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  1. I've never even thought about this let alone what I'd do about it. good post
  2. wow, I mean to tell you wow! there are a lot of bulkheads and that many check valves would be crazy. you can easily plug the bulkheads. if its a good price go for it.
  3. looks great!!
  4. do you think you could have it ready for pick up Saturday or sunday this week? 4/14 or 4/15 ?
  5. I don't feed, but maybe I'll start for this contest it about bragging rights
  6. 3 heads, good luck all!!!!
  7. I put glue on underwater, so I don't expose the critters to air.
  8. make it a zoa garden!! that would look great with all the color.
  9. interesting tank picture: last night I saw movement in tank and my Emerald crab was lifting up my hawk so he could clean the rock. they didn't like the flash
  10. most are 2-4 inches tall
  11. I can be there Saturday evening if help is needed to set up. Let me know
  12. Galaxia frags largest is size of quarter
  13. mother galaxea coral (from outlaw)