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  1. I added another light to the middle section to give my corals some more even lighting. I like the look better
  2. Price drop! $300 need this gone asap!
  3. Ugh I hate when that happens
  4. @crimsonvice mine turns to the off position aswell if it runs for to long. I have to go into the fusion and turn it back on.
  5. @crimsonvice mine has a timer on it and if it runs for two long then it will shut off
  6. I would love to have this!!!
  7. Yea I'm sad to have to put it up but if it goes to any of you guys it will go to a good home
  8. Unfortunately due to some unforeseen problems I have to sell my newly set up frag system. The specs are below. $300 OBO 33g long with stand 20g long sump rio 2500 return pump Bubble Magus Nac5 protein skimmer 2 Corallife Aqualight Advanced 150w HQIs Aprox 50-75lbs of liverock Assorted corals and clams on the rock Mated Pair of Blood Orange Clownfish Jabeo wave maker I need to sell this asap text or call me with any questions about it! 4193770013
  9. Nice!!
  10. @Outlaw I believe just sold some I think.
  11. I will take him if you don't want him
  12. A little project from tonight! It's a stand for our company award that is a baseball bat. Still not done but it's a work in progress.
  13. Yes it is lol
  14. Added some live rock to the frag tank and some to the sump to cycle the tank. I will take most of it out once I put the frag racks in.
  15. Ok finally got my hand on this beautiful guy! And a new acro!