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  1. redsea or Desjardin's sailfin tang for sale. Med or about 4-5 inches. It’s in my 180 right now. It’s pestering my Klein’s butterfly no end. Its a beautiful fish and it’s been through all the qt stuff. Asking 85 for it. In Lima area. Can meet within reason. Text me if interested... a bit older picture...actually much older. Bet that was over a year ago. Will get current pics up soon. 419-905-3396 thanks , Jim
  2. JMM

  3. I use salifert for.... alk, Calc, mag., iodine. hanna for copper, pho’s. Get lots of reagent though. I find the copper very easy but the pho’s. test I find you have to have everything ready to go, otherwise the time runs out before you get the glass tube with tank water and reagent mixed and in the checker. Redsea for nitrates. Refractometer for salinity. Apex for temp, ph,.orp and salinity
  4. JMM

    No, you pay a 300 deposit to them and they send a replacement. You send the bad brain back and they diagnose It and then use the deposit towards fixing it. In the mean time the eb832 changed somehow and my dozers started running all the time. I caught the Calc but my alk went to 16. I expect heavy losses ro my sps corals. Working at getting it down now. One water change got it to 12. Need to get it lower yet. The wallet is taking a BIG hit. If I lose my corals it will be hard to stay the coarse. At some point you have to say enough. Hope it doesn’t come to that but time will tell. Have super glue on hand.
  5. JMM

    The fix is in the works. They are shipping a replacement now.
  6. JMM

    Have the newer apex with WiFi. It’s hardwired to WiFi. So the other day it starts to reset itself. Then it disconnects from the fusion program. Just found out the brain has something wrong ( tumor maybe) and needs surgery. So now I am waiting on a replacement Neptune is sending. Tried hooking up to my classic system but the eb832 will not work with the classic. Learning the hard way.....have an extra brain on hand and have your programs written down or some such. I have to write new programs for my alk and Calc. and have just an idea of what the code was. Oh, and they get 300 for deposit while you wait for the outcome of the surgery. My medical insurance denied the claim already....shame really. New brain will be ordered soon. learn from my mistake. I actually had another system, the classic for backup but have since used it to run my new 180 and 120 and my sump and water station. Now added some of my 70 reef to it .
  7. Thanks for the link. Looks interesting.Been using this for filter material. Koral Filters PRO (1.25) Koi Pond Parent - Blue & Dye-Free (12 ft roll, Blue) by Koral Filters I am still buying fish and corals and equipment , that’s my list
  8. JMM

    Pair on R2R right now. 310 shipped. No controller .
  9. JMM

    I had one for about a year or so. It didn’t have the anemones on its arms though. Don’t know how it survived but it did. Also never saw it out in the open. Only knew it was alive when changing tanks.
  10. https://www.reef2reef.com/ams/copper-testing-simplified-using-hanna-instruments-high-range-copper-checker-hi702.454/ get this test kit.it will get you dialed in on copper levels right. I use copper power myself.
  11. Ours was about 8 grand installed. It runs my house and half my shop which is 3 freezers and lights and furnace.
  12. Whole house generators are the way to go. Never need to worry about the power going out again. Plus what if you are away from home? I was in Wyoming hunting and our power went out for 4 hours. Never missed a beat, good to go. By the way, we have had ours 2 yrs. and the power still goes out occasionally.
  13. JMM

    Text me please. 419-905-3396. thank you, Jim
  14. JMM

    The tang has found a new neighborhood to hang out in. thanks.