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  1. Frags need a week or so to heal, just cut yesterday. I have a frag of Cornbred RockStars (at least 4 polyps) and a frag of scrambled eggs (at least 5 polyps) to trade. These are nice bright frags, the rockstars really glow in the tank. Looking for other nice zoas or euphillia....I have a mixed reef sps, lps and soft, so if you have something nice to trade it never hurts to ask.
  2. saltfever

    Sent you a pm
  3. saltfever

    Yes sir I am please send me the list
  4. saltfever

    Sent you a PM with a few I'm interested in. If you have pics to go with the prices I would love to see them.
  5. saltfever

    I'm in maumee, I will also be at the swap.
  6. saltfever

    Anyone have an abundance of z&p frags they want to sell? Looking for high end and classic beauties. Got a little more space to fill in the 125 and need some color to fill in the gaps. Looking to buy or I have a few things I can trade. Thanks for looking
  7. saltfever

    I might be set as far as the phyto goes, got a bottle of live phyto culture as a freebie with a cherry corals order. Once I get it going good I may hit you up for some rotifers tho.
  8. saltfever

    Let me know when you have another pearl berry available. My wife lost hers, so if I replace it for her she will be more accepting of all the other frags I grab from you! Lol
  9. saltfever

    Just a few of what I have in the tank. Rainbow, rose and 2 green. Working on splits so I have a bunch to add to a future tank. Planning on a 100ish gallon black storm clownfish harem tank. Need a ton of these guys to host 30 or so clowns.
  10. saltfever

    Oops Monday-saturday
  11. saltfever

    That's fine no big deal. I'm working 530am-6pm Monday-friday, so I dont even know if i would be able to meet up. No rush, just let me know and I'll try and figure something out.
  12. saltfever

    Sounds good just let me know where to meet you and when 419-280-2020 or PM me on here.
  13. saltfever

    Sweet thank you sir, just let me know. I just got my massive air pump today to run on the phyto, rotifers and breeding tanks. Plan to build two shelves for the tanks and everything else this weekend. Lights for the tanks and phyto should be here Saturday. Getting excited to get this all going.
  14. saltfever

    Thank you... no rush. Getting my ducks in a row to start breeding clowns soon. Still have to get the breeding setup done, but wanted to make sure I have a good food supply before I start trying to breed. Till I have babies my corals will love the extra food I'm sure. Just let me know what you want for the starter cultures.
  15. saltfever

    Looking to start cultures of phytoplankton and rotifers, I'm in need of starter cultures. Hoping someone on the forum could spare some. I'm in Maumee but travel to Toledo often and Strongsville every other weekend.