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  1. 300 DD them some bigins
  2. When is this post gonna end ???? its about time to start up some new contests for gift carts for the up comming fragtastic fragapolooza!!!!
  3. You don’t bring them home !!!! Lol
  4. 650 ft off the ground. I’ll get one soon my cousin took these pics
  5. It’s mine
  6. That’s cool
  7. It’s mine
  8. @Muttley000 miss ya lil buddy!!!!
  9. I’m the lil lurker
  10. Aweeee find more time !!!!
  11. Got meat???? I’m going 20 pork butts and 4 Briskets!!!!
  12. I’m gonna be real busy!!!!!!
  13. I got a new gun !! She got a new ring!!!!! Fair trade I think !!!!
  14. Someone could but I’m not like that but if it’s you or my family I’m picking my family and myself !!! Fun gun hopefully I can try my luck at a 3 gun comp someday!! And hunting up north.