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  1. why not just paint the underside of the tank if you want the "look" without the real sand. I'm just saying
  2. are there any spots still open???
  3. I used to run it in my fish only, bleach the coral rubble every 2 weeks setup. This was of course over 15 years ago. I have tough about pulling it out to treat algae problems but the cleaner crews have come through for me.
  4. its not a bad thing!!!!!!
  5. I'm not ruffled , but I do love ruffles, who doesn't?????? I worry about science and "science". when people make generalizations it gets everyone I trouble. fyi the great barrier reef is over 1400 miles long covers an area about 350,000 miles is not one continuous reef I think around 3000 ish the shallow ones are in trouble, 20 -60 feet the deeper are doing fine drive safe everyone. I'd like to go dive there someday and have talked to 3 dive guides who have all recommended deep dives with multiple tanks, that freaks me out a bit. I like simple safer dives where I can go up and down as I please. So probalbly going to Cozumel this summer and may even get to help with a coral transfer project. Don't tell my son:)
  6. I would be very wary of this author. 80% of university funded research is found to be false. Well anyone doing research knows it is much easier to prove a false statement than it is to prove a true statement. I've done research and we always were out to prove a statement false, if we couldn't then this warrented more research. I'm just saying, those who use wel know facts for shock and awe are playing those who are uninformed for the fool. facts we know: large areas of the great barrier reef are dead, these are coral heads estimated to be hundreds of years old we don't see overgrowth of large stoney corals on dead skeletons anywhere else on the great barrier reef Algae is a huge problem where rivers empty into the ocean, dive operations no longer take people out in these areas (for those of us living in the western end of lake Erie , who knew this would be a problem?) I'd like to say make up your own mind , but science is science it doesn't matter if you believe it or not and its not open to political opinion. What we do about it; that's all political: but facts are facts. Have a great Friday!!!
  7. here's my biocube, its had a rough time of late with huge cyanobacteria outbreak which is much better now but will most likely be a quarantine tank in the future, maybe a cardinal tank who knows.
  8. here is a top down view of 100 gallon tote, look at all the sinularia:) hopefully this will be in a 100 gallon display by mid March.
  9. ok here is my 30,
  10. love the beaker!!!!!!!!!
  11. wow did not expect this. keep up the good work
  12. I didn't say you were wrong I just had access to lots of engineer students through aspiringlobophylia and took advantage , I was going to put one in but when I build things its usually overkill times 10. it took a west point cival engineering student(bright young man) to finally break me of the overkill building. I used to use 4 by 4 notched posts for the corners what a waste of money unless you need to support over 15 k pounds lol I beg your forgivness, you want a sinularia???
  13. ok called in a expert: 2 by 6 will support 7800 pounds without risk of deflection or bowing. this was figured using the worst grade of white pine available. thankyou Brad!!!!!!