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  1. Outlaw

    Please close he committed suicide in the return pump
  2. Outlaw

    Willing to trade for coral to
  3. Outlaw

    I could meet you part way
  4. Outlaw

    Sorry I am located in Lima
  5. I have a huge yellow headed sleeper goby about 7 inches long. We nicknamed him shamu do to him being one of the largest sleeper gobys I have seen. He is great for storing and cleaning the sand bed. Asking 30 obo
  6. Outlaw

  7. Outlaw

    I got another friend not on the forum that would probably do another 20
  8. Outlaw

    You ever come down near lima I would take $20 worth
  9. Outlaw

    I am interested in it. Can you send me some pictures. 419-303-6283 I am in Lima
  10. Outlaw

    It looks great
  11. Outlaw

    I call it acan
  12. I will keep you in mind @buk along with the other 5 people lol
  13. Outlaw

  14. Outlaw