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  1. R those for sale?
  2. Havnt decided yet. I need to because of calcium tank is almost always low even with dousing my ato with it
  3. My first one in months, since i finally remember my password
  4. Here's my equipment in all its beastness
  5. I'm in BG also only available on weekends if that could work for u ? Would like some of the yellow green stuff
  6. Have no single piece of cool aquarium equipment? Can i take a picture of somthing in my shop?
  7. Lots or fish Pretty sure its condy And we also found out our clowns were wild caught
  8. And a UV sterilizer
  9. Our tank is now going on one year, wandering if we need a reactor but i really don't know what they do? We have a very busy sump (protein skimmer, mangroves, a bunch of different filter media's, filter socks, live sand and rock) Display tank at around 200 lbs live rock My concerns come in from the November contest. I dont have any of the pink algae but corral is awesome and growing?
  10. Your rocks are awsome
  11. Thanks @Craig thats kills our theory! On to find a new one
  12. We were wandering if it was killing the clowns, its the only new thing in the tank and only the clowns seem to be getting devastated. who knows Saltwater hobby sure causes me some head scratching
  13. My wife needs an anemone intervention!
  14. Same color as it was Green with white tips and purplish foot The clowns died off