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  1. lngliv3

    This was a pig roast I did on Kelley’s island over Labor Day weekend.
  2. lngliv3

    Ask away u should still have my # you can call or text any time buddy.
  3. lngliv3

  4. lngliv3

    Been busy house shopping. Building rifles and boating.
  5. lngliv3

    Guess who’s back?????
  6. lngliv3

    Looks great man !!!!
  7. lngliv3

    Yes it’s still kickin
  8. lngliv3

    I’m here
  9. lngliv3

    Wow still going!!!!
  10. lngliv3

    It’s this weekend
  11. lngliv3

    Whoot whoot
  12. lngliv3

    Shooting things that go bang and building firearms. Next build is going to be an AR9 pistol caliber carbine and a ar10 chambered in .308 or another Ar 15 chambered in 300 blackout. Plus im starting to dabble in reloading
  13. lngliv3

    It’s March !!!!
  14. I’m still looking for a pump !!!!