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  1. saltfever

    I have one more big head of pink tip frog spawn to sell. $25 for a single large head.
  2. saltfever

    Anyone got a polyp or two of acid reflux for sale?
  3. saltfever

    Everything's sold but the sea fan and bta
  4. Candy apple pinks 4 polyp frag $15 7 polyp frag $20 Red goniopora frag, fully healed and growing. Very bright red with blue tips, not pink. $30Pink tip frog spawn, single head but nice and big. $25Cherry corals bulletproof elegance. 3"frag fully healed and growing. $35Purple frilly sea fan, dark purple with white polyps. Cut 3wks ago no tissue lost, large cut with many branches attached to small rock. $20Purple people eaters nice large polyps fully healed. 2 polyp frag $20 Rainbow bubble tip, natural split very nice color. $25Thanks for looking.
  5. saltfever

  6. saltfever

    Anyone have a nice little frag of mauls? My wife is dummed, out of the blue hers decided to dissolve. It was her favorite coral.
  7. saltfever

    New additions today! Picked up a few frags from the cherry corals live sale on sat. Tyree flower petal monti, space invader mycedium, aussie blasto, green and purple acan, tyree pokerstar monti and a purple monster paly.
  8. saltfever

    A few top down shots before a water change.
  9. saltfever

    Nice meeting you too. I figured he would, always been a very hearty fish. Stopped by aquarium world and turned the fish money into a chalice and jedi mind trick! Lol
  10. saltfever

    Sounds good, I can probably meet you half way.
  11. saltfever

    Maumee Ohio, I make a drive ever other weekend to Strongsville Ohio can meet anywhere between.
  12. saltfever

    Very healthy 3.5" Eibli angelfish for sale. Have had it for over a year. Never had a issue with soft or lps coral, but last night he developed a taste for my sps corals. Spent all night tonight tearing my tank apart to get him out, what fun that was. He was hand caught and placed in my sump for now. Would like to get $30 or possible trade.
  13. saltfever

    A few shots from today just after the lights came on.