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  1. jeff70

    a new apex to replace the one STOLEN by my son.
  2. jeff70

    I guess I could have googled the store, hopefully ill see you this weekend
  3. jeff70

    thanks and yes im that lazy!!!!lol
  4. jeff70

    where is store? address and hours please
  5. jeff70

    bowling green let me know
  6. jeff70

    I'd like to see anything captive bred.
  7. jeff70

    nice, have fun !!!!!
  8. jeff70

    thanks, need anymore sinularia??? anyone.... Beuhler, Beuhler, lol
  9. jeff70

    my 450
  10. jeff70

    my wife handles that if your really interested and understand Great Pyrenees then shoot me a pm and I'll pass on to her , they are getting teeth now! little vampires!!
  11. jeff70

    haven't been too active lately, we've had puppies!! Fish and coral are soo much easier. 10 little great Pyrenees 4 ish weeks old.
  12. jeff70

    some different shots of my 100 gal.
  13. jeff70

    it wasn't a-aron !! it was De Nice!!!!!!
  14. you could also silicone the bottom of each slit in the overflow 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch and I'd also cut the tops of the overflow just to make sure you don't leak over the top if the slots get clogged.
  15. jeff70

    not drilled no overflow, you can make it what you want. I will help you load it up!!!