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  1. Wow it’s still mine
  2. Here’s the best tip I have for you don’t drop anything !!!! Lol
  3. @Muttley000 send me some links please
  4. Yea I was really wanting the Glock but I’m not liking their one year warranty might end up getting the s&w M&p 2.0 chambered in 9 mm in flat dark earth instead !!! Lifetime warranty
  5. Looking for a big pump for my basement sump setup. Before I buy a new pump checking for a used pump to check flow and work out the bugs first. The new glock 19x comes out in 2 weeks so I need to find a pump first or it will be put on the back burner again.
  6. Still have this pump!!
  7. I’v been doing a lot of shooting lately to get more comfortable carrying a firearm. And I’m now the yard officer at the yacht club so I have been fixing up all the equipment for the up comming boating season!!
  8. Yea I’m here tank is till up just been busy living life tank has takin a back seat cause I want to do the basement sump but I haven’t found a reasonably priced pump so I’m kinda just bummed.
  9. @Muttley000!!!! Hello buddy!!!!
  10. Happy new year guys !!!!
  11. Sweet !!!!!!!!
  12. I went to Cabela’s after work and picked up a vortex scope
  13. 300 DD them some bigins
  14. When is this post gonna end ???? its about time to start up some new contests for gift carts for the up comming fragtastic fragapolooza!!!!