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  1. jeepkrazy

    How about medicine (dousing drugs) Or just plain on hand supplies?
  2. jeepkrazy

    flame angle
  3. jeepkrazy

  4. jeepkrazy

    @BusyBeeNice car, u may start something with this one . Buckeye reef careshow?
  5. jeepkrazy

    Never mind looked it up
  6. jeepkrazy

    Whats the trident?
  7. jeepkrazy

    R those for sale?
  8. jeepkrazy

    Havnt decided yet. I need to because of calcium tank is almost always low even with dousing my ato with it
  9. jeepkrazy

    My first one in months, since i finally remember my password
  10. jeepkrazy

    Here's my equipment in all its beastness
  11. jeepkrazy

    I'm in BG also only available on weekends if that could work for u ? Would like some of the yellow green stuff
  12. jeepkrazy

  13. jeepkrazy

    Have no single piece of cool aquarium equipment? Can i take a picture of somthing in my shop?
  14. jeepkrazy

    Lots or fish Pretty sure its condy And we also found out our clowns were wild caught
  15. jeepkrazy

    And a UV sterilizer