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  1. I don't think I'm going to make it up there tonight , work has nearly killed me this week and I here again until at least 4pm , I'll see everyone tomorrow.
  2. I use an old thermous filled with hot water, you could use anything that will keep cooler around 80 degrees. but you don't want it too warm. most animals chill well but they don't like it hot.
  3. will someone please end this and just proclaim me the WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  4. sorry works has killed me this week , havn't looked at tanks much let alone taken a picture, but next week should be better. We will all have new stuff from the swap!!!!
  5. whoop whoop we finally have a winner!!!
  6. yes, sorry havn't been on in a few days work busy.
  7. would you be able to bring a Thermans Rainbow to the expo? $35 sounds great.
  8. I've got sinularia, green star polys and xenia out the wazoo let me know if you want any
  9. I will be there and hopefully will come help set up Saturday evening, Jake may be there? he doesn't know what his lab schedule is. look forward to seeing everyone
  10. jeff70

    What salt?

    by "probiotic" this translates to nitrifying bacteria, and holy molly this is double the cost of reef crystals, yikes!!!!! probiotic is a buzz word, a total marketing ploy. the more we (science) studies probiotics the more we are finding probiotics are harmful. sorry for the rant.
  11. love the stormtrooper!!!
  12. I 10 minute pause return pump (but leave the gyre on) I grab chunk of frozen with forceps and swoosh around top of the tank. I sit down and kick my feet up enjoy watching fish and inverts eat ok I'm a sloth but It works for me:)
  13. we had a metal frame glass tank with neon tetras and plants. I remember the old glass bottles of "dechlor"
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