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  1. happy saturday!!!!!!!!!
  2. sorry can't get phone to download photo but mine looks nowhere as nice as the three above! it will get there and new galaxy coral rocks!!!!
  3. bmv: you need to get out of city and go to country where people want to help you, Its worth the drive.
  4. wow, that was cool! I'd worry the pump was broken everytime I walked by.
  5. our houses are fairly airtight, (this improves efficiency) , co2 from our breathing raises the partial pressure of co2 inside the space and even slight changes in the atmosphere have great affect of water ph.
  6. Excellent!! I'm gonna have to move some rock to the sump and its way too nice to be in a sump so I'll have to start the new tank!!!!!!!!:) thanks,
  7. hello everyone, with galaxia coral how far with the sweepers go out from the base?? is 2 inches of clearance enough room?? thanks I'm picking it up tomorrow! thanks outlaw!!!
  8. looks nice, good work
  9. morning all!
  10. I'll take it Aspiringlobophyllia can't afford it , he's a broke college student(my son) !! and I'm alot closer to you
  11. good morning!! I can smell the bacon! yummmm
  12. what kind of lighting do you have on that?
  13. all good here, need to trim algae in tank and figure out if I can make 2 led lights work over my tank. and still figure out goal tank size and where to put it. how is refugum cheto going?? is the kessel growing it like weeds?
  14. good morning, hope everyone is having a good start to the weekend, what you got for sale crimson??