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  1. Pm sent
  2. My new little buddy we call him jack short for jack o lantern
  3. Do you still have the fox face and flame tang
  4. I have no problem drilling it. But this tank is already painter on the back side and really don’t want to have to paint another
  5. You know how to drill them @XBoxxyX @Muttley000 You have any knowledge on drilling glass
  6. Does anyone have the ability to drill a tank. I have a 29 gallon tank I would like to drill a drain and return to be able to put a small sump on it
  7. Do you still have some live rock forsale
  8. Located in Lima. We tore this tank don’t and moved most of the live stock to my 90
  9. I have live rock and sand. Some have corals on it I would do 30 lbs for 60. We are tearing down my wife’s system
  10. Thank you just took it with my iPhone
  11. A little late but just got done combinding two tank into one