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  1. watdachuck

    Feeling reefy in here :)
  2. watdachuck

    You know I would still like to add more fish, but if you can believe it after a year I am still dialing in these Radions. They are now at 60% total intensity on the Radiant Color program and I think that is still too much power. Today I dropped the intensity to 50% but extended the exposure time by 1 hour. So they will now run from noon to 10 PM. I read the threads about those that run them at 100% output and I just don't understand how they do it without frying every coral in the tank. Its a conspiracy is what it is
  3. watdachuck

    FTS Friday!!
  4. watdachuck

    Starting to get that pop under the blues at night...
  5. watdachuck

    Well I would say slow and steady is about right...yesterday I moved the MP60's higher in the water column to help increase flow across the entire tank. I was seeing a lot more new growth from the side of the tank closest to them, and could see the water was close to stagnant on the far side. Increasing flow was not working but this seems to be doing the trick. Its also the last thing I can think to change to help improve the health of all these sticks!! So far so good...below are some photos of what I'll call my favorites so far.
  6. watdachuck

    When I first turned it on I was looking at it non stop. Now its mostly just check ins or when I receive a motion alert, which is quite often
  7. watdachuck

  8. watdachuck

    The Leopard Wrasses are on the prowl also, I wonder if they ever pick off the little buggers....
  9. watdachuck

    Whelp, I have been using this Rio 800 to blast the buggers off when I notice them. Looking better today, but wondering if I can actually beat them this way...
  10. watdachuck

    #$_& my life!!! So I was looking closer at these photos and saw specs on the fire acro. Now it has been growing but not consistently across all the branches....thinking these are red bugs. I haven't added anything new for months and use Coral RX, but something had to have gotten through. The idea of using interceptor boggles my mind. The Leopard Wrasses thrive off all my pods and removing my 5 shrimps also seems like a major debacle. Photo 1 you can see the specs and they were crawling around. Photo 2 is growth over the last 4 weeks. Anyone have any advice outside of the interceptor method? Could I blow them off with a power head on the daily and potentially starve them from their host?
  11. watdachuck

    Actually about 3 days ago I set a 6 week acclimation to go from 60% to 63% intensity (radiant color preset). Taking it real slow in case I see signs of distress. Pretty happy for the most part but I do have one that is growing but not showing the greatest colors as of yet. Adam at BC said it was coming along nicely and would mature into glory in due time.
  12. watdachuck

    Seeing some new tips!!!
  13. watdachuck

    Just saw this, following!
  14. watdachuck

    +1 for the fan. My AC unit compressor failed last week and the house temperature went to 85. Luckily the tank is in the basement and maxed at 82 for a couple days. The nice gentleman who will be replacing my unit brought a portable unit by until the new one is installed.
  15. watdachuck

    Water test results for June are in...