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  1. It is doing well "still alive", I moved it to a piece of rubble 4 days ago. Hoping to see some new growth here soon " polyps are extended, color has not changed" I've read its a slow slow grower.
  2. Looking great
  3. Will get better picks of the next 1 I find " we all know there's more lol"
  4. https://alchetron.com/Armina-neapolitana-1750631-W
  5. 2 on glass 1 on rock
  6. I have found 3 in my tank so far, kinda boggled as I dip everything in a bayer/ro water 10min then a ro dip 5min I see a small frag tank qt purchase in the near future
  7. Went from black to blue, must have gotten hit lol
  8. I pour wet rocks in a box
  9. I play pubg aswell
  10. I have a 8 core bulldozer rig 16g ram Gtx 1070 512 ssd. O.s. 2Tb med is Water cooled Future plans getting another 1070 to run Sli "Sli support was released for some titles I play" or sell my 1070 and buy a 1080 ti. Single gpu over multi gpu wins
  11. If that don't work try killing it with fire
  12. Is this aio Kit still available. ??
  13. I wish the picture would do better justice, was a lot better colors on the feeding tentacles in person
  14. Eating some frozen reef frenzy. My tank goes nuts over it