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  1. Gone please close. Nice to meet you today @Nanoreef13
  2. I would be interested to what's on the frag rack still a little new and would hate to smoke beautiful colony
  3. I got a fat and happy purple tang that is about 5 inches or so. Took him in on a tank buy we got and he is in a 29 gallon tank right now holding him due to having one in the 90. Looking to rehome him in a bigger tank that will make him happy. Asking 150 for him I am in lima you can hit my cell up at 419-303-6283
  4. Ok thanks
  5. So is it ok to reuse bulk heads. Still in good shape. Took the overflow hardware out to clean then going to reinstall them.
  6. Goal today is to get the wife's 75 gallon tank set up and take her horse to the vet
  7. Good morning y'all
  8. Wow @Muttley000 that is starting to look really good
  9. Already got that. But I did get to enjoy a nice 22 oz tbone on the company dime. They bring all the techs across the US up
  10. Sorry tripped up to Minnesota for some training and to see the bosses for the first time in three years
  11. Good morning
  12. My wife's tank is not drilled. But I wonder if I could stock it full of enough pods to survive. She has a 30 gallon
  13. Well he died in the sump last night. Got to him to late
  14. Caught the mandrain for now and sumped him so he can recoup and get his strength back. I hope his top fins will grow back because the tang ate them all. If he comes back to health I will catch the purple tang and sump him so the mandrain can have some space to Rome
  15. It is a 4 foot 90 gallon. He was fine when I added the flame angel in and some shrimp. Just hates the mandrain