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  1. Very nice!
  2. We better see more then just the outside of the boxes lol !
  3. The only reason I'm wondering this is because I can definitely see in my coral growth that I have a hot spot in my tank and I have a bit of a darker spot in the middle of my tank.
  4. What direction are people running their leds? Are you running them from front to back or left to right? I'm thinking about remounting my lights.
  5. @crimsonvice not a problem! Thank you for the trade. I can't wait to see your build all setup! It's looking good so far.
  6. I haven't decided yet. I want to put them in as is but there is some die off in them that I don't like to see so I'm not sure yet
  7. Thank you! I just picked up these 3 babies today!!
  8. Yes you would need a 5 gallon bucket for it! I wish I could have gotten it.
  9. I saw this clam today and it is amazing!
  10. That's good to hear!
  11. How is this doing @XBoxxyX?
  12. I haven't updated in awhile so I figured I would post some new pictures! Added some new corals and a purple tang! All are doing great!
  13. It was great to meet you aswell! He is beautiful thank you!
  14. Are you going to sell everything?