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  1. Hahahaha my wife says the same thing hahahaha she always says I don't know why you even ask me lol
  2. @Muttley000 the dct 12000 from jabeo are not to bad. Then do have a very quiet turbine sound to them when they are cranked all the way up. I think the only reason I can hear them is because they are twice the size and power of my previous pumps. I am very happy with them though. I like that I can control the flow on them without dropping 500 on a ecotech. All new parts have been added and are running!
  3. I'm just now working on setting them up. I am using one for my return and 1 for my skimmer. I will let you know soon when I get them running
  4. The last of my new toys have come in and I got the apex all set up!
  5. Sounds like a sump room is in order!
  6. Well that was quick hahaha
  7. What size tank are you going to go with?
  8. This is a pretty sweet design and I wouldn't Ming trying it out on a tank!
  9. Haha I'm not that kind of recruiter. I only sign people who want to be in. Good stuff though Thank you for your service.
  10. Where you in @Clint526?
  11. LOL yeah prior to being a recruiter I was a chemical biological radiological nuclear specialist. I chose to become a recruiter because I wanted to help people and open doors that where opened for me when I joined. It's been a blast so far.
  12. Actually yea Haha
  13. Thank you! I try not to let menu people know haha but I'm going to be bored at the fair and wanted people to come out haha
  14. Haha It's my pleasure. Thank you for the support. I'm just glad I have all you guys to help with all my tank questions hahaha
  15. If anyone comes out to the Seneca county fair come say hi to me!!