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  1. saltfever

    Oops Monday-saturday
  2. saltfever

    That's fine no big deal. I'm working 530am-6pm Monday-friday, so I dont even know if i would be able to meet up. No rush, just let me know and I'll try and figure something out.
  3. saltfever

    Sounds good just let me know where to meet you and when 419-280-2020 or PM me on here.
  4. saltfever

    Sweet thank you sir, just let me know. I just got my massive air pump today to run on the phyto, rotifers and breeding tanks. Plan to build two shelves for the tanks and everything else this weekend. Lights for the tanks and phyto should be here Saturday. Getting excited to get this all going.
  5. saltfever

    Thank you... no rush. Getting my ducks in a row to start breeding clowns soon. Still have to get the breeding setup done, but wanted to make sure I have a good food supply before I start trying to breed. Till I have babies my corals will love the extra food I'm sure. Just let me know what you want for the starter cultures.
  6. saltfever

    Looking to start cultures of phytoplankton and rotifers, I'm in need of starter cultures. Hoping someone on the forum could spare some. I'm in Maumee but travel to Toledo often and Strongsville every other weekend.
  7. saltfever

    Couldn't get pics of one of the clowns, he is camera shy. But here is one of the lightning maroons and the flame angel I picked up yesterday. The flame is one of the nicest I've seen, super bright little guy.
  8. saltfever

    If you still have them and are willing to give them away, I'm in maumee I can pick them up this weekend.
  9. saltfever

    Few pics from the store today. Picked up a pair of lightning maroon clowns and a flame angel. I'll try and get pics of them tomorrow.
  10. saltfever

    Copied off facebook Aquarium MasterMinds Hours of operation: Monday and Tuesday: Closed Wednesday-Sunday: Open 1-7 Address: 4120 Secor rd, Toledo, OH 43623 419-376-3622 Please Note: Special shopping appointments are available on closed days by appointment.
  11. saltfever

    It's a great shop! Was just in there today. Livestock looked very healthy and the owner was very friendly and helpful. This comes from a guy who hates most lfs! His prices all seemed very competitive. Shop is clean and laid out well. Tanks are still in that new tank stage but were clean and appeared cared for. NOT one sick looking fish! A whole room setup to quarantine fish for 2wks before sale. I highly recommend checking this shop out.
  12. saltfever

    I have one more big head of pink tip frog spawn to sell. $25 for a single large head.
  13. saltfever

    Anyone got a polyp or two of acid reflux for sale?
  14. saltfever

    Everything's sold but the sea fan and bta