I would use it on my apex. Fairly quiet but the faster you run it the more you hear the whine from it. Had it about 8-12 months.
  12. JMM

    Almost bought a couple. From Corals Galore a while back but they told me they were not reef safe. Problem with the little shrimp, in my opinion, they spend most of the light hours hidden. Only time I saw my peppermint was briefly when feeding the tank. Only small shrimp that were out often were the sexy shrimp but I think the big shrimp killed them.
  13. JMM

    http://www.reeftronics.net/adpg this might help.
  14. JMM

    I believe they have 2 sizes. http://synergyreef.com/