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  1. I prefer the hydor glass, its cheep can't break it and its temperature set stays accurate. I do replace it every other year. all heaters will fail. I have had 2 heaters fail on me and fortunately, I noticed it very quickly so I didn't have a complete tank kill off. I think the key to a heater is annually or biannually replacement. It is one of the cheapest things we have in our reef tanks but is the most deadly, in my opinion
  2. Happy snow filled Saturday!!!
  3. a leather would look nice on the bottom right corner of the tank!!  I can bring to Archbold if you want

    1. Muttley000


      Nice, and I didn't think of that! I remember seeing you had a few days off, when are you there again.  I am off the week between the holidays and could meet you one of those days too.  

  4. nice thanks for posting, maybe someday!!
  5. and sorry I can't spell they are sinularia no "g"
  6. this was for aspiringlobophylli
  7. no you can't have any you took my apex:(
  8. anyone who wants some $5 gets you a few. I'm off next Wednesday 12/13- Thursday12/21 send me a text message and set up the pickup. phone 419 575-2493
  9. also have a ton of tan montipora see top photo let me know if you want any
  10. I recently bought a new tank and inherited, about 100 Singularia. They are yellow-green, look great I'm in Bowling Green Ohio: great beginner soft coral, also known as finger leather
  11. really Joe???? really???????
  12. that would be such a fitting way to end this thread, oops lol