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  1. jeff70

    it wasn't a-aron !! it was De Nice!!!!!!
  2. you could also silicone the bottom of each slit in the overflow 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch and I'd also cut the tops of the overflow just to make sure you don't leak over the top if the slots get clogged.
  3. jeff70

    not drilled no overflow, you can make it what you want. I will help you load it up!!!
  4. jeff70

    Sure is!! Make an offer
  5. jeff70

    nice lets see lots of pictures
  6. jeff70

    what is your target nitrate level?
  7. jeff70

    sorry didn't get on for a few days, silica usually is removed by DI resin. if you have allot you will have more bacteria coatings like cyanobacteria and small undesirable algae. You don't want allot and my well water has a ton in it.
  8. jeff70

    it didn't test silica? hummm
  9. jeff70

  10. jeff70

    I have 18 heads but cannot get picture to load, sorry, great work everyone!
  11. yes I've never had a problem and this order was the first time anything came in dead. one brittle starfish looks like it exploded. and they credited me in 1 email.
  12. jeff70

    anyone using seneye moniter?
  13. they love the Kessel light!!! there are little ones sprouting like weeds, yeh me Great door prizes for a club meeting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. yes got things at aquarium depo,
  15. jeff70

    its not that much cheaper and no orp or salinity. everywhere else in the world technology gets cheaper as time goes by, not in this hobby