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  1. sinularia and lots of it!!!!! there are at least 40 heads in there and when we were transferring it they weren't perfect they got tossed. interestingly the bright green is predominate but there is also a bright yellow. potters angel sailfin tank longnose hawk fairy wrass is what will be in there soon as the qt tank is emptied. after that who knows but if you know anyone who wants sinularia let me know.
  2. special thanks to my son Jake for all the help!!!!
  3. ok tank has cycled and the tub has been decommissioned. red sea reefer pump magnus from sunpole flow from icecap 3k gyre lights kessil 760 2 150 watt heaters 1 hydor and 1(the flat plastic one, sorry con't think of name) this is not the aquascape final product just wanted tub gone
  4. jeff70

    fungal infections anywhere nails lungs skin urine, for immunosuppressed patients to prevent those infections(chemo HIV ...)
  5. jeff70

    have you checked out aquariumdepo.com?? I know in the past the have had issues but my last 2 orders were excellent well packaged nice and hardy , I qt'd the fish and all is well after 12 weeks and corals are growing like mad.
  6. jeff70

    not over the counter you need an Rx
  7. jeff70

    just an fyi: fluconazole is an azole which destabilizes the cell membrane. specifically sterols(Ergosterol for fungi) but sterols are very prominent in any plant. It does not kill specifically; but as the cell membrane destabilizes it breaks apart and you get cell death. that's why it took 2-3 days for it to look like it was it was washed out. From a medical perspective I would recommend retreatment in a week to kill off the tough stragglers. turning the protein skimmer on day 3 makes sense to get rid of all the intracellular proteins and crap. pricing at Costco with goodRx coupon is 200mg tablets(just crush it) 30 tablets for $34.10. sorry if I wasted your time but its real slow at work today. Jeff
  8. jeff70

    that looks interesting!!!
  9. jeff70

  10. jeff70

    for the scuba lovers: 12 dives in 7 days water temp 82-83 surface to 70 feet average dive 50-60 minutes average depth 55-60 feet
  11. jeff70

    I'll add more pics with time but the reef was amazing. first picture: juvenile drum fish beautiful long fins about 3-4 cm in size second picture: neon blue sponge "amazing" I want one third Christmas tree worm in sps forth arrow crab just hanging out
  12. jeff70

    my 30, my biocube qt tank, and the red sea
  13. jeff70

    started with 3 up to 12 at least, sorry wasn't on much in last 2 weeks
  14. jeff70

    back before I had air conditioning I would put frozen 2 liter bottles in tank sump and change it every 6-8 hours. Thank god for air conditioning!! just remember to turn off the heater!!!!!!!