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  1. That's what a lot of people say you will either have great success or melt them. For my wife's tank they grow like wildfire under a sb reeflight
  2. A lot of people don't like it because it grows fast and spreads. My wife loves it so I just make sure to keep it trimmed back and not let it go crazy. A guy gave me some on a Little Rock and it has spread enough to where I have the rock to someone else to start there in there tank and have just a little in the wife's tank
  3. If you don't find any. Next time I come over that way I will bring you some and you can have it. Don't get that way often but every now and then I do
  4. Good morning. I think it's water change day here. Clean the house and a birthday this evening
  5. You get good results with it. I'm guessing you are running the 10watt one
  6. Yea them kessil lights are out of my range
  7. Right now I am running a 6k led grow flood light bulb bought from lowes in a clamp mount
  8. Your link for some reason won't let me open it
  9. I will have to look into one of these lights
  10. Man it's quite in here tonight
  11. Beefing up the clean up crew
  12. Ok so I have tried to grow macro a couple times and have failed. What is your guys thought on growing macro. I started with a cfl bulb it did not work. Right now I am running a 6000k led spot light grow light
  13. Ok I have a question. What do you guys use to grow macro algea
  14. Such a nice upgrade