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  1. Yup I will be there
  2. Upgraded my 90 to a 120
  3. Pictures and price
  4. Sb reef lights. Upgraded from mars aqua
  5. Can’t wait just got the new lights up
  6. The ones I buy have the garlic in it
  7. I feed both omega one and spectrum pellets both with garlic. Omega one does a little better on the sinking aspect being great. Spectrum likes to float a little more but will sink to. I also throw a little brine every now and then for a treat and also every now and then a flake food
  8. I will jump in on this one
  9. Sold please close
  10. Ppu today
  11. Lima ohio
  12. Fish ppu
  13. I can try and catch him out of the sump @Muttley000