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  1. TideFan

    I have some now thanks anyways.
  2. TideFan

    Anyone in Toledo??
  3. TideFan

    Does anyone in the Toledo have chaeto I just need a small pice. Thanks in advance.
  4. TideFan

    I have a 125g with stand and canopy and sump. PM me
  5. TideFan

    Yes I still have it, if it's not gone soon I might just have to set it back up! Lol
  6. TideFan

    Sent you a PM
  7. TideFan

    I would try adding a air hose through the durso down about 6". Basically given it air where it is needed. Hope this helps
  8. TideFan

    Yes it's still here make me a decent offer an it's your! I m heading in a different direction with my tanks.
  9. TideFan

    Tank is still up for sale if anyone is interested?
  10. TideFan

    I replied to your PM
  11. TideFan

    Here are some pics of the 125 gal tank I have. It is a standard all glass 125g aquarium. The missing rectangle pieces on the hood are for stain glass that I never had made and put in. there are 2 bulk heads at each end in the back that are 1.5 inches in diameter, new. I am asking $600.00 for the custom stand, tank and sump. I also have 2- 250W HQI base I'll throw in for free. It needs work.
  12. TideFan

    I have a 125g that comes with stand and canopy also 40g sump. I'm located in toledo if your interested let me know.