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  1. https://www.reef2reef.com/ams/copper-testing-simplified-using-hanna-instruments-high-range-copper-checker-hi702.454/ get this test kit.it will get you dialed in on copper levels right. I use copper power myself.
  2. Ours was about 8 grand installed. It runs my house and half my shop which is 3 freezers and lights and furnace.
  3. Whole house generators are the way to go. Never need to worry about the power going out again. Plus what if you are away from home? I was in Wyoming hunting and our power went out for 4 hours. Never missed a beat, good to go. By the way, we have had ours 2 yrs. and the power still goes out occasionally.
  4. JMM

    Text me please. 419-905-3396. thank you, Jim
  5. JMM

    The tang has found a new neighborhood to hang out in. thanks.
  6. JMM

    This guy is for sale. He won’t leave mt sailfin alone so he’s out of here. 4-4 1/2 inches. Just came out of qt. In acclimation box for now. $50 buys it. In Lima. Best to text to 4199053396. thanks, Jim
  7. JMM

    Looking for a frag tank or shallow reef. Want something to qt and grow out frags in. Needs to be in good shape, especially the front glass. Something 40 gal or bigger. Thank you, Jim
  8. JMM

    Picture of the big one. You can see it's crammed in a tight spot.
  9. JMM

    Have a fairly big sinularia . It’s in a 55 in the top half right now and very crowded. It’s been in my system for 2 yrs. also have small frag off it. Large is 75. In Lima. Small is 25. Only going to sell one. Jim
  10. Saw this on the other forum. As a small business owner I understand the vendors call in this instant. As they stated, no one went looking but instead they “ lucked “ into the purchasers thread about issues with qt’ing fish. Otherwise the refund would have gone forward. Remember, if you are the vendor and replace something like that it’s coming right out of your pocket. Maybe wholesale pricing but it’s impact is on your wallet. I honestly don’t know how LiveAquria does it guaranteeing fish like they do. Far too many people who don’t really have a clue how to acclimate or qt fish. Can’t imagine how many fish get bought every week only to die quickly due to in-experienced hobbiests. just my humble opinion. I’ve killed a few myself. jim
  11. JMM

    Yes it does. Once it’s acclimated and inflated it ought to be pretty nice.
  12. JMM

    Gold and platinum both give you 5 frags. Must be some nice corals for the extra money. When will you get your first package? jim
  13. JMM

    it all looks I nteresting and the platinum looks like a real winner , if only ! My wife would have my hide at 400 per month. look forward to seeing how it works out for you.
  14. JMM

    Got that right. I just sold the last visible one other then one that’s very small for some reason. I released them a week ago and they scattered and hid pretty well. Never know where they will end up. I have one nice one yet but it’s under a rock somewhere.