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  1. saltfever

    Nice meeting you too. I figured he would, always been a very hearty fish. Stopped by aquarium world and turned the fish money into a chalice and jedi mind trick! Lol
  2. saltfever

    Sounds good, I can probably meet you half way.
  3. saltfever

    Maumee Ohio, I make a drive ever other weekend to Strongsville Ohio can meet anywhere between.
  4. saltfever

    Very healthy 3.5" Eibli angelfish for sale. Have had it for over a year. Never had a issue with soft or lps coral, but last night he developed a taste for my sps corals. Spent all night tonight tearing my tank apart to get him out, what fun that was. He was hand caught and placed in my sump for now. Would like to get $30 or possible trade.
  5. saltfever

    A few shots from today just after the lights came on.
  6. saltfever

    Always been a fan of the candy apple reds, figured I would add two more flavors to the mix. Now it's just the waiting game for them all to grow out. My candy apple reds, pinks and purples.
  7. saltfever

    What's wrong with palys? I have many in my tank, just show a little caution when handling and all is good.
  8. saltfever

    Looking good! You got some nice pieces.
  9. saltfever

    NoWaiAma the corals all open up for you today?
  10. saltfever

    Wealth of great info right here, thank you Jesse!
  11. saltfever

    I like that Cyphastrea! Find a rock with a cool shape to attach it to and let it encrust it. I have been searching for a cool sculpture to let my meteor shower Cyphastrea encrust onto.
  12. saltfever

    The Halle Berry's are nice, also a pretty quick grower.
  13. saltfever

    Crimsonvice I can't go and part with that favia just yet and the wife may kill me if I part with the kingpin. I have some very cool frags I'm just waiting on to grow out. Once they do I'll have some really awesome stuff to trade or sell within the group. I have some really neat chalices that I'll frag down the road.
  14. saltfever

    You're sitting at about $700 retail if the corals were purchased individually off the site. My order is just under $400 retail. Looks like you got some nice stuff! The AOI's grow pretty fast, mine went from 4 polyps to 12+ in a month and a half or so. They seem to be in high demand right now also.
  15. saltfever

    Recieved the replacement order today. WAY BETTER! Much more inline with what other people were getting. I did recieve 2 duplicates from a previous order AOI zoas and kingpin chalice. In wwc's defense I did tell them I would have been happier getting duplicates in my last order. Because then at least I would have got some nice pieces. So maybe that's why they did it. Regardless I'm very happy with the replacements. Replacement order items Snowdrop acro AOI zoas Jason Fox Bipolar favites Kingpin chalice