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  1. jeff70

    I have a potter's that is 13 years old. but stupid yellow tang died last week, ate wonderfully the night before then in morning had no eyes or face. What a good clean up crew I have!!!
  2. jeff70

    if I notice the water with a yellow tint I run some carbon for a few days do this very rarely 1-2 times a year
  3. jeff70

    the rock , lol
  4. jeff70

    Joe how much are you looking for? I have some in my sump and would like to put my protein skimmer in but hate to dry it out. in the old days I would call it base rock as it gets zero light. Let me know
  5. jeff70

    as soon as I thin out my sinularia I'll get some more sticks!
  6. jeff70

    world wide corals : not too impressive. lots in the backroom where they have their "mother" colonies 2 display tanks and 4 120 gallon frag tanks. some fish on the back wall and some inverts. I thought It would be much larger... but they sure have social media sales and e-commerce down to a science.
  7. jeff70

    yes it is!!
  8. jeff70

    if you look at BRS (bulk reef supply) there is a good video on the 4 month cycle. and its fairly entertaining.
  9. jeff70

    wait for the ro/di system, the qt tank really only needs to be set up when you need it. I have bioblock which I take out of my sump and put into a canister filter for my qt tank. When I'm done I bleach everything. I put another piece of bioblock into the sump when I remove one. so I always have extra on hand. don't rush the setup.
  10. jeff70

  11. if you need help please let me know.
  12. years ago a friend came over and scrapped some off my glass, used a blender then put it into his tank. he had visible growth in 1 week. good luck!!
  13. jeff70

    a new apex to replace the one STOLEN by my son.
  14. jeff70

    I guess I could have googled the store, hopefully ill see you this weekend
  15. jeff70

    thanks and yes im that lazy!!!!lol